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Executive team and company venture relationship in the context of social transformation

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Abstract: management innovation lies in the environment, social transformation background presented new challenges to the traditional management paradigm. This paper argues that corporate entrepreneurship is an important strategic choice for enterprises to cope with the dynamic and complex environmental challenges, the executive team decided the key elements of the company's business success. The executive team should break through the traditional leadership bound to take a new kind of entrepreneurial leadership style, the upcoming entrepreneurship and innovation and professional norms management integration, better leadership and the continued growth of the enterprise.
Keywords: social transformation executive team corporate entrepreneurship leadership

Social transformation environment spawned entrepreneurial management paradigm

The current economic and social development of many new problems, many of the contradictions and paradoxes is the nature of the transformation of society, we are faced with. In the traditional industrial society, the environment is relatively stable and simple enterprise passively adapt to the needs of customers, using a large machine assembly line production works, to implement hierarchical bureaucracy, decision-making to pay more attention to the traditional management functions of planning and control. For senior leaders, the future is predictable. However, the large industrial machines are information, financial and service-based industries replaced by the popularity of the Internet and the economic globalization and other factors have made the environment has become more complex and turbulent. Some studies have raised the 21st century paradox (as shown in Table 1) reflects the complex nature of the turmoil in the background of social transformation.
The management innovation lies environment. With the economic transformation and social change, the heterogeneity factors in the environment is increasing, widening of the frequency of changes in factors. Therefore, the people's way of thinking is changing, entrepreneurship oriented thinking and norms of behavior began to form in the social sphere, causing a reflection of traditional management theory and the idea of ??a new management paradigm. Therefore, it is carefully reviewed these traditional assumptions and the creation of a new paradigm of the right time as a research and practice-based.
Management paradigm change in China and the world, the practice of the transition economies in China provide the basis of unprecedented. Developed countries are experiencing a shift from an industrial society to a consumer society, the transition from an industrial society to an information society, the transition from a traditional economy to the new economy. In China, it is necessary to achieve the planned economy, the transition to a market economy, but also to accelerate the process of industrialization, can not lag behind in the development of the information economy. From a planned economy to a market economy gradually push forward reform and opening up, adding to drastic changes in the WTO and globalization on local enterprises the enormous impact of the external environment, coupled with changes to the enterprise property rights within the organization from the concept of human life system reform, the new challenges of various factors on the management paradigm. The rise of the non-profit organization and management of a variety of organizational forms and management methods coexistence of these paradigms of the past can not explain the problem we need to re-examine the creation of a new paradigm, so as to lay a new foundation for management studies. In principle or in practice, management increasingly need to be based on a new paradigm.
The past 20 years, the entrepreneurial management research has made great progress, the content and scope of research, not only for the study of entrepreneurship from the analysis of the psychological characteristics of personality to the behavioral and cognitive content and process, but also gradually from the individual entrepreneurship research expanded to include new economic activity in all levels of the organizational environment, and proposed the initial formation of a common entrepreneurial research paradigm. Zhang Yu, etc. concluded that in entrepreneurship research scholars and experts in the field of research based on entrepreneurial management paradigm can be summarized as follows: the dynamic nature of the environment and the uncertainty as well as environmental factors, the complexity and heterogeneity assumption activities as the main feature discovery and as a starting point to identify opportunities, innovation, ahead of the action and the courage to take risks to create new career, mainly to study different levels of career success, psychology, economics, management and sociological methods as tools to study entrepreneurial activity inherent laws doctrine system.

Company business enterprises to gain competitive advantage sources

(A) dynamically changing environment promoting entrepreneurship
Based on the paradigm of entrepreneurial management, enterprise competitive advantage is no longer from the stability and order, but from the change, the deeper issue of the value of innovation and dynamic capabilities. A typical example, under the combined effects of the new technology, globalization, super competition, change and speed of environmental change, the product life cycle, so that the scale advantage is no longer the focus of management, enterprise survival and development is crucial emphasis on speed and innovation. In the case of product life cycles, the focus of enterprise management is how to quickly enter and exit the market quickly introduced an upgraded product competition key turned to the front-end of the product life cycle, new businesses, new product strategy, including R & D management, innovation management, knowledge property rights management become the focus of management. A deeper sense, shorter product life cycle means that focused on order, stability and efficiency of the failure of the traditional management paradigm, means relying on the advantage of the economies of scale of large companies will face greater pressure to survive, which means only concerned about the plan and control and other traditional functions of management has been unable to adapt to the dynamic changes in the environment.
Therefore, the dynamic complex environment of entrepreneurial behavior will become the norm, which is 200 years ago, the concept of entrepreneurship be concerned entrepreneurial activities to expand from the individual to the existing companies and further expand the root causes of social. Whether large companies or SMEs, to maintain and carry forward the pioneering spirit of the era of new economy enterprises to obtain the dynamic competitive advantage, speed and change has become a key factor in business to win. The competitive advantage of enterprises increasingly depends on the ability to find the real potential market opportunities, plan a unique business idea, to advance the action and adventure rational. These characteristics is the essential characteristic must have the entrepreneurial spirit of enterprise. The foreign scholars early in 1983, that the venture can occur both in the individual entrepreneurs who can also occur at all levels of the organism, which first proposed the concept of "corporate entrepreneurship". The most important feature of corporate entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams with existing organizations closely related, is associated with an existing organization, individual or team to create a new organization or updated within the organization and innovation process.

(B) the significance of entrepreneurship
20 years, corporate entrepreneurship is not only an important topic of discussion of the academic field, but also have a huge impact on business and management. Some scholars of theoretical and empirical research shows that innovation, ahead of the action, risk, corporate entrepreneurship activities can support the organization to achieve a better competitive advantage, the more obvious positive correlation between entrepreneurship and enterprise performance in unrest complex environment that in the fierce competition, companies are more likely to entrepreneurial activities from the company gains. Analysis in terms of financial performance or sustainable development perspective, the company venture companies to develop new business and create new revenue source.
Since the late 1980s, many of the world's well-known large companies have started corporate entrepreneurship, their common characteristic is to take revolutionary action to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of the enterprise, to restore the vitality of small businesses and flexible, enhance the innovative capability of enterprises. The concept of corporate entrepreneurship has formed a strong trend, which had an impact on the operation and management of many large enterprises. It can be said that the existing corporate entrepreneurship has become to the company by the self-renewal of a market or industry efforts to enhance the competitive advantage of the company back to life, re-robust means to guide the company to gain competitive advantage or to keep the company competitive position catalyst.
Entrepreneurship research at home and abroad, the appropriate size of the existing enterprises with the greatest potential to occupy entrepreneurial leadership, because they already have the management capacity, and the establishment of a management team, and therefore not only have the opportunity and responsibility to establish effective entrepreneurial management agencies. Especially high degree of innovation (such as the development of new products, new processes, or new entrants to the behavior of import), investment risk (as opposed to corporate financial strength) or the risk of market competition, new ventures, usually only a certain scale enterprises have the ability to pioneered. Therefore, the entrepreneur is no longer the behavior of the individual level, but the entire organization and all employees have the ability to create competitive advantage has become key.
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