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People's livelihood CIS system outlined

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Summary of people's livelihood is the largest ethnic group in the old Chinese capital Shipping Group, its the development of transportation in modern China has made important contributions to create the miracle in the history of the shipping the CIS system designed by its founder, Lu Zuofu on people's livelihood and the company's overall image management played a key role, is conducive to the establishment and maintenance of the image of the people's livelihood.
Keywords Lu Zuofu; livelihood Company; CIS system

Minsheng company founded by a famous patriotic industrialist Lu Zuofu from scratch, dismally, in an extremely harsh environment, at an alarming rate forward routes extending from the Jialing River to the Yangtze River across the board, to the coastal, marine and other Southeast Asian countries eventually extended to the United States and Canada, shocked the world. What reason the livelihood of the people able to obtain such a brilliant and great achievements? Thanks the CIS strategy advocated by its leaders Lu Zuofu.
CIS is the English Corporate Identity System abbreviation means corporate identity system, "the concept of the organization, behavior, visual image and all sense of a unified, standardized, standardized and systematic scientific management system and This became the basis of the public to identify and evaluate the organization. " It comprises three parts: the concept identification system (MI); behavior (BI) identification system; visual (VI) identification system.

First, the concept of people's livelihood Company (MI) recognition system

The concept of identification is the positioning of the business philosophy, to distinguish it from other similar enterprises, in turn, created a unique corporate image. It includes organizational mission, business objectives, corporate spirit, the spirit of enterprise is its soul.

(A) people's livelihood and the company's organizational mission and operating philosophy
In 1925. Lu Zuofu founder of the livelihood of the people to start, there is a clear organizational mission. He said: "people's livelihood is one of the world ...... its meaning is the most important thing in the joint efforts not only in the common interests, but more in helping society in general." Lu Zuofu said: "people's livelihood last significance must not help itself, but to help the community. "Therefore, the starting point and end point of the people's livelihood is to help the community.
Lu Zuofu further pointed out: "We did the purpose of the production of the cause is not purely to make money more than spoils to earn full points out, is to use up to the society to expand the range of help to the community." Therefore, he prepared by the company's aim to "serve the community, to facilitate the crowd, the development of industry, rich and powerful countries". And made a "personal career service career to serve the community," made public blessing difficult "urgent public business creed and operating principles.

(B) people's livelihood company's business objectives
First, the start-up period (1925 to 1930), Lu Zuofu from Chongqing to investigate all the shipping company to determine the "evasive, abandoned me to take" business strategy, and other shipping company, the people's livelihood to passenger Lord, regular service, open up new routes to facilitate exchanges guests, and the first to gain a firm foothold, power savings, and lay the foundation for the future into the Yangtze River.
Second, the development period (1930 to 1937), then the upper reaches of the Yangtze River national shipping industry by foreign shipping companies to squeeze the verge of collapse, Lu Zuofu decided unified Yangtze River shipping company to people's livelihood as the center, this to determine the company's operating principles. United Nations wheel, consistent foreign evasive, all broken. " In the fall of 1935, Lu Zuofu finally unified the ambition of the Yangtze River Basin.
Third, growth period (1937 to 1945), after the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, Lu Zuofu developed "everything for the Anti-Japanese War" approach to business, deployed ships to meet wartime transport. During the war, with the transfer of the center of people's livelihood companies to seize the opportunity to move into the enterprise. Wide range of industry and mining, financial services, and other areas such as large-scale investment.
Fourth, the difficult period (1946 to 1949), Lu Zuofu developed the goal of the development of marine shipping to the world in 1944, went to Canada for orders for new vessels, Soong from obstruction, coupled with inflation and other objective factors, so that the people's livelihood The company suffered huge losses.
Fifth, the socialist transformation period (1949 to 1956), Lu Zuofu lead the staff, expand the protection of the property of the company, welcome the liberation struggle, to the founding of New China, the people's livelihood, companies are still 18 new ship overseas, in addition to the "far "," Taihu ", has returned to the embrace of the motherland, and made a significant contribution to the economic construction of new China.

(C) people's livelihood and the company's corporate culture
"The corporate culture is the concept of a cultural and value criteria, is a manifestation of a belief and cohesion of the entire workers." It is the main reason for the success of people's livelihood, including the following four aspects:
First, the spirit of patriotism. Lu Zuofu cause of the founders of the starting point and end point is to save the nation, rich and powerful countries, the people's livