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Analysis and selection of the market research company in China

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Abstract: Today, our market research company in the media on the "contest" for the development of the market research industry has played a role in fueling. Looking through the newspaper, you can see a lot of articles and research reports on market research. Market research in the increasingly fierce market competition, has demonstrated its pivotal role.
Keywords: market research firm; capacity; choose

Type of a market research company

Currently, the domestic market can be divided into three categories: foreign, state-owned, private by nature. There are differences in terms of their scale, market positioning, marketing tools, as well as the problems faced by.
(1) foreign companies. Gallup, McKinsey, Gartner, SGR, their presence can be roughly traced back to the early 1990s. Foreign market research company in size and office environment are superior to other types of research firm. Its customers are mainly large multinational enterprises. The main features of the foreign market are as follows:
research project a higher level of quality control, the strong normative project operation, the various departments of the company is a clear division of labor. For example, data collection and post-analysis of the same project by different departments. Its quality control standards consistent with international projects can be managed and strong; customers is more stable, and its major customers overseas headquarters directly commissioned; the researchers high-quality training in the research ability;
high-profile; price high, their prices are often beyond the psychological ability of some customers.
(2) State-owned market research company. National and provincial statistical offices generally have affiliated research firm, characterized as: (1) can play the advantages of the network of urban research team; the charges relatively low; stability (3) information resources, able to obtain a multi-industry background information and related data; poor management system of the state-owned enterprises, individual performance and rewards are not directly proportional; have a certain gap in the quality control of the project and international level, data error is larger.
Such state-owned market research company a few have already started cooperation with multinational companies. CCTV CCTV and France's largest research joint venture ratings. Able management of foreign capital, technology and government sectors trade advantage, data resources combine market segments is easy to form trade monopoly.
(3) private market research firm. Such market research company can be described as the industry's rising star, most managers founder of the shareholding system. Their number is more than the first two types of market research firm, is also very active in the media sector. They go to the dregs take essence, very wisely positioned himself at the international level, the domestic price, making it a competitive advantage. Characterized mainly concentrated in the following areas: (1) has a strong marketing capability, often published in the media on the result of the investigation, have high visibility. Rapid response to customers, there is a strong sense of service; (2) the project manager responsibility system. This practice is not only conducive to maximize their personal enthusiasm and dedication, but also the quality of the research project with the personal qualities of the project manager is closely combined with strong competitiveness; (3) the quotation of prices. However, the scale of such enterprises is often less than the above two types of companies, staff turnover is serious.
Different features can be said that the three types of market research company, the managers of the enterprises should be combined with the specific requirements of the enterprise analysis and comparison of the different types of market research firm. Choose a satisfactory market research company is not an easy thing, the need for a multifaceted comparison. We will be introducing some evaluation and selection of the standards and methods of market research firm, please Readers concern.

The ability of the market research firm assessment

To be evaluated for companies who do not know much about the market research industry, it is difficult. In fact, taking into account the market research firm's reputation, size, quality of personnel, experience, and offer these aspects can be more effective market research firm to assess, let's specific analysis of these aspects:
2.1 reputation
Reputation is a comprehensive evaluation criteria, a good reputation with many aspects, so it is a relatively soft standards. Some customers, who often published research reports in the media market research firm must have a good reputation. While this idea is right, but very unconvincing. 2.2 scale
The size of the company can be subdivided into many aspects of the number of personnel, office space, professional facilities, branch. To understand the scale of the market research firm, you can probably know the company's expertise and their respective areas of expertise and research capabilities.
Market research firm generally divided into full-time and part-time basis, the company's researchers, technical personnel should be full-time staff, the interviewers review member, coders, and industry experts generally part-time staff, on-site supervision of some allied some part-time. Quantifiable indicators to determine the strength of the company a more rigid standard. The office area also reflects the size of a company. In addition, it can be seen from the office cleanliness department set a market research company management level.
2.3 The quality of personnel
It comes to the quality of personnel here are some basic qualities, such as level of education, expertise, professionalism. In addition to the level of education, and other indicators are difficult to quantify, there are the eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom of the problem each judgment on the personal qualities of different indicators.
2.4 experience
"Experience" has two implications, on the one hand, the length of time established market research company, on the other hand is the experience of the key personnel of the company. Founding earlier market research firm has its own unique views on the industry's past, status quo and development trend. In addition, the management system and a variety of specifications is perfect.
The professional experience of the assessment, a market research firm, the experience of the key personnel of the company is very important. Have experienced market researchers to accurately define the customer's problem, well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the various survey methods, able to deal with the problems that have arisen in the process of implementation of the project in a timely manner.
2.5 offer
The offer has become an important final decision factors when customers choose to market research firm. Different market research companies offer the same only in survey methodology, quality, region, will they be comparable. The introduction of this in the next issue will be talked about again.

The choice of the market research company

Choose a good market research firm, as if looking for a strategic alliance is very meticulous work. In general, businesses in accordance with the following two steps for selection of the market research firm.
First, the enterprise can be selected from the existing directory several key targets, and to prepare for further contact. For now, however, the market has not a complete directory of market research firm. Therefore, companies should focus on the day-to-day collection. There are a lot of market research firm published an article on the media to publish the investigation report. This is not only an effective channel for enterprises, enterprises can also be seen from the level of the market research firm and expertise.
Followed in the selection after the companies must begin further contact with these market research firm. Commonly used in two ways, one is by way of telephone or fax contact other visits. The former is more suitable for those who often do market research, they have fixed the proxy, mutual understanding, familiar with each other, the operation up compared to the provincial. Well, for those who do not often do market research or are looking for a new market research agency businesses, to visit is necessary. Through visits, enterprises can understand the size of the market research firm (including staff how much office environment, facilities, etc.), information researchers professionalism, experience, and has an overall impression. Such perceptions will enterprises to choose the ideal market research firm to help.
Enterprises in order to fully understand a market research firm, these data will become the basis for corporate initiatives, text data is essential. These include: Company Profile, PROFILE, project operation process, charges, and customer lists. Professional market research company should also provide customers did some templates, such as planning book, questionnaires, perform manual access to the work record, sampling plans, sampling record sheet coding principles, the survey reports. If you want to get more specific information, you should provide some of the market research company commissioned requirements and project background introduction, there will be the focus of such a market research firm in preparing information, more useful information.
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