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Causes and Prevention Measures of statistical fraud

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Abstract: false statistics seriously affected the socio-economic development and people's life, it is an act of corruption, damage the image of the party and the government. Statistical management system reform and the legal system, should further strengthen and improve the professional quality of statisticians, resolutely curb the phenomenon of false statistics, China's statistical work health trot.
Keywords: statistics; fraud; precautions

False statistics gave China's social and economic development and people's lives to bring heavy disaster. The start of the Great Leap Forward in 1958, many places "How bold, how much production", concocted 6 million kilograms per mu, 10 million kilograms of grain yield satellite, causing the food problem has been solved and the illusion of a result, in some areas The large population of non-normal deaths, seriously affect the social stability and economic development.
With the development of the socialist market economy, especially after China's accession to the WTO economy step by step with the rest of the world, the demand of the community of Statistics growing increasingly high demand for the quality of the statistical information. The size of the value of statistics directly affect the quality of the information and to determine the statistical information useful and statistics, affect the relevant departments of correct decision making. In addition, digital forgery, false statistics also greatly damaged the prestige of our party and the government of the masses of the people. Some people also speak, and even government departments dare such a fraud, others false, what terrible, what shame? Therefore, the false statistics eventually damage the social members of society should trust, damage to every member of society want to settle down in the fundamental value of our society.

Reasons for the formation of a false statistics

Performance evaluation and evaluation system (1) Government officials unscientific is the main reason for the false statistics.
Currently, Chinese government officials in the performance evaluation system and evaluation system not scientific, "officials digital, digital out officials" are common occurrences, leading officials to intervene in the statistical work, overstating the statistical data on the presence of some place different degrees internal impulses. Some localities, departments and units of leading cadres for the sake of a catchy title, so that the higher-ups to see their own work out the results, at the risk of the risk of damage to the interests of the state and collective, exaggerate, and hide the problem. But statistically falsifying reports to be discovered and dealt with only a small number of statistics counterfeiters not only in the official position on sit tight for many years "without incident", and many of them because of the "the counterfeiters well-" and "fraud "continue to get promoted. There is a situation, some successor took office forced a heavy burden on the back of a former fraud misrepresentation, riding a tiger, shall not apply from. Predecessor blowing up, next only follow the blow. The first mayor in office when the individual operating income of 200 million yuan falsely claimed to be $ 300 million, then to second Ren Xiangchang took over the when, you could offer 400 million yuan or more. If the second Renxiang Zhang worked here for three years, to third Ren Xiangchang office when, cardinality has reached 700 million yuan, or 800 million yuan. Some might say that the second term and the third term why not digital moisture extrusion go? And they want to really do that on the destruction of the so-called "rules of the game". Because he served deny former officialdom taboo, not only around the officials look down on you, and superiors may no longer trust you. Apply to the original number of water wrung out of the socio-economic development statistics may appear negative growth, not only their own job performance, but also hurt the "others" only "approach can only be marching this heap of false data "footprint" continues to move forward. "
(2) the statistical law enforcement enough is another important reason of false statistics.
The imperfect statistics legal system, the statistical law enforcement is not in place, the statistical laws and regulations system is not perfect, the statistical law enforcement is not strong enough, are the key factor in the spread of statistics counterfeiters increasingly [1]. Since the promulgation of the Statistics Act 1983, the legal system of China's statistics continue to improve, but still there are some flaws. The same time, statistics, law enforcement, fatigue, and the statistical regulations lost due deterrent, directly contributing to the community tolerate fraud statistics are bound to provide further impetus to the unhealthy practices of false statistics. In addition, statistical illegal phenomenon despite repeated prohibitions, the special object of the statistics law enforcement. In fact, the current statistical fraud, both corporate statisticians, government statisticians, but the city, county and township (town) party and government leaders. The law enforcement body is a government department and its staff, enforcement object is the leadership of the government, under law enforcement, embarrassment and difficulty is not self-evident. 2 the fraud prevention Statistics measures

(1) to strengthen the construction of statistical organizations, and lay a sound statistical basis.
First of all, to straighten out the statistical relationship. Statistical work to rely on statistical agencies at all levels to do so to establish a sound statistical organizations. Without establishing institutions must establish, to establish a deadline, although the mechanism but body is not perfect, the staff is not in place, the work is not carried out by the unit or organization must be a deadline for rectification; restrictions because the terms were not established institutions, should be reported to Statistics departments have agreed to set up a full-time or part-time statisticians in the relevant institutions. Second, we must require statistical organization shall establish and improve statistical data checking, transferring, transfer, reporting, and archiving of the management system, the primary statistical organizations internal management systems, standards.
(2) strengthen the the statistics legal work, according to statistics.
The statistical work laws to abide by the legal basis for the protection objective statistics authenticity. First, the statistical agencies must be set independently, in accordance with the law and the country
Statistical agencies should be kept separate administrative status. Second, to improve statistical legal system construction, according to statistics, in particular, to strictly enforce the law. The third is to increase the Franco-Prussian efforts to give wide publicity to the Statistics Act. To emphasize not only the leading cadres at all levels to firmly establish the concept of statistics in accordance with the law, but also in the social formation of good statistics and the legal system atmosphere. Also a comprehensive inspection and supervision mechanism should be established to legal means to exclude the intervention of the will of the statistical data, the clear leaders at all levels of the legal responsibility of the rights and obligations of the statistics. The statistical administrative departments at all levels to carry out a solid regular and irregular supervision and inspection of the implementation of the statistical data, identified problems should be promptly be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law, to intensify the crackdown, Granville Health Statistics Act.
(3) improve the professional ethics and professional quality of the statistical personnel.
Implementation of integrity in the society as a whole range of projects, to create a good social environment. Continue to strengthen the integrity of education statistics to establish the correct morals, values, and further improve the personal and moral cultivation. At the same time, the establishment of a set of statistical the ethical evaluation system, combined with material rewards and spiritual rewards, proper monitoring and evaluation of the statistical work. The other hand, through a multi-level, multi-channel continuous training, and constantly improve the professional quality of the statistics [3], statistical information on the quality of technical error.
(4) reform of the statistical management system, to establish statistical departments vertical management model.
At present, China's statistical system has not completely get rid of the shackles of the planned economic model is not entirely appropriate to the needs of China's socialist market economy must be reformed. Implement the statistics departments vertical leadership, able to adapt to the needs of China's socialist market economy, the essence of this system is the statistics department of the city and county as the agency of the provincial statistics department, its agencies, prepared cadres, funded by the provincial statistics department unified management; township statisticians County statistics department dispatched officers. As a functional department of the provincial government in the provincial Bureau of Statistics, by the management of the people's government at the corresponding level in the administrative and accept the guidance of the National Bureau of Statistics in the business; Provincial Bureau of Statistics, the implementation of the dual leadership, the management of the National Bureau of Statistics. The implementation of the statistical departments vertical leadership, can improve the independence of the statistics department, and enhance anti-interference ability of the statistics department, to solve the problem of the high quality of statistical information is a more realistic and workable approach.
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