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Analysis on the current situation of Chongqing city to attract foreign investment

Author: WangˇˇXiang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2009-06-07 13:50:38 Read:
[Keywords] Chongqing in attracting foreign investment in
[Abstract] "
fifteen" period, Chongqing actively implement the "going out, bringing in" policy, has made considerable progress in attracting foreign direct investment.But there are also some problems, this paper puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions on these issues.

, attracting foreign investment to basic situation of

1, foreign investment in the steady growth of
"The size of fifteen" in Chongqing during the period of the use of foreign capital to maintain steady growth, the quality and level of improve, a more important role in promoting the economic development.In 2001 to 2005, the actual use of foreign capital is 424000000 yuan respectively, 450000000 yuan, 566000000 yuan, 682000000 yuan, 801000000 yuan, total 2923000000 dollars, than the "Nine Five" growth 10.7%, wherein, the actual foreign direct investment from 2001 to 2005 were 256000000 yuan, 281000000 yuan, 311000000 yuan, 405000000 yuan, 516000000 yuan, accumulative total for $1769000000, an increase of 16.4% over the "nine five".

2, foreign capital enterprise production and management level has been the rapid development of
With the increase of Chongqing to attract foreign investment, the development of foreign enterprises also entered the fast lane.From the enterprise total assets, with enhanced strength, total assets grew rapidly in 2005, a 77.9% increase over 2001, with an average annual growth rate of 15.5%.From the business perspective, the city invested enterprises the main business income in 2005 than in 2001 increased by 1.5 times, with an average annual growth rate of 25.8%.From the enterprise profit situation, in 2005 than in 2001 increased by 3 times, with an average annual growth rate of 41.5%.From the enterprise profit situation, in 2005 than in 2001 increased by 2 times, with an average annual growth rate of 31.7%.

3, the hard investment environment has been greatly improved
In recent years, Chongqing vigorously implement the "customs clearance" and "channels" project, the development of water and land multimodal transport, has been through the connecting Shanghai to land mainly East-West sea channel, channel connecting Guangxi, Xinjiang railway to the north and South and west to the main land, air express channel connecting the South East Asia, South Asia, Hongkong area the.The second half of 2006, the southwest region's largest train station of Chongqing train station, in Western China access to the sea of Chongqing section have been put into the Chongqing-Huaihua Railway passenger, which is located in the core area of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in the upper reaches of Chongqing as a transport hub in the west of the increasingly prominent position.

4, the soft environment for investment to improve
In order to strengthen the work of soft environment construction and specification of attracting foreign investment, Chongqing has promulgated the "Chongqing city to encourage foreign investment in a number of preferential policies", "Chongqing city to encourage foreign investment preferential policies of the Supplementary Provisions", "Chongqing city to encourage foreign investment in new preferential policies", "Chongqing government on further regulating the administration to improve the environment of investment decision" and 6 supporting documents, also established the Hong Kong, Chongqing Macao Economic Association, the implementation of the "one-stop" services for foreign investment.

The presence of two, attracting foreign investment in

1, to attract foreign investment, low total
Chongqing city in recent years the use of foreign capital has made great achievement, but with the other three municipalities located in the eastern coastal areas compared, both in the amount of utilization of foreign capital, foreign project contract, or in the actual utilization of foreign capital, are obviously at a disadvantage.In 2005, Chongqing City, the actual utilization of foreign capital of $516000000, while Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai respectively, $3530000000, $3329000000 and $6850000000, 6.84 times, Chongqing 6.49 times and 13.27 times.The city of Chongqing to attract foreign direct investment accounted for only 5 per thousand the left, therefore, the current Chongqing city to attract foreign investment and other municipalities directly under the central government, there is a great gap.

2, foreign enterprises are small-scale
For industrial enterprise as an example, the outdoor 423 investment in industrial enterprises, only 8 of large enterprises, account for only 1.9% of total industrial enterprises, and medium-sized enterprises have only 56 households, accounting for 13.2%, the vast majority are small businesses, there are 359 households, accounting for 84.9%.The number of foreign funded enterprises less ability, small scale, low efficiency will reduce Chongqing to attract foreign capital.

