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The virtual management motivation of human resources, problems and value analysis

Author: XueShuZhen From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2009-06-15 15:15:49 Read:
Paper Keywords: virtual management; virtual management of human resources; management efficiency
Abstract: virtual management is accompanied by the generation of virtual enterprise. Enterprise human resource management is experiencing the challenges and impact of the various forces from information technology, globalization, organizational change, enterprises only breakthrough that closed the backward traditional personnel management mode, the implementation of the virtual management of human resources, the concentration of superior resources to focus on their core the ability to enhance competitiveness, to gain the initiative in the international competition in the future, to gain an advantage, and ultimately improve the management efficiency.

The virtual management is accompanied by the generation of virtual enterprises, many enterprises successful experience also indicates that it will become the mainstream of modern management. The so-called virtual management, enterprise separate part of the management functions to an outside professional company, organization set certain functions virtual swap order to reduce costs and improve management efficiency. Another argument is that "response to market demand for fast, full use of computer technology and Internet technology, breaking the traditional concept of space, the formation of dynamic alliance management flattening, competition and cooperation with each other and around each of the core competitiveness of production activities model. " From an economic perspective, it is knowledge in modern management-oriented technology as a link, by compressing or reduce the size of the company, saving transaction costs, transfer of resources to the high-profit sector as soon as possible, so as to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, management mode to maximize their profits.

First, the virtual management of human resources Motivation

Virtual human resources management is the organization of a virtual management, business organization and human resource management virtualization. In other words,
Is the outsourcing of the organization and human resource management, such as compensation, benefits, recruitment, training, performance appraisal and other to social professional company, the organization is only related costs can be paid to the professional company. Modern enterprise Why take this approach to human resource management?
(A) meet the requirements of competition, enhance their competitiveness
Increasing market competition, rapid changes in the market demand, product and technology development more difficult, increase the complexity of management to enable enterprises to feel completely rely on its own strength, relying on their own intellectual resources with the changing environment and an increasingly difficult to deal with competition opponents contend has been difficult to obtain a competitive advantage. In the fierce competition, companies continue to seek outside factors on the non-core business enterprises to consider their competitive advantage in the process, often turn their attention to various aspects of the enterprise value chain and high value-added activities. Human resource management is also facing this situation. The traditional enterprise human resources management can be broadly divided into two aspects, one is transactional, the other is strategic.
The so-called transactional project refers to the time and attendance, personnel file management, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, and other administrative and general affairs work. Strategic projects including human resources policy formulation, implementation, selection of executives, staff education, training, career planning, organizational development, planning, and so on. With the rapid development and popularization of the Internet, as well as the emergence of specialized companies, the virtual non-core, too detailed, traditional personnel management business, will also become an inevitable choice for enterprises to enhance competitiveness of human resources.
(B) reduce operating costs, improve management efficiency
Enterprise development's economic situation is more complex, in order to win in the competition, companies must reduce operating costs, innovative products and processes, improve quality and efficiency, the flexibility of the market and other measures to continuously improve performance. However, these measures are ultimately with human resources to implement. From an economic point of view, the purpose of management is to strictly control their costs. Traditionally, corporate employees tend to be seen as the cost of personnel management function is to minimize it in order to become a potential source of efficiency, few people would think that human resources management to create value. Plus, intellectual resources and huge development costs for many companies is prohibitive.
After the 1990s, many companies has become increasingly evident feel alone capitalized and state-of-the-art technology to obtain excess profits of monopoly is not that easy, reduce costs and improve labor productivity has become increasingly important. So, virtualization, on the one hand reduce labor costs, on the other hand, can enjoy the professional management services company, the benefits brought about by the scale of operation, but also can avoid the waste of social resources, and thus destined to lower cost, more efficiency high. Therefore, the virtual management either for higher efficiency, lower cost of professional services, but also all of their own intelligence and resources to focus on their core business, help reduce the company's overall operating costs and improve operational efficiency.
(C) the development of information technology and promote the virtual management
The implementation of the virtual management is the inevitable result of technological progress, a high degree of information technology has changed the company's management style, has brought unprecedented power to managers, the functions of the network services become a reality. The one hand, the pyramid's vertical management gradually replaced by the level of management, middle managers oversee and coordinate the function has been replaced by the computer network, the very top and the very bottom of the can in the corporate management of communication through computer networks and Contact the organizational structure tends to flatten. The other hand, due to the development of network technology, information processing capabilities continue to increase, the people, communication between organizations becomes simple and effective. In the traditional business model, information acquisition, usually to go through the summary level, and finally passed to managers, managers make decisions, then the decisions passed to the staff from top to bottom. Virtual management, the computer can accurately collecting, processing large amounts of information, and immediately communicated to decision-makers, and even sometimes by computer analysis, treatment, do not rely on the manager's decision-making, well-trained staff will be able to according to the computer judgment to solve problems or make their own decisions, the efficiency can be greatly improved. Therefore, the use of network technology to the management of human resources, in fact, the supervision and management of the human resources department transformed into self-management, the emphasis is free combination between the individual constituents of the internal free split level management. Thus, the virtual management is only established on the basis of advances in information technology, in order to achieve the effective operation of the project. Network technology not only become a tool of the managers, more importantly, it changes the mindset of the people.
(D) timely weaknesses, highlighting the strength of enterprises
Virtual management of human resources is the need of the enterprises avoid weaknesses. Now more and more entrepreneurs recognize that the production is socialized mass production, a company want to make a difference, we must first do certain things that you are doing is not the best, the cheapest thing to the other enterprises do. The traditional concept of representing the company's management authority personnel department, gradually have been outsiders in dabble, they usually are some of the personnel management consulting firm. Such as many personnel magazines often at least half of the forum posted on the various types of personnel management consulting, advertising consulting service. Some of these companies are good salaries and benefits management, some longer than 'people management'. They gradually become the protagonist of management activities and specific operators, their tentacles around every corner. According to the research, in the United States nearly 20 years of development, the fastest growing two types of companies: small professional consulting firm providing professional services for large enterprises; the other is a large service company that specializes in providing all kinds of information services. These companies are some of the functions of the traditional enterprise restructuring and reengineering. Through the operation of the franchise business, you can better control and use of human resources, the management and the management of things, better integration. This not only improves the efficiency of the whole community, it also breaks the barriers between traditional companies leaving the business to go joint. For the development of China's enterprises, more far-reaching.
Second, the virtual management of human resources analysis

Although virtual management of human resources is of great significance to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, improve the efficiency of enterprise management, to meet the needs of the development of information technology, to help businesses avoid weaknesses, but not the emergence and development of the local management concepts in the course of implementation encounter some problems.
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