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Talk about the role of education and scientific research papers and features

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China's well-known scientists chang said: "not in class, it is not the teachers, do not do scientific research is not a good teacher!", I think, do not do scientific research is not qualified teachers! Teachers hope for the development of education. Every teacher should strive to become a force in education and scientific research, the main force. Education and scientific research papers education scientific research was finally fixed in the form of research papers is the final stage of educational research. This last phase often requires people to pay more than in the previous stages of thinking efforts. Recent years, I have actively participated in organized by the school of education research and training efforts engaged in vigorous research work in the school, has participated in several school education and scientific research, and the author of many papers. Here to talk about my superficial understanding of the role and characteristics of research papers.
Education and research papers, referred to the papers of education, it is used for educational research article describing the results of educational research. Education thesis is the crystallization of academic research, rather than the general harvest experience, education papers should be academic, so it is academic.
Understanding Education papers can be from two to grasp: education thesis is to investigate the problem, as a means for education research, education paper is to describe the results of scientific research as a tool for academic exchanges. Its role is manifested not only in the academic value practical value, is both an expression of social value also personal values. Specifically, the following areas:
(1) research papers educational phenomena studied a well thought out expression to the social views, opinions, inspire people concerned about the passion and wisdom and efforts to solve the education problem.
(2) exchange of academic insights with others through research papers contend discussion with each other, and promote prosperity in the field of education academic and personal improvement of academic standards.
(3) research paper writing process itself, improve the comprehensive analysis of researchers, logical thinking and writing skills, for researchers to improve the overall education, teaching ability is extremely useful.
Educational articles should be more systematic and dedicated to discuss a phenomenon in the field of research and education science or questions, think, and you begin departure from the purpose of scientific research, more theoretical than the average essay color and specialized. It involves a wide range, standing on a certain level of theory to observe and analyze the phenomena and problems of significant value in this vast field of educational science. It's not like general essay, talking about the pros and cons on specific events, assessment of right and wrong. Its vitality and its value lies in the new achievements in scientific research, innovative content. More emphasis on innovative than the average essay (ie, new insights, new results, new ideas). It mainly has the following characteristics:
1. Academic
The education paper the academic achievements carrier, Academic Research Institute formed. It focuses on the phenomenon of education in the abstract, general narrative or argument, its content is systematic, specialized, and therefore, this style has a strong academic inevitable. It is not the phenomenon of external visual form and process, but the inherent nature of the development of education and development changes in the law. It has a well-thought-academic insights, but not Ougan Zatan or social discussion. Education paper, an educational phenomenon is not as complete as the "experience" specific and reflect, but in accordance with the understanding of the law thinking anatomy, abstract reflect. It is dedicated to the performance of the essence of education, to reveal the regularity of education. Compared with education, teaching experience article, it is a theory. Although it is to be drawn from a specific education, teaching activities, but not described in details, but refined, reflected in the abstract "and into theory, written papers. Education thesis loses If there is no academic qualifications of education papers. Therefore, the academic is the minimum conditions of educational articles.
2. Scientific
The task of education and scientific research is to reveal the objective laws of the development of education, and explore the objective truth, and a wealth of educational theory, educational reform and development guidelines. This requires of the traditional concept of education, content, methods, the introduction of educational theory, experience, should take a "one divides into two" scientific analysis, we must respect the objective facts, not with personal bias can not subjective or preaching out of thin air. Argument, reality, from which leads to the practical conclusion that "China Education Reform and Development Program for guiding ideology, the arguments put forward in order to effectively and accurately, a real scientific basis for the premise; arguments require in a careful observation, survey, on an experimental basis, to occupy as much as possible materials, to the fullest, typical novel, indeed powerful material (THEORY materials and the fact that material) as the basis of the argument; argument, the system , complete, coherent, is the result of thoughtful, rigorous demonstration of the logical effect. It is included in the content of the full, mature, advanced and feasible; expressed accurately understand, comprehensive, impeccable, lost science, which breaks educational articles. So, we say that the life of scientific papers.
2. Creative
Education papers require authors to have their own insights, daring with trite innovative educational ideas, content and methods, and innovative. To observe the phenomenon in the field of education, investigation, analysis of the course of study, and found others not found or no new issues; can research problems others to take a new angle or methods, theoretical or practical value new ideas or new findings; comparative analysis of the issue on the basis of results of previous studies (or experience) refining process, to dig new ideas; differences in others argue topics, clarify their differences different conclusions of the previous results on the basis of the contention points; fresh material (examples, data, historical facts and observations) can be used to prove that the problem has proved to explore new intention; able to use the Chinese and foreign field of education The latest achievements of the latest information, intelligence, and education of scientific research, experience, theory, concepts, and enhance the color of the times or the modern consciousness of educational papers, to put forward new ideas and concepts, new theories, new ideas, explore new system, new methods, open up a new road to reform, to promote the development of new process of education. So, creativity is a measure of the value of education paper size and the level of the main criteria. If educators do not have unique insights, there is no innovation, only inheritance, then it is difficult to deepen education reform. The establishment of a socialist education system with Chinese characteristics is an empty phrase.
4 theoretical
Theory of education thesis refers to the color theory of dialectical materialism and historical materialism thinking, the scientific view of the "China Reform and Development Program," and the relevant policies and regulations, as well as education scientific theory as a guide, analysis of educational phenomena and problems, there is a theoretical height of the formed papers. Specific expression of scientific research, it is necessary to comply with the new requirements of the education law, the principles of education; departure from specific things, emotional things, rising to the level of theory to analyze, to make a scientific conclusion, do convince people by reasoning; Exploration Discussion demonstration and presentation in the field of education phenomena and problems, the use of modern pedagogy, educational psychology, school education management and experts discussed education and professional nouns terminology, theoretical concepts, and melting or fusion the contents of the paper, the paper has a darker color theory. So, the theory is a sign of the depth of the education papers. However, we should learn to express complex scientific truth; use in plain, vivid language so that readers feel able to read plain, plain and easy to understand, the papers play exchange, dissemination and promotion of the role of scientific research, and then into the social productive forces.
5. Exploratory
Explore unresolved issues, a new perspective to explore, find, search, strike, find breach of reform. Not been explored yet, there is no scientific research. Therefore, to explore is a red line throughout the educational articles always. In writing educational articles on education and scientific research involving more complex phenomena and problems, to think in different ways, the comparison of the multi-level, and a careful analysis of repeated research, will it be possible to find solutions to the problem and measures or ideas and approaches; "China Reform and Development Program", the party's education policy objective guide, explore the field of education, we still did not know does not know, according to the traditional education of the lessons learned and the development trend of the current education reform, education teaching law in the end what it was like to explore the future of education and teaching, it should be how to achieve new goals. In addition, the analysis of practical problems for the real work exposed, and summarize the research results, which in itself is exploratory work; the right to find a breakthrough in the reform, looking for a demonstration of the new angle, new methods, the process of looking, is to explore process. Education papers should reflect the author's exploration of personality (characteristics), discover the distinctive personality, the papers more creative achievements. So, discover the premise of scientific research, is writing a thesis on the premise.
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