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The Contemporary Enlightenment of Southwest Associated University Intellectual characters

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Abstract: in the higher education of the new China 60 years today, pay attention to a witness to the vicissitudes of China's Higher Education University, cultural character in the interpretation of the intellectuals, consider the implications of the contemporary intellectuals, to sum up the history, hearten spirit, educate people, promote is undoubtedly important sound and rapid social the development of.
Keywords: General Assembly of intellectuals; cultural character; enlightenment of

A b s tra c t: New Ch ine se h ighe r e Duca tio n ha d unde RGO ne 60 ye a RSPO f de ve lopm e n t. The UN ive RS ity ha s w itne s sed the G IgAN tic VA RIA tio n s o f h ighe r e Duca tio n in Ch ina. Exp La I2n ing the in te LLE C TUA l comm UN ityps Cu LTU RA LMO RA l Cha ra c te r and Po NDE ring o f the re ve La tio n so f p re se n t in te LLE C TUA LS ha s Vita l s ign ificance to the summ a ry o f educa tio n h is to ry. It ro u2se s the sp irit, a s s is Ting Po litic s and e Duca Ting s tude n ts, P Romo Ting rap id, succe s SFU L de2ve lopm e n t o f so C ie ty.

Ke y w o rd s: in te LLE C TUA LS o f Na TiO Na L So u thwe s t As so C ia Ted Un ive RS ity; Cu LTU RA lmo2ra lity; reve La tio n

