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Investigation on the medicinal plant resources in the Three Gorges Reservoir area of Chongqing City

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Author: Liu Xiang Li Ziwei Ren Mingbo Tan Yangmei Liu Zhengyu
[Abstract] present research situation of medicinal plants resources in Three Gorges Reservoir Area in Chongqing City, through field investigation, specimen collection, data access arrangement and specimen identification, investigation of Chongqing City, the Three Gorges Reservoir area of medicinal plants.The Three Gorges Reservoir area of Chongqing city were found in medicinal plants of 278 families and 1377 genera and 4521 species (including varieties, varieties and subspecies).The species composition, distribution according to the statistical analysis, the rare and endangered medicinal plants and folk conventional drugs are briefly introduced, and some suggestions for the exploitation and utilization were put forward.
[Key words] Three Gorges reservoir; medicinal plant; species; geographical distribution; medicinal herbs; resource protection
Abstract:This paper made a deep research to the current situation of medicinal plant in the three Gorges reservoir in Chongqing by field investigation, collection specimens, data collection and samples identification. 278 families, 1377 genera and 4521 species (including variation, from and subspecies) of medicinal plants were found in the Three Gorges Reservoir in Chongqing, and the suggestion for rational development and utilization of medicinal plants resources was put forward.
Key words:Three Gorges reservoir in Chongqing; Medicinal plant; Species; Geographic distribution; Rare crude drugs; Resources conservation

The Three Gorges Reservoir area of Chongqing refers to the Three Gorges area belongs to the Chongqing City area, located in east longitude 105 กใ 49 '- 110 กใ 12', north latitude 28 กใ 56 '- 31 กใ 28', a total area of 46249 km2, accounting for 79.85% of the total area of the Three Gorges reservoir area, the total area of the city of Chongqing 56%.Chongqing reservoir area of East Wushan mountain, West Sichuan Basin, South daloushan mountains and Wuling mountains, north to Qinling Mountains Daba Mountains, low-lying East West, the highest peak in the territory of Wuxi "Yin Ling" altitude of 2797 M.The climate is humid subtropical monsoon climate, water and heat condition is superior, the habitat differences, three-dimensional climate characteristics.The unique ecological environment and favorable climatic conditions, the wild plant in this area has the characteristics of variety, complexity of floristic composition, rare and endemic plant richness, ecological types.

The Three Gorges Reservoir area of Chongqing has always been "one of the famous-region drug" areas of Sichuan, the Shizhu Coptis, Wushan Wuxi Fengjie Codonopsis pilosula, coltsfoot, Fritillaria, Yunyang small fennel, Kaixian wood, Fructus aurantii, Jiangjin always occupies a very important position in the Chinese herbal medicine market, because one of the main origin of the for "dragon tasted a hundred herbs" ancient Chinese medicine, for thousands of years, the Han, Miao, Tujia ethnic struggle constantly explore accumulated so many obvious curative effect, good effect of folk prescription has been preserved in a single term and disease.Such as: seven chinensis, a head-chu, Kongpo monkshood root, a bowl of river water, King Wen a pen, dry rock gangue, strictosidine lotus, lotus leaf, cinnabar, lotus, ganoderma, half bad money, four edges of Ajuga and many other medicinal plants with unique curative effect, obvious effect and the smell in the world.Thus in Three Gorges Reservoir area of Chongqing city (formerly East Sichuan area) is always one of the important bases of medicinal plant resources in china.
1 the research scope and the measures for the investigation of

