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Value and application of user annotation under the network environment

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[Key words] user annotation cyber source information retrieval
under the environment of network user annotation analysis: from the aspects of search help, auxiliary memory, attention, to express the feelings of others, with analysis of its forming motivation, to explore its influencing factors from two aspects of individual and environmental label.On the basis of tagging, collaborative filtering and recommendation of the resource organization, resource integration, heterogeneous, and then analyzes the resources to create, to reveal the resource content, recording the tacit knowledge, resources and other aspects of the value evaluation.


Tagging is the user to read and use of resources, because of various types of all sorts of reasons leave comments, tags, comments, etc.Mark phenomenon since ancient times has been, for example, notation has been one of the appreciation and criticism of Chinese literature in the important form and traditional method of reading.
Mark phenomenon has lasted for thousands of years, traditional environment mark basically since their own, although a small amount of labeled with the original resources to transfer to other users, or by publishing comments the forms of communication, but this is not common, the coverage of the resource group and the audience are very limited.In the digital and network environment, has fundamentally changed the situation, tagging, content, form, value and use to place great changes.

analysis of 1.1 tagging motivation
Generally speaking, tagging motivation comes from two aspects: individual and social.The former refers to the spontaneous, personal needs, including its use needs and psychological satisfaction; the latter is the driving force of society, including various predisposing factors and stimulating factors.Such as when the person that brought about marked social influence and social value, has been further annotation desire, mutual influence, the interaction of these two aspects, dominate the tagging complete annotation forms.To sum up, tagging motivation has the following several aspects:
1.1.1 future retrieval needs it is satisfy the demand of self marking.For later retrieval convenience, many users for its own collection of resources to add various types of identification, such as a few keywords, a series of special symbols, as later retrieval of the entrance.
1, 1, 2 auxiliary memory mainly comment or do summary.If they do not understand the word, in reading words, concepts, through other ways to understand them and recorded; or in the process of reading, to think about the content, record the result of thought.These notes will provide reference for future use of resources.
Need 1.1.3 to express the feelings when a user reading or using a resource, the resource content and user's knowledge, emotion, environment effect, users have a certain idea, or forming a certain understanding, and hope that the feelings expressed.At this time, many users to express personal thoughts, through the annotation form view, attitude.
1.1.4 cause the attention of others users want others to pay attention to themselves or their resources, there is a desire for self-expression, therefore borrow marked to show themselves, or to sell their resources.When there is a tag cloud or tag lists, functional annotation system, this desire will often motivate users.Like some users want their webpage to get a good ranking in the search engine at the add many irrelevant keywords.
1.1.5 contribution and sharing users want to be able to share their feelings, mood, and other knowledge, for example, when you see the wonderful and valuable resources, have recommended the resources to the others, so the annotation to give appropriate labels, or express some personal opinions.When reading or using resources and understanding, have income, hope to be able to share with others, or background information on resources or information related to understanding, hope to contribute to help other people to understand and use the resources, tagging is often a main way of user selection.
Convenient self, to show self (to others to show their ability, status, and the relation of resources), contributing to society (hope resources related to their views, knowledge, resources available to help people more effectively, make full use of resources), this is user tagging motivation.Many labeled forming motivation is complex, and some may be integrated or superposition, but whatever the motives, the annotation results as an objective phenomenon will have a certain impact on the use of resources.

Analysis of the influence factors labeled 1.2
To sum up, factors affecting the annotation is mainly from the following two aspects:
1.2.1 subjective factors refer to factors from the annotation of their own.Including: ¢Ù marking knowledge background conditions of individual.Mainly refers to the degree of fit personal knowledge and are labeled resources as well as the annotation between subjects, it affects the label on the label of the understanding of the content, including the correct understanding of tagging content and the depth of understanding.The annotation of personal ability.Including thinking agility, innovation ability, imagination (Association), the influence of these factors on the use of annotation and tagging content, such as whether the creative use of tagging content.¢Û tagging purpose / motivation.Tagging why labeling, he wants to achieve what purpose, type annotation which basically determines the formation.The annotation of the mentality.Tagging tagging when the mood and state of mind, annotation influence the affective factors of quality, such as tagging language.
1.2.2 objective factors refer to the external environment from benchmarking note label behavior.Including: Annotation of other users and easy access to.For example, the user has a tendency to imitate other user tags in tag resources, in the use of resources for reference to comments by other users or provides background information and be different from the initial idea or understanding.The annotation of environmental impact.Including: annotation system interface (such as easy operation, whether a recommendation or prompts similar tags); rules for labeling system (such as whether to mark the wording, form, structure, ratio of limited resources); marking is available (such as background information, related to the available other reference books), whether the interference in the process of annotation (such as interference, other people's surprise phone call).Effect of social environment.Including the social custom and culture, national or ethnic belief, opinion, the region's political, legal provisions (such as freedom of speech is, whether can tolerate some speech).
These two factors interact, interaction, for example, annotation environment may sometimes affect tagging mentality, which influences the annotation results.

2 marked the value of

The traditional environment, annotation is a kind of individual behavior, its formation is private (private).Annotation can be used by others, to bring value to others, depends on whether it can from private into public (pubic) and the public benefit the user group.In the traditional environment, limited to the method and conditions of resource publishing, distribution, this shift is difficult, even if able to change, the benefit of the user group is also very limited.Therefore, great value implied in the end labeling and bring into full play.However, the development of information technology is changing the point.

2.1 is marked in resources during the creation of the value of
Tagging provides participation in the creation of resources and opportunities for the user, when users find resources exist in the error, vulnerability, problems in the process of use of resources, can through the standard form of correction, make up the river, improve, and other users can see these corrections, can know more objectively, understand the resources, but also you can make more effective use of resources.Mark the continuation of the creative process of resources, which makes publishing is no longer flag stage resource creation ended, the creative process and the use of resources integration.
Create resources involved by tagging form, not the original resources to make any changes, but the back annotation personal ideas in the original resources, or other forms of embedded in the original resources (such as different fonts, and block etc.), to allow other users to compare, its screening,
Judgment, to decide how to treat resource views and position, how to make use of resources.By the IWILL system design of Taiwan's Tamkang University (IntelligentWeb-basedInteractiveLanguageLearning) takes advantage of this form.It established a teaching activities through the annotation form of interactive teaching platform for university teachers and students, in this platform, students can submit their work, the teacher works on the comments, write reviews, comments the errors, students on the basis of the evaluation of improvement works, so the cycle to complete the teaching activities.

2.2 marked in the coding of tacit knowledge of the value of
Annotation can capture, record the transient information, such as in conversations, e-mail, information, including exchanges views of both sides, a matter of attitude, some problem solving skills, methods.Traditionally, these contents are unable to be effectively recording and sharing, although there are some sporadic records, but sharing is very difficult.However, when this communication by marking method, the recording and sharing will have a greater potential.
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