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Manifestations, causes and Countermeasures of market economy under the conditions of the lack of good faith

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[Keywords] market economy; moral integrity;

integrity is the moral norms, is a basic code of conduct in the economic field.As the process of China's economy in transition, there appears the phenomenon of lack of honesty of every hue.Lack of credibility has reason and culture system economic reasons, the integrity of the building to; from the three aspects of the formal system, personal credit system and culture construction.

Deletion of the 1 integrity of the performance of

Lack of credibility has various manifestations: fail to keep faith, promising not to cash.The economic life of the existence of a large number of does not fulfil the contract, thus lead to contradictions and disputes endless.Don't keep promise, does not fulfill the contract makes many enterprises affected, affected the production and business activities of the normal development.More serious is, widespread default behavior, make long-term efforts to build up the commercial credit by the great harm, so that many normal trading because of mistrust and dare not take the most basic form of credit, and shall not have been back to the original simple commodity exchange generation, hand over the case to me.Lack of commercial credit to prolong the period of circulation of commodities and commodity consumption, limited scale, the social economic order in chaos, greatly affected the social and economic life normally.
Deceptive propaganda and the prevalence of false advertising.Living in the modern society, is like living in the sea of advertising, consumers had to what one sees and hears commercials advertising, many of which are full of exaggerated and false propaganda, too many to count for consumers mistakenly believed the advertisement propaganda and deception, therefore caused complaints also it is often seen.A direct consequence of false propaganda is advertising on flooded the media have a reverse psychology, so that many consumers feel cheated and fooled, so full of doubts about the quality and performance of products, shake the desire of consumers to buy and confidence in the purchase of goods.
The fake and shoddy goods despite repeated prohibitions.Anhui Fuyang inferior baby milk powder incident, let people smell of red "tonyred" event, Shanxi's industrial alcohol in liquor, the event causing the death of people drinking; with Guangdong poison rice events: production of oil food events in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, the use of swill oil, startling pieces.Production and sale of counterfeit goods caused massive loss of state tax revenue, fake floods the market, seriously affected the reputation of products.

Loss of 2 integrity of the

(1) in the economy, with our country from planned economy to market economy transformation, distribution promotion of people's pursuit of economic interests, production enthusiasm out personal.Driven by interests, some enterprises, businessmen to maximize profits regardless of the interests of others, and even take fraud, damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.Because our country is in the social transition period, the market economy system was just established, has not yet formed interest orientation and benefit restraint mechanism of scientific, reasonable, effective, some by dishonest pursuit of high returns tend to succeed, even a windfall.
(2) during the period of transition of economic system is not perfect.China is in the process of economic system shunt, internal constraint mechanism need to the healthy development of the market economy is not perfect, so that those who can take advantage of.One is the incentive and restraint mechanism of the market itself has not been established.In the process of transition from the planned economy to the socialist market economic system, planned economy system function gradually, but because the market is not high, from the market itself by credit to the allocation function of market mechanism has not yet formed, and profit, the credit being punished not yet established.Two is the enterprise property right is not clear, the responsibility is not clear.Precondition constraint and punish discreditable behavior is the trust responsibility to confirm, and the specific undertaker.But at present our country enterprises especially the state-owned enterprises are in the process of change from the government administration adjunct position to the main body of market competition in the role, the property right is not clear, the responsibility is not clear, the economic subject often quick success, to the long-term interests of enterprises consider less.
(3) in the culture, China is to improve the quality of.Honesty is the concept of culture, belongs to the moral category.In economic development, we must promote the outstanding cultural heritage of traditional.In traditional culture, integrity plays an important role.Honesty is the traditional culture of the social morality, is the occupation moral, family virtues.Honesty is the base, the present oneself.It is an important standard in the social life, the development of politics, economy, had a huge impact on personal moral cultivation.With the economic transformation, economic interests have great influence on people's impact, the traditional honesty concept challenged, all kinds of economic entities to seek nothing but profits.Many of the traditional excellent moral character has been lost, the new fit market economy integrity rules are not set up.In the process of building a harmonious society, we must pay attention to honesty and credit culture construction, form the good cultural atmosphere.

3 under the condition of market economy, the integrity of the building

(1) in a formal system for backing, with government support, the punishment of serious lack of integrity behavior.Countries should introduce normative documents in higher level and specific laws and regulations, it is the strong backing of the integrity of the building.Also need to increase the intensity of punishment on those who violate.Crack down on illegal business behavior in market economy.Under the condition of market economy, some people to the immediate interests of the damage the interests of consumers, and even cause serious consequences.For a similar event the government should take strict measures to combat.The government as the defenders of social credit, we should intensify law enforcement, rectifying the market order, disciplinary credibility of enterprises and individuals, which has bad actors to pay the price, reputation, to restrain by law.
(2) to establish, perfect personal credit system.Foundation of the personal credit system is about personal information, it is essentially a state about individual behavior, a market system of information collection, processing, evaluation and transmission mechanism.This system in the world,
There have been 150 years of history, in our country, Hongkong has a history of nearly 20 years.The construction of personal credit system in China is relatively late, and the construction of the system and the other system construction, due to the huge amount of information, so, certain areas of the beginning, gradually spread to other regions, finally complete the information collection and sharing nationwide.
(3) to carry forward the traditional culture, cultural construction.Honesty is an important part of traditional culture, modern culture through construction can be formed a good atmosphere of good.The specific implementation steps, first from the reform of education to construct the curriculum system, to all types of schools at all levels, changing concepts of education, so that all types of schools at all levels of the students have a good education, and gradually develop good habits, focus on cultivating youth awareness and education.Honesty is a traditional virtue should start with children.At the same time, but also to strengthen the construction of community culture, cultivate national occupation activities outside the second exchanges places.Community culture can not only shape the residents to "good faith" for the community mental impression of unity and friendly, mutual cooperation, but also to change existing habits and customs".

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