Scope of investigation to the Three Gorges Reservoir area is located in the 22 counties of Chongqing City area (city, area), including Wushan, Wuxi, Fengjie, Yunyang, Kaixian, Wanzhou, Zhongxian, Fengdu, Shizhu, Fuling, Wulong, Banan, Yubei, longevity, Yuzhong, Beibei, Jiulongpo, Shapingba, Dadukou, Jiangbei, Nan, Jiangjin.By the methods of field investigation and indoor data arrangement method combining the field investigation, visit, investigation, collecting plant specimens; in the interior of the collected samples were collected, identified, and samples of the Chongqing Institute of Chinese Medicine Museum (SM) and Chongqing Pharmaceutical Plant Research Institute herbarium (SMI) collection samples were combined, and finally the formation of survey data access.
2.1 species composition
2.1.1 species after investigation, Chongqing city of wild and cultivated medicinal plant in the Three Gorges Reservoir area a total of 278 families, 1377 genera and 4521 species (including varieties, forms and subspecies, similarly hereinafter), composed of known to medicine, mosses, ferns, gymnosperms, lichens and quilt five kinds of plant (including 7 families 8 genera 15 species; mosses of 42 families 70 genera and 99 species of pteridophytes; 45 families 109 genera and 397 species of gymnosperms; 9 families and 29 genera 53 species; 1161 genera and 3957 species in 175 families of angiosperm.See Table 1.).The species composition of the vast majority of angiosperms, total 3957 species, accounting for 87.53% of total species in Three Gorges Reservoir area of Chongqing City, the composition and species of medicinal plant in China's consistent.
Table 1 basic situation of medicinal plant in the Three Gorges Reservoir area of Chongqing city (omitted)
The statistics including infraspecific
2.1.2 family and genus composition in Three Gorges Reservoir area of medicinal plants in Chongqing City, a total of 278 families, each containing a number of species not less, only 1, more than 233 kinds of chrysanthemum keda.Including more than 60 families have 17 (see Table 2), but the type contained accounted for 41.29% of the total number of species of medicinal plants.The top 5 dominant families are Asteraceae (233) (213), Rosaceae, Leguminosae, Liliaceae (179) (162), Lamiaceae (142).Types of more than 5 families of up to 929, accounting for 20.55% of the total species.This basically consistent with medicinal plants constitute the advantages of our department.Chongqing city in the Three Gorges Reservoir area of medicinal plants belonging to 1377 genera.Including more than 20 genera 20 (see Table 3), accounting for 1.45% of total genera, containing species accounted for 11.87% of the total species.The top 5 dominant genera are Rubus (57), Polygonum (41), Euonymus (38), maple (37), Holly (28).More than 5 genera with 201 species, accounting for 4.45% of the total species, these are the common genera in subtropical regions of china.
Table 2 Chongqing medicinal plant in the Three Gorges Reservoir area more than 40 dominant families Statistics (omitted)
Table 3 Chongqing medicinal plant in the Three Gorges Reservoir area advantage more than 20 genera (omitted) statistics
2.1.3 ecological types in Chongqing city in Three Gorges Reservoir area of the 4521 known species of medicinal plants, 3865 species are wild species, accounting for 85.5% of the total.Such as minus Yi for the wild species 151, the true origin of medicinal plants are also more than 3714 species, accounting for 82.2% of the total.The statistic results show that the medicinal plant in Chongqing Three Gorges Reservoir area for the vast majority of wild species, only a few of the cultivated species.Cultivation
Only 183 species of medicinal plants with medicinal mainly planted in, accounted for only 4%.Add to other uses, such as garden, lane, afforestation of ornamental tree species and grain, oil, vegetables, fruit and other economic crops, but also can be used as medicine, have only 656, accounting for 14.5% in table 4.
Table 4 Chongqing Three Gorges Reservoir Ecological Statistics of medicinal plants (omitted)
* including medicinal garden, lane, afforestation and the food fruit, vegetables, oil and other economic crops
2.2 distribution of Chongqing city in Three Gorges Reservoir area of geographic distribution of medicinal plants (to the county as a unit) is shown in table 5.From table 5 can be seen, the Three Gorges Reservoir Area in Chongqing medicinal plant species are mainly distributed in Kaixian, Wulong, Wuxi, Wushan, Jiangjin, Fengjie, Shizhu County (city) in traditional Chinese medicine, the medicinal plants of Kaixian known to most, reached 3243, accounting for 71.73% of the total number of the reservoir area, Dadukou District, at least, only 718, only 15.88% of the total area, the county (city, area) and the vast area, forest coverage, vegetation, plant species preservation quality is directly related to how much.Each county (city, area and the depth of investigation of different) have some indirect relations.Basically reflects the distribution of medicinal plants in the Three Gorges Reservoir area of Chongqing city.
Table 5 the Three Gorges Reservoir Area in Chongqing county (city, district) medicinal plant species distribution statistics (omitted)
2.3 rare and endangered medicinal plants in recent years the country published focused on the protection of the vast majority of the species of wild plants can be put into a pharmaceutical, Chongqing Three Gorges reservoir distribution of national key protected wild (medicinal) plants such as: Gastrodia elata, coptis root, eucommia, Magnolia officinalis, Huang Bai (Sichuan Phellodendron amurense), Kawa Aki, strictosidine lotus, Dysosma versipellis, buckwheat, yew, Dioscorea zingiberensis, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Schisandra, is China's well-known Chinese herbal medicines.The reservoir has a total of 103.

According to the "Chinese plant red data book (the first batch) (the second batch)" state protection of rare and endangered plants; in 1997, the State Forestry Department, Ministry of agriculture, the "China key protected wild plants" and 1999-08-04 approved by the State Council's "national key protected plants list (first batch)" 4 Protection of different source directory, not repeated statistics, Chongqing Three Gorges Reservoir area of medicinal plants, a total of 103 national key protected plants.The first is "Chinese plant red data book" has 51 (including a 5 grade, two grade 23, three grade 23); the second batch of 27 kinds; 1997 "China key protected wild plants list" has 48 (including a 11 grade, two grade 37); 1999 "national key protected plants list" the first batch of 41 (including a 8 grade, two grade 33).
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