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Research based on the core competitiveness of enterprises niche perspective

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Author: Zushu Xun Wang Xiaoping Liu Zhifeng
Summary: System enterprise niche theory, help enterprises based on their own niche, it is taking into account the underlying structural association between the enterprise niche and core competitiveness, this paper based on fully draw on existing research results explore the core competitiveness of enterprises niche theory under the framework of the relevant issues, to provide a useful reference for the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Keywords: enterprise niche core competitiveness improve

Core competitiveness in the market competition and sustainable development can be a competitive advantage for the enterprise as a whole to bring fundamental, substantive and value of the efficacy of specific expertise. As the scope of the concept of a content-rich, the formation of the core competitiveness is influenced by many factors. With the deepening of the core competitiveness, more and more researchers found that the core of competitiveness, in essence, is the gradual accumulation of resources of the enterprise in the long-term investment and the learning process, this resource has a unique and self-organization characteristics, widely embedded in an enterprise niche ecological space, the development of location, function mechanism and the role of performance dimensions. This overall consideration to improve core competitiveness objectives, content, tools and systems, reasonable construction of the strategy system.

The enterprise niche generate Evolution

Enterprise niche resource pattern is formed by enterprises and related organizations in the specific field of the environment and the geographical proximity and interact closely, functional status and role performance. The company was to maintain some kind of contact with other enterprise resources and reasonable structure, vast space background in the environmental community, because only then can we form a habitat suitable for the development of enterprises, ecological factors required to ensure the survival and development of the normal supply and timely supplement . Due to the development of enterprise niche requirements completeness of the environmental conditions, decided to ecological factors in the survival of any relationship must ensure that adequate number and quality of Excellence, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the enterprise niche, thereby affecting the stability of enterprises development.
The nature and characteristics of the niche, perfect conditions for the development of the total aggregate, its development depends entirely on internal factors and external ecological factors interact and adapt to survive as a business. Only meet all of the elements of the internal structure of organic synergy and external supply of environmental and ecological factors, the enterprise niche to certain system related and material can be recycled reasonable choice and scientific layout requirements of resource orientation and development of space, according to the external environment dynamic trends and development goals require the construction of high-fitness space, and promote the coordinated development of the system of internal system and the external environment, to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, improve the competitive advantage and the purpose of continuing technological innovation, enabling enterprises to sustained, rapid and healthy development. Affect niche internal self-Factor talent, technology, capital, products, management, external ecological factors mainly contains the background conditions of economic structure, market size, political system, and natural conditions, the level of education and science and technology development.
In comparison, slow changes in the internal factor, the more obvious changes in the external ecological factors. Especially in the context of economic globalization and technological change accelerated social market cycles shorten, the new generation of products to accelerate faster industrial restructuring, new technology, new products, new businesses are emerging, external ecological environment becoming niche development facing the main object. Enterprise niche adjust and optimize the process, in addition to the outside internal factor identification and selection, but the main thing is to respond to changes in the external environment. If a business only stick to the integration and optimization of the internal structure, and can not advance the strategic adjustment and overall system innovation, initiative and expand development, effective lessons ecological factor, niche mechanism and overall performance will certainly be handicapped.

The core connotation competitiveness

"Core competencies" as a theory and practice, is a set of strategic choices and the new concept of strategic management for enterprises to survive the competition, new ideas and a new model.
Comprehensive academic connotations definition of core competitiveness, the connotation of the core competitiveness can be summarized in three aspects: enterprise access to various resources factor and transformed into a force for survival, development and competitiveness; enterprises to learn from a variety of ecological factors The production capacity of economic activity; enterprises to take advantage of a variety of survival factors to promote within the system of the constituent elements in each other catalytic interactive, efficient operation capacity. Five specific content of refinement, these three aspects will be derived from the core competitiveness, corporate culture and technology, business management skills, production capabilities, innovative abilities, self learning and development capabilities. The core competitiveness of enterprises have a competitive advantage, to production, market share, technological innovation in the integration of the various resources available to obtain sustainable development. This capability can be refined for the enterprises in the use of various ecological factors in the process of formation of the ability to carry out productive economic activities and the ability to promote the efficient functioning of the internal system, the ability to enhance the sustainable development of enterprise innovation.
The face of the deepening of social transformation, the rapid development of the market economy, whether active or passive, every enterprise will suffer from rapid social transformation brought about by the value of pluralistic situation, to build the core competitiveness of the value in the diversified situation will face cognitive system will respond to competitors' multi-level competition, on the one hand, enterprises must take effective measures to weaken, limit the destruction and elimination of competitors learning to imitate interference, protect, optimize and enhance the core competitiveness The value of the trait; enterprises must learn to rely on the external environment rich in nutritional value environmental factors, with the external environment to understand the dynamics of the competitors to complete the core competitiveness of protection mechanisms for the external environment on the other hand. The core competitiveness of enterprises upgrade path selection

From the development of social development, economic development, industry development and corporate niche requires actual starting and accurate grasp enhance core competitiveness goals, target hierarchical ecological core competitiveness. To determine the core objective to enhance the competitiveness needs to consider the social development, economic development, industry development and corporate development of niche requirements, enhance efforts to build a hierarchical ecological objectives, in order to correct guidance to enhance the core competitiveness strategy system. Corporate social development needs of the competitive advantage of advanced production technology and advanced development concept, high-quality product quality; economic development requires huge development potential, outstanding impact performance, good economic returns of enterprises; development of the industry needs an appropriate scale, distinctive features, strength more excellent enterprise; enterprise niche development needs a harmonious and stable external environment, internal environment of healthy and orderly.
Start from the core competitiveness of enterprise niche inherent correlation effectively grasp the consistency of the two structural levels and reasonable construction of core competitiveness, enhance content, comprehensive content of comprehensive core competitiveness. Manifestations niche can be divided into the the mental layer niche material layer niche and behavior-tier niche. Mental layer niche corporate philosophy, corporate development goals, the enterprise system, and the spirit of enterprise; the material layer Niche include internal corporate structure, corporate functions, production facilities; the behavioral layers niche, including corporate positioning, role-playing, social services, management methods. The structure of the core competitiveness can be divided into the spiritual layer, physical layer and the behavior layer. Visible both have inherent correlation structure. Niche as a corporate core competitiveness within driving force of the spirit of the source, layer is to explore the potential to improve the transfer of enterprise and external environment boosters, it's sound or not largely affect the business niche and core competitiveness stability. The material layer is an essential foundation for enterprise niche and core competitiveness is an important entry point to improve enterprise core competitive advantage. Behavioral layer is static dynamic highlight material layer, material layer play an important channel for transforming influence, but also niche and core competitive culture of the constituent elements of the content. The three Trinity, interact with each other and influence each other. To this end, the cultivation of core competitiveness content should be tightly around the three levels depth.
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