3, the sources of foreign investment, the unbalanced distribution of
(1) the sources of foreign investment is not balanced.The country to attract foreign investment from Chongqing, Asia is the main source of investment, accounting for nearly 70% of the foreign investment enterprise.In 2005 the city's 945 outdoor foreign-funded enterprises in 643 families from Asia, the Hong Kong enterprises most, reached 332; followed by America, there are 191 households, of which 125 households from the United States of America; Europe and Latin America are respectively 78 and 47 households investment, in addition, Oceania 24 households, 9 households in africa.Therefore, Chongqing's foreign investment mainly from Asia and North America, and attract investment in Europe is relatively small.
(2) the unbalanced distribution of foreign investment.The unbalanced distribution of foreign investment is mainly manifested in two aspects.One is the regional distribution imbalance.Due to the impact of economic development district is in equilibrium and the investment environment, the allocation of resources among various factors, foreign investment enterprises in Chongqing mainly concentrated in the metropolitan area.Yuzhong district as a central business district, the largest number of distribution enterprises, in 2005 224 foreign-invested enterprises, accounting for the city's foreign investment enterprises 23.7%, other areas of foreign investment enterprises are small in number, while the Xiushan, Wuxi, Shizhu, Fengjie, Chengkou County, there has not been a foreign investment enterprise.Two is the industrial distribution is not balanced.The areas of foreign investment mainly in the manufacturing industry, the real estate industry, wholesale and retail, leasing and business services in several industries, other industries to foreign investment is less.

4, further improve the investment environment of
Although in recent years Chongqing's investment environment has been greatly improved, however, located in the western region of Chongqing City, compared with the eastern region, the degree of development of market economy, people's ideological concept, the efficiency of the government, policy transparency, high-quality personnel, the soft investment environment are inferior, hindering foreign investment.

three, increase to attract foreign investment strategy for

1, vigorously implement the investment diversification of
At present in Chongqing foreign investment enterprises in the newly industrialized countries and regions, while the developed countries in Europe and America investment ratio gradually increased, but obviously not dominant.Therefore, Chongqing city should be based on continued to attract investment in Asia, to increase the focus absorption America, EU and other countries and regions in the capital, to expand financing area, expand the scale of financing.

2, innovation, absorption of foreign investment and financing way of
At present the international capital flows shows new characteristics of securities financing activity, focus shifted from manufacturing to high technology and financial services industry, Chongqing city should comply with the international prevailing rules, innovate the absorption of foreign investment and financing way.Guide foreign investors by means of BOT, ABS, project financing, investment in large-scale infrastructure construction projects.Large infrastructure projects have been completed and can be used for overseas listing, equity transfer, the transfer of management right, invigorated the stock, improve facility utilization efficiency, absorb more foreign capital entering.

3, enhance the level of utilizing foreign investment, expand the use of foreign capital in the field of
At present, foreign investment in Chongqing to productive investment in technology, about 2/3 of total, the international direct investment to the tertiary industry has been the focus of inconsistent.Therefore, should be based on the characteristics of Chongqing city's economic development, more advanced technology, management experience and high-quality personnel, combined with the national implementation of the western development strategy and the strategic adjustment of Chongqing economic structure, to break the monopoly, expand the area of foreign investment, and guide foreign investment to areas with conditions and in line with national industrial policy field extension strive to form a number of foreign capital, dense, internal and external integration, the drive force strong industrial conglomeration.

4, to further improve the infrastructure of
A number of Chongqing city highway and railway is less still, should be built on, 10000, Yu Lan, Chongqing, up to ten thousand new railway line at the same time, Chongqing to increase construction mainly around the city and an important traffic between nodes of the high grade highway, to attract foreign investment and create more favorable traffic conditions.
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