CLC number: B825 document code: A article number: CN53 - 1203 /C (2009) 3 - 0008
The cultural character of intellectuals, is a symbol of the cultural character of a society, often indicates that the fate of development of a society.Since ancient times, the cultural character of Chinese intellectuals and political destiny always is the barometer of Chinese social and cultural development.Especially the southwest United University, the generation that is exemplary of intellectuals, not only become the pride of China and even the world education community pride, and worthy of a generation, even several generation of people to think and search.
A strong sense of national mission renewal
Southwest United University intellectuals mostly belongs to the traditional reading people of that generation of the early twentieth Century, their basic education is completed in the traditional and closed environment, on the other hand, but also in the eyes to the world at the same time, and actively explore the complete national future and development road.
1 traditional basic education, promote the intellectual group inherits Chinese traditional "people" of concern for the fate of the plot.Whether it is the Confucian "not for", or the "Inaction", or the "method, technique, develop their potential", "the UN High temples, is concerned about the people; Department of the political arena, then worry about the king.It is in this way, retirement worries "care for emotion, makes them become the concern of national backbone.When they are in the country suffered invasion, the nation from peril juncture, survival in the whole nation, for national independence and liberation struggle against invaders, desperate, the intellectuals and calmly, "nature of Societe Generale, need to Jay" and "Societe Generale, after to lie" and "unyielding ambition", consciously assume a "learning quickly, quickly prepared, for the war, we have to play!" [1] and rejuvenation of the national mission.It is this sense of noble emotion, encourage them not to "good for nothing is a scholar.", nor "headworker governance" itself, but with curiosity and patriotic ideal, make light of travelling a thousand li, from Beijing, Tianjin first to Changsha to Kunming, to continue learning and serve the country road.The scholars with "five four", "one two nine" the glorious tradition of movement, salvation, as a science of education saving the nation, to the national exemplary conduct and nobility of character to illuminate the entire society.They frequently face the society seminars, lectures and sometimes events, sometimes works.Talked about his pain, is pain, tears on the professor, the crowd a grief.The society of Kunming at that time formed a "into the library is also difficult to" than the crowded trams reading atmosphere [2].Brought fresh democracy, freedom, science and wind to the Yunnan plateau, so that tens of thousands of youth began to contact and accept democracy and freedom in the new ideas and national, scientific, popular and new culture.Directly and indirectly promoted the democracy movement in Kunming: "pour hole" demonstrations; "to commemorate the seven anniversary party"; "to commemorate the tenth day, defend the southwest conference,"; "twenty-nine Anniversary Memorial Yunnan Huguo Shouyi square party"; to the great intellectuals as the main body of the 1945 "five four" memorial Week activities, and the famous "one two one" movement; even in the "Li Wen tragedy", Kunming's democracy movement is not done, soon "anti-American Uprising Movement", "seven one five" Patriotic Democratic Movement broke out one after another, until the liberation of Yunnan.
Results 2 eyes to the world, the general assembly of intellectuals from the academic freedom of life, to freedom and political.From the right to protest against the government's policy of non-resistance, teachers and students together to join the anti-Japanese democratic movement, go through thick and thin together, at the expense of their blood and lives to defend democracy and freedom, wrote a song of teachers and students with the battle of the glorious music, hot-blooded casting.General assembly of intellectuals inherited the glorious tradition of the three school, itself a more in-depth research on democratic politics, so to play a larger role in the actual social life, made great contribution to China's early democratic political construction; at the same time in the anti-Japanese democratic movement, the intellectual group set an example by personally taking part, "the transfer time of social atmosphere the scale of academic freedom, the tree, the Democratic stronghold of foreign title, breach of the commander Luigi Nono, a scholar of straightforward" [2] is to them as, in the pursuit of the Chinese nation Wei Dafu Hing Road, sublimation of Chinese intellectuals have advocated "the Empire, to a world without sacrificing his life; martyr", the realm of life.So, "for heaven and earth, for Shengmin destiny, to continue to the holy secret, for eternal peace for" the historical mission of the UN General Assembly, supporting a group of intellectuals in the history of five thousand years of precipitation in the flames of war, in the suffering, show to fight to the death, never-say-die fashion; concise, in extremely hard and bitter environment in the dissemination and inheritance of the Chinese nation the brilliant culture; in the freedom of scientific, democratic, banner, with perseverance and hard, the practice of "academic independence and freedom of the concept", tracking the forefront of academic world, unremitting self-improvement, rigorous scholarship, imparting knowledge, creating also with the harvest.In his "body" and "high school" to a nation to cultivate first-class talents, breeds offspring, diligent, brave, strong, firm the wisdom of life quality, make people think in life become enlightened at once.
General assembly of intellectuals to one of the biggest revelation to us, is to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, strengthen the cultivation of comprehensive quality, and based on this, training of a high-quality contingent of knowledge.The concept of the intellectual groups reflected the, Chinese style and mood, serious and sincere attitude, especially the upright love, often have a fascinating charm, reached a register profound respect realm, such a register profound respect things, on the academic level, it is academic to the human perfection in one's studies. Quality.The general assembly has been able to create eye-catching brilliant performance, although there are many reasons, but the intellectuals and the general assembly group of beliefs, responsibility, absorb anything and everything, both Chinese and western, with the domestic and even the world
Community culture class 8, very close relationship.
Today, the strong leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people, through the nation and the reform and opening up, ushered in the new China sixty years, at the same time in creating embarked on the great national revival."My country in the world in ancient East Asia, Tianfu, ? ? will in the world unique position in history.Cover and world powers, although not new ancient; Greece and Rome, ancient but not this.But my country from ancient times to the present, new and old, this so-called 'although Zhou was an ancient state, its fate restoration also!' among one's contemporaries of Albert ? ? has opened its size, its foundation."[3] the contemporary Chinese nation's revival of the road is a "glory and dream of peaceful rise" road, is also a good luck and challenge coexist, in quality improvement, the road system to improve citizen, and the maximum element is premise of realizing national rejuvenation.Have the whole world in view, based on their actual, pay great attention to the talents, attach importance to science and technology, education, culture, pay attention to improving the overall quality is still as pressing danger.When this era, the intellectuals should be actively involved in the talent competition and quality competition, the great rejuvenation of our own destiny is closely related with Chinese up to self-improvement, new mission.To further enhance the sense of urgency consciousness of suffering and to speed up the development, insist on do not be swayed by the external environment, not the standard to choose knowledge and decision on the knowledge attitude to utilitarianism, push yourself to be free from things of the world with spirit and only the pursuit of truth and science instead of the cultural character of utilitarian.Adhere to intellectual conscience, conscientiously perform their duties, intellectuals, continuous learning to improve and expand their various disciplines will pass and cross knowledge, adhere to and promote different subjects according to their inherent logic of progressive development, with their own efforts and set an example by personally taking part, and continue to enhance China's cultural strength, technology strength and national cohesion finally, in the development and prosperity of Chinese civilization, the great cause of national rejuvenation in build up establishment.This is the first general assembly of intellectuals to enlighten our.
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