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Experience and Enlightenment of multinational companies incentives

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Abstract: multinational corporations play an increasingly important role in today's world economy, and become an important force in the global economy. China since the reform and opening up, the influence of transnational corporations into almost all areas of economic life. The famous foreign multinational companies have moved into China's market, bring new technology, new ideas, new opportunities, new challenges and new management methods. The research incentives multinational exploring the way to success, benefit from the successful experience based on comparison of corporate incentive mechanism, combined with China's national conditions, out of a development path suited to China's enterprises.
Keywords: incentives multinationals pay system performance management corporate culture

The incentive is the core of modern human resource management, is the essence of management functions. Able to attract talent, multinational companies, through clever use of incentives to grow and develop. An important role in the development and significance of motivational techniques and incentives of multinational enterprises through case analysis, to explore the success of multinational companies incentives to bring enlightenment and improve our corporate incentives. Improve incentives for Chinese enterprises to promote the rapid development of China's enterprises to meet the challenges and opportunities brought about by the globalization of the world economy.

Incentives to use enterprise practical significance

Managers often consciously or unconsciously apply some content and methods of incentive to attract and retain qualified personnel, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, personal goals and the enterprise organizational goals coincide, so as to obtain significant results. Effective incentives for various multinational companies to establish a set of the enterprise development can be described as "great pains". Shows that incentives play an important role in the development of enterprises.
(A) in favor of the development staff great potential
Harvard University professor James on stimulating work environment and the work environment there is no incentive comparative survey: the general staff in the work environment, there is no incentive simply play a 20% -30% of capacity, will be able to keep their jobs will not be fired ; such as sufficient incentive, the employee's ability to play 80% -90%, or even higher, and can always work to maintain high morale and enthusiasm for the work. This study clearly reveals a capacity of 50% -60% of the employees can be inspired by good incentive measures. If not taken effective incentives, will "waste" out of a large number of potential employees. Therefore, the incentives and means can dig out the potential to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, the enthusiasm and creativity.
(B) help to improve Staff
Of people's quality affected by both, both innate and acquired impact. However, the fundamental sense, mainly acquired learning and practice. Through learning and practice in order to improve the quality of human socialization process to complete. Individuals to change their behavior through learning, this change means that people's quality of development from one level to a higher level. Of course, the ways and means of study and practice a variety of incentives is one of the most effective means. Organization of perseverance, employees in recognition of efforts to study scientific and cultural knowledge; complacent, lazy staff to give the necessary disciplinary. This will help create a good learning atmosphere to enhance staff knowledge of literacy and the spiritual realm.
(C) will help guide the individual goals with organizational goals unity
Individuals in the organization have their personal goals and personal needs, personal goals and needs is a fundamental driving force of employee behavior. Between their business goals and the overall interests of both consistency and there are many differences. When personal goals consistent with organizational goals, is conducive to the goals of the organization, when both deviate, personal goals tend to interfere with or even prevent the realization of the goals of the organization. Therefore, one of the important features of incentive is that personal interests and meet the needs for power, and encourage their employees to the unity of personal goals with the company's overall objective to promote the efforts to complete the work of employees.
(D) is conducive to achieving organizational goals
The goals of the organization needs the support of capital, technology, equipment, people, and other factors, but many factors, the most critical is the people. The organization's goal is to achieve by human action, and human behavior is driven by enthusiasm. Therefore, in the case of today's fiercely competitive business in order to survive and develop, must maximize motivate their employees to maximize the potential of employees of memory, stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff and encourage more people to keep it for a long time, voluntarily The struggle to achieve organizational goals.

