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Investigate problems in the Sino-US strategic economic dialogue

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Since the end of the Cold War, with the deepening of globalization, China and the United States in economic, trade, environmental, safety and other aspects there is a broad common interests, but this does not make their partnership spontaneous improvement, but due to various reasons, resulting in there is a growing conflict between the two countries. China and the United States as the world's largest developing country and the largest developed country, if the relations between the two countries is not handled properly, will not only directly affect the economic development of the two countries, or even a negative impact on the development of the world. In order to reduce conflicts and cooperate with each other in order to achieve a 'win-win', the two sides tentatively Strategic Economic Dialogue, the formation of the mechanism, and made a series of effectiveness. For the greater degree of the mechanism to promote cooperation between China and the United States, we must carry out an in-depth study of the mechanism, analyze its internal law, to grasp its limitations and development direction.

Origin and process of the China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue

August 21, 2006, Chinese President ****** phone conversation with U.S. President George W. Bush. The two sides strengthen the dialogue between the two sides in the economic field, there will be conducive to the development of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and the China-US constructive and cooperative relations will also have a positive impact on world economic growth and global stability, security. September 20, 2006, the two sides issued the Sino-US Joint Statement on the start of the bilateral strategic economic dialogue mechanism, create marks the Sino-US strategic economic dialogue mechanism into orbit.
14-15 December 2006, the first Sino-US strategic economic dialogue held in Beijing. Sides around the theme of 'the path of development in China and China's economic development strategy' in-depth discussions. 22-23 May 2007, the second China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue in Washington. The two sides discussed issues around services, investment and transparency, energy and environment, balanced growth and innovation. The Third China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue held in Beijing on 12-13 December 2007. China and the United States around the 'seize the opportunities of economic globalization and the challenges of globalization' the subject, conducted fruitful discussions, made a series of important results. Fourth Sino-US Strategic Economic Dialogue will be held in Washington in June 2008. With the deepening of the dialogue between the two sides, more widely, the areas covered by the Sino-US Strategic Economic Dialogue mechanisms are maturing and mature.

Second, analysis of Sino-US strategic economic dialogue reason

First of all, the common interests is the basis for dialogue between the two sides. Relative to other countries, Sino-US economic and trade relations more in line with the principle of 'comparative advantage', the two sides are tremendous benefits from this trade, investment relations. The ' Today, the United States is China's largest exporter, China is America's fourth-importing countries. The amount of imports from China, the United States is directly related to the rise and fall of China's GDP; acquire U.S. funds, technology and advanced management experience, but also an important condition for promoting China's economic development. Cheap Chinese exports to the U.S., on the other hand, not only U.S. consumers to reduce the expenditure of $ 100 billion a year, and the U.S. GDP increased by 0.7% per year, a decrease of 0.8% inflation rate, helps to reduce the U.S. budget deficit, to ensure that the U.S. multinationals profit growth. In addition to the economic and trade relations are closely connected, the two sides in the political, military, cultural, environmental and other aspects of the existence of a broad space for cooperation. Such as global and East Asian regional security issues, the signing of the Kyoto Protocol and the WTO negotiations, the United States needs China's cooperation; Similarly, China to peaceful development, and also to some extent to the United States to maintain a stable external environment. In addition, China is now advocated the establishment of a 'harmonious society', increasingly attention to environmental protection, intellectual property rights, food safety, etc., are also in line with the consistent position of China. If the parties can work together, not only to bring to China the advanced technology and experience, but also give the United States to bring huge profits. In this way, the establishment of Sino-US strategic economic dialogue-based, taking into account the political, security, and environmental aspects. Economic dialogue mechanism not only allows the two parties to resolve the problems of the economic and trade aspects, can also be found in other areas more 'interests overlap point '.
Second, the conflict and friction continue to increase dialogue stimulus. Although the two sides share broad common interests, but the conflict between China and the United States and the degree of friction does not diminish, on the contrary shows getting worse, and exhibit the characteristics of a vicious cycle. United States, for example, there is a certain degree of distrust of the United States criticized China's large trade surplus with the United States, on the one hand, but to strengthen China's technology export control. The United States as a high-tech country, the high-tech industry in the economic relations occupy a comparative advantage. Control technology exports to China will inevitably lead to increased U.S. trade deficit with China, so as to further increase China distrust, creating a vicious cycle. Kind of problem, often stemming from a misunderstanding and mutual suspicion, if not through active dialogue to gradually build mutual trust, will be difficult to be solved fundamentally.
Again, both cognitive consistency is a prerequisite for dialogue. Willingness to cooperate between the two sides, only the objective existence of common interests is not enough, the subjective understanding of the two sides must also be consistent. The 'interdependence led to the desire of the international cooperation, international cooperation is an option for countries to weigh the pros and cons, and establish judgment in the interests of the foundation' (3). China and the United States on issues related to cognitive gradually become consistent dialogue with the real possibility. For example, when he was Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick in 2005 made it clear that China is the United States 'stakeholders' . September 2005, some U.S. government officials in the public position, that should try to play down the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. manufacturers 'negative impact' that the U.S. manufacturing sector more difficult to be attributed to other factors. The conflict between China and the United States, China also began to analyze the problem from their own. China, for example, realized that the lack of protection of intellectual property rights, not only damages the interests of the United States and elsewhere, will lead to the difficult development of domestic high-tech, to China gradually raise the awareness of respect for and protection of intellectual property rights, and promised to fulfill the WTO " the TRIPS Agreement. " Which shows that both the cognitive trend in consistent, both towards the path of dialogue. Third, the characteristics of the Sino-US strategic economic dialogue mechanism

In certain circumstances, the conduct of the cooperation, the mere existence of common interests is not enough, there must be the existence of the system because these systems can reduce uncertainty and to restrict the information asymmetry. Sino-US common interests, but to achieve effective cooperation on common interests, must also play the role of the mechanism, the Sino-US Strategic Economic Dialogue It is in this context that created. Years of Sino-US economic and trade relations as well as the three Sino-US strategic economic dialogue process in the framework of the Sino-US strategic economic dialogue mechanism has been basically established, and gradually improve, showing its own characteristics.
First of all, the dialogue held on a regular basis. Sino-US strategic economic dialogue, since September 2006, Paulson first visit to China as U.S. Treasury Secretary, the two sides announced the launch of a strategic economic dialogue mechanism. Dialogue held twice a year to exchange and discussion on bilateral and global strategic economic issues of mutual interest, the dialogue will alternately in the two capitals, which is held in Beijing and Washington. The dialogue held regularly, so that the mechanism of stability and continuity.
Secondly, dialogue, covering a wide range foothold. The strategic dialogue is to stand on the commanding heights of a comprehensive review of bilateral relations. Sino-US strategic economic dialogue mechanism in the beginning of the establishment, based on the overall, long-term, strategic economic issues, and played an active role and influence, to promote the development of Sino-US relations. At the same time, the dialogue which covers many areas, so that both sides can be more comprehensive, coordinated all aspects of the relationship.
Once again, the dialogue showing progressive characteristics. Issues of Sino-US strategic economic dialogue, dialogue and discussion from the first five thematic extended to the third eight thematic dialogue, and gradually extended to the product quality and food safety, and gradually deepening and expansion of the original issues. Help to reduce the intensity of the two sides to adjust the step-by-step from the breadth and depth of the cooperation between the two sides to be more steady.
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