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Empirical studies of the employment of university students value orientation trends

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Abstract: based on the investigation of the value orientation of Hefei University of Technology from 2003 to 2006 fresh graduates the whereabouts to choose, after graduating from college students, career standards, the intention of the career areas, Careers unit nature of intention, career salary expectations, career six aspects of the evaluation factors, comprehensive survey of higher education enrollment and college students the employment value orientation trend analysis, draw a number of ideas to strengthen the employment of university students guided by the values ??education.
Keywords: college students; the employment value orientation; trend; empirical research

The employment value orientation under certain historical conditions, in the course of employment pursuit of professional values, positioning, evaluation and selection of a tendentious attitude. Employment and value orientation of college students is the reality of the performance values ??of life in the course of employment, a significant impact on the behavior of college students career. With the acceleration of the process of popularization of higher education, college students employment patterns from national packet allocation "to" two-way choice, their own jobs, "the transition as well as the job market, the degree of improvement, values ??and employment of college students value orientation also continuously changed, showing a some of the new features. Survey of college students in the new employment value orientation, grasp the trend, acquire the relevant information in a timely manner, can provide important parameters for the employment of university students and the implementation of the employment policy and educational practice, targeted to solve the practical problems in the employment of university students, good Vocational Counsel, strengthen education and guidance for college students values ??and employment outlook has important practical significance.

Research content, objects and methods
Integrate the school based on the reference to the questionnaire and literature, Hefei University of actual design Hefei University graduates employment, value orientation questionnaire, questionnaire concerning the whereabouts of university graduates, career standards, career areas intentions The Careers unit nature of intention, career salary expectations, career influencing factors and evaluation, and in 2003 to 2006 for four years in a row of fresh graduates research (as shown in Table 1).

In the survey sample selection, taking into account the academic performance of graduates, the proportion of male and female students, the number of professionals, and the overall quality of status, the wider coverage of the survey, the response rate is higher, the proportion of all types of students close realistic proportions, sampling and reasonable good representative survey results of high credibility. Comprehensive survey of college enrollment in the data acquisition time employment peak year of 2003 and after three consecutive years, to ensure a the Graduate Employment trends survey research has a longer period of time span, in order to enhance the accuracy and scientific research.
The trend of changes in employment and value orientation of college students
Comprehensive study of the survey results from 2003 to 2006, found that university graduates employment value orientation of the new features, the trend of the employment value orientation has the following characteristics:
Upon graduation options: rush and employment are two main options, the craze for graduate intensified entrepreneurial willingness weaker school graduates main choice whereabouts after graduation is to continue to graduate employment each year graduates choose these two The number of items and are more than 84% (as shown in Table 2). Graduates choose employment downward trend the graduates choose Kaoyan was on the rise year by year, the low proportion of the students choose their own businesses after graduation, college students overall entrepreneurial awareness is not strong entrepreneurial willingness weaker. College students graduate Rush "in recent years, mainly due to the era of the knowledge economy and the improvement of the quality of talent required; second is the fierce competition for jobs, good career need talented people with high-level personnel; psychological factors, a considerable proportion college students in order to ease the employment pressure, to avoid immediate employment. Lead the students start willingness desalination main reason, society overall lack of entrepreneurship students a good environment, including public opinion, policies, security, social support conditions; university entrepreneurship education is not enough, students entrepreneurship development system is not perfect ; students entrepreneurial awareness is not strong, the lack of entrepreneurial ability, rich enough practical experience in the school's entrepreneurship.

Standard choice of occupation: personal development concept careers standards of the mainstream, to consider national and social needs of graduates for careers standards upward trend survey data (as shown in Table 3) show that the past three years, I have 83 % of graduates taking into account national needs and personal development "and" conducive to the development of the individual "and" do everything possible to achieve self-self-selection "as the standard of their career, and reflect on the evaluation of the college students in choosing a career standards, is still very important personal development, especially the "self-centered" as the graduates of the career standards rose by 3.9% in 2003 to 7.6% in 2006. But at the same time, also discovered a phenomenon worthy of recognition, an upward trend in the number of graduates that "subject to national and social needs for career standard, the proportion in 2006 was 13.6%, respectively, compared with 2004 and 2005, an increase of 4.8 percentage points and 4.6 percentage points. With the development of the reform of higher education, a substantial proportion of college students received education at an affordable cost and market-oriented concept of their own jobs, their own careers standards as "personal development", which reflects both the pragmatic attitude of college students in choosing a career, also indicate that significant changes occurred Graduate Employment, personal value orientation is still an upturn, thus strengthening the education of college students employment outlook, lead graduates to establish the values ??of science, important issues facing society, universities and families.

(Note: This question is not included in the survey option 2003 2006 questionnaire increase in the "other" option)
Choice of occupation areas intentions: to select a city employment trends, the need to guide the investigation results to the grass-roots level employment (as shown in Table 4) show that the preferred region for 2003 to 2006 graduates of my school career is "economically developed coastal regions", each an annual average of more than 50% of the graduates expressed this choice intentions, select graduates an average annual rate of more than 24% of each graduating from economically developed areas and the employment of large and medium-sized cities that choose to go to the mainland capital cities or metropolitan more than 75% in the number of students, graduates careers regions intention to have a significant trend towards urbanization. The proportion of the number of graduates choose to go to the the western grassroots "employment are less than 5% of the visible guide the graduates to go to the west, the arduous task of grassroots employment. The graduates very low proportion of the vast majority of graduates seeking regional objectives are concentrated in the economically developed coastal regions and the mainland capital cities or major cities, and is willing to western outlying provinces work, to be universal in the country. The reasons for this phenomenon, on the one hand is canceled due to the policy of the outlying provinces, autonomous regions, students must return to the provisions of the students work, on the other hand is the economically developed areas to provide more development opportunities to the graduates and the larger development space and convenient living conditions. Economically developed coastal regions to accept university graduates, however, after all, limited capacity, will inevitably lead to "adequate" difficult employment situation of university graduates. In recent years, our graduates choose the proportion of flat to down to the economically developed coastal regions and the number of people employed by the large and medium-sized cities, a direct reflection of the intense competition for talent in these areas, employment difficulties in the real situation. Although the state and the school actively encourages college students to the west, to the grassroots employment, western region has also introduced a number of policies to attract talent, but still difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of the graduates, which also reflects the arduous college ideological education and career guidance the long-term.

Choice of occupation unit nature of intention: career intentions of the non-state-owned enterprises is an upward trend, the careers unit attractive steadily dropped government organs, institutions and state-owned enterprises and other traditional advantages of vocational school graduates nature intention survey (Table 5 shown) the past four years, the company is the main channel careers of our graduates, in particular, choose to go to the employment of non-state-owned enterprises, the number of graduates each an average annual rate of more than 40%, and choose to go to government agencies, institutions, research the number of graduates of the unit as well as state-owned enterprises were flat to down trend. Undergraduate career choice unit nature of intention trend reflects the psychology of college students job search constantly change with the development of higher education and the market economy, a major cause of this change, the national authorities and state-owned enterprises the ability to absorb the graduates become saturated With the rapid development of the non-public economy in China, foreign-funded, private, and private companies and other non-state-owned enterprises, its employment capacity demand talent paid advantages gradually won the favor of the graduates. Students of state-owned enterprises and non-state-owned enterprises have changed, there are a considerable number of students that foreign enterprises, private and flexible mechanism, a better environment for development, the mechanisms of state-owned enterprises is lagging behind, the concept is relatively old. The third is to strengthen employment guidance department in charge of employment-related efforts to help the graduates to change the concept of employment, to encourage graduates to non-public employment.
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