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Discussion on how to strengthen the financial management of modern construction enterprise

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Abstract: with the establishment and perfection of the modern enterprise system, construction of enterprise financial management environment and accounting environment has undergone great changes.This paper puts forward some suggestions to solve the existing problems are mainly financial management of construction enterprises and how to strengthen financial management.
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The main problems, the construction of enterprise financial management

1 funds control ability is poor.
Most of the large and medium-sized construction enterprises because of many projects, broad geographical distribution, the management range limit, generally take the project of the "headquarters - sub (Branch) companies - Project" three levels of management accounting model, namely: to building construction contract to engineering as their own product object construction project manager department, evaluation of detailed accounting and benefits according to the project, a project is an accounting report subject, authorized financial management only to the project management.This makes the enterprise can not grasp the whole capital, unable to grasp the dynamic financial information, can not realize the surplus and deficiency of funds allocation at the enterprise level, the funds can not be fully utilized, but also brought the cost of capital and capital safety problem, resulting in tremendous business risk to the enterprise.

The 2 project department and financial department objectives are not consistent
Under normal circumstances, the construction enterprise project department just organization construction, does not involve the payment of funds, is not sensitive to the enterprise cost, to reduce the cost of lack of motivation.Although the cost accounting is the executor of financial personnel, can be the main cost management is construction organizer and direct production personnel.Project cost management is the whole process of a full management, achieved through the construction organization and implementation of target cost to.Technical staff is only responsible for technology and engineering quality, engineering staff is only responsible for the construction of production and the progress of the project, materials management staff is only responsible for material procurement and distribution.On the face of it, this clear division of labor, clear responsibilities, duties, in fact no one to bear the responsibility cost management.

3 the use of funds overall low efficiency of
For other construction projects, the construction of a long cycle, high cost, engineering construction, generally by the client in accordance with the contract agreed payment proportion and payment to the contractor time.As the principal in the project reaches a certain stage of construction after passing the acceptance of payment of the corresponding stage of the progress of construction, so construction side often need a loan advance part of the project construction funds.In general, the cost of the project refers to the direct cost, and from the angle of financial management, the enterprise to borrow from banks to advance the project, the interest expense is recognised in the income statement during the financial costs, for without that part of interest capitalization, although does not affect the project's profit, but the effect the profits of enterprises.
In addition, a construction enterprise often have several programs running at the same time, different projects entrusted payment to the engineering of the time is different, enterprise financial departments such as no funds will be unified management and comprehensive utilization, which will result in a waste of money, many generated interest expenses.

4 fixed assets management.
Construction enterprises with products of fixed and construction workplace mobility characteristics, construction operations are usually performed by a branch or department of the project, and the company to implement unified management of fixed assets.With the intensification of market competition, the company is right on the company and the project department in the management of fixed assets, but because of the corresponding management measures have not kept pace with, leading to some company and project Department of fixed assets loss.For a long time practice prevailing purchase, light management the phenomenon, the use of existing asset management neglect, despise the existing assets of the reasonable collocation and use efficiency, resulting in unnecessary waste.To strengthen financial management measures
two, construction enterprises

The basic objective of enterprise financial management is to ensure that the enterprise funds security and achieve capital appreciation, in order to achieve optimal, wealth maximization.Financial management should take the cost management as the foundation, taking funds management as a link, to increase economic efficiency as the goal.The main measures are divided into the following several aspects:

1, strengthen cost management, improve the economic benefit of
Cost management is the use of accounting methods to make the cost target, on the basis of the limit costs and expenses, and the actual cost and budget are compared to results, and measure the effectiveness of management activities.
Strengthen the cost accounting of the project is the construction enterprise external operating environment requirements, but also the construction of enterprise strategic development.Cost management is a systematic project, cost management is a full, the whole process, a full range of.Enterprise departments to reduce the construction cost under the time, learn accounting cost, management cost, increase the cost index evaluation efforts.In order to implement the comprehensive cost management, the cost must be disaggregated, classification, division of labor, the cost responsibility system as a guarantee, making cost, specific quantitative indicators, the financial cost management become whole work objectives, efforts to reduce consumption, improve the overall economic benefits of enterprises.

2 to strengthen the accounting personnel professional training
To strengthen the study of accounting personnel on a regular basis theory, basic construction of accounting system and financial management of basic construction and other laws and regulations on accounting personnel training and the training of financial personnel, at the same time to study the production of knowledge, familiar with the production technology and equipment, thorough construction site to understand the situation of the use of assets, changes, timely grasp changes in assets.To organize the accounting personnel with the problems encountered in practice are discussed, benefit by mutual discussion, correctness and accuracy to strengthen accounting.At the same time to make the enterprise accounting personnel to update the concept of financial management, full attention must be paid to the importance of financial management, strengthen financial management, financial management infiltrated into every aspect of enterprise management.

3 the implementation of centralized management of funds, improve efficiency in the use of funds and
Centralized management of funds, should implement the centralized accounting, centralized control, strengthen the management of funds is expected to.Construction enterprise according to the annual production plan and target, determine the number of funds to the unit to which the enterprise belongs required to complete the plan of production task, all units must be clear on the management and use of funds should bear the responsibility.At the same time, the company shall use the construction unit belongs to the amount of funds to balance, so that financial department can advance the raising and allocation of funds, in order to reduce the cost of capital.You can use the progress of the project funds several projects are launched the comprehensive management, can use the balance of company funds, which does not cause an item of idle funds, not because of a certain project funds are not in place and get high interest loans to banks and other enterprises.

4 to strengthen the financial budget management of
The first analysis work to strengthen financial information, the enhancement of the financial early warning capability, a sensitive and accurate construction of enterprise financial mechanism to ensure the implementation of plan, and financial budget; secondly, to establish and perfect the financial system construction enterprises, the implementation of the budget is law, and at the same time, to strengthen financial supervision, and various economic activities urge construction enterprises in the financial system within the scope of permission; once again to establish effective incentive mechanism, hardening budget constraint mechanism.
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