Multinationals incentive skills analysis

The modern enterprise is able to successfully use incentives to retain talent, give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, directly determine the future competitive position of the enterprise.
(A) a wide range of pay system
Important projects covered by the pay system, including salary levels, salary structure and salary increases of principle. Pay the corresponding return paid to the contribution made by the employees for the enterprise, including the performance of their implementation, the effort, time, knowledge, skills, experience, which is essentially a fair exchange. Now Citicorp, for example, on the basis of the scientific assessment of staff, Citigroup through various means and ways to motivate employees, affirmed the achievements of the staff. To this end, the Citigroup has established a wide range of pay system, and make timely adjustments with the development of the company and the market situation. Citigroup take the incentive pay system:
Red envelope. Citigroup at the end of scientific assessment, the staff of varying amounts awarded to employees based on individual performance, a red envelope. If you can not complete the workload indicators and profit targets, no bonuses; completion of sales targets, profit targets but did not complete, bonuses distributed at 50%; completion profit targets, but did not complete the sales targets, bonuses distributed at 80% .
Overseas travel. The outstanding performance of staff at Citibank China, will also be awards went to Australia and other overseas travel, and can carry a family. One hand, the incentives to employees played a stimulating but also increase employee loyalty, on the other hand has won the understanding and support of family members of staff employees work.
Options. Citibank addition to reward outstanding job performance of employees, but also give them options Citibank, closely linked to the banking interests and the interests of the individual employees.

Mental stimulation. Citibank employees incentive to pay attention to the material and spiritual incentives to try together. For example, launched the "United States Quality Service Excellence Award" to reward those high-quality employees in internal services and external services; United States each year have a "Best Team Award" to reward those teams to complete major projects such as the completion up a project to improve the work efficiency. Citigroup Citigroup Global President signed certificate and a trophy will be awarded for outstanding employees, as well as the corresponding material reward.
Diversified pay system to meet the different needs of the employees, and is very effective in the long-term oriented enterprises motivate behavior.
(B) a scientific and effective performance incentives
Performance management is management to ensure that the organization to the best ways and means to reach a specific goal and mission. Reasonable and efficient performance management to ensure the smooth progress of motivation, and also to ensure that the incentive fair and impartial. Still Citicorp, for example, Citigroup the implementation of the "Quartet recognized system of staff performance appraisal, that my staff, the staff's immediate supervisor, the supervisor of the employee's supervisor, the head of the human resources department of the Quartet must sign off the final assessment report, to implement fully open, transparent performance management mechanisms. The beginning of each year, employees must set annual objectives to be evaluated by a superior at the end of their year's work, given the comprehensive score, signed by both parties recognized by the staff and the immediate supervisor, then the appraisal report was handed over to direct competent superiors, signature confirmation, and finally reported to the human resources department signature and archiving. United States for the evaluation of employees are open and transparent, the Quartet signature recognition to ensure the impartiality and objectivity of the performance appraisal process and results effectively avoid the subjectivity brought inequities, to ensure the interests of the employees.
Reasonable and efficient performance management enables employees to work together to become more involved and serious, because they know that as long as their efforts will be recognized by the company, it will have better and more opportunities.
(C) a cohesive culture incentive
The corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise, it is formed by the enterprises in the production and management of long-term process, members recognized, acceptance, dissemination, and to comply with the basic beliefs, shared values, ethics, social roles and Humanities mode of general . Multinational companies to be active in the world market and its careful management of corporate culture are inseparable. Hewlett-Packard, for example, the company entered the list of global 100 large companies not only for its excellent performance, but also with its emphasis on people, known for its enterprise spirit of respect and trust. HP culture has often been referred to as the "HP way" (HP Way). Its five core values: believe, respect for the individual; pursuit of the highest achievements in the pursuit of the best; doing things must be very honest, can not do immoral things; company's success by everyone's effort to complete, not rely on a the power of individuals to complete; believe in constant innovation, must have the flexibility to do things. The center of the HP Way is a culture. HP corporate culture change employee old-fashioned values, instilling in them a sense of identity and a sense of belonging, and establish dependencies between the members of the organization, so that a person's behavior, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits, and the entire organization of organic unity together to form a relatively stable culture, condensed into a kind of joint effort with the overall trend, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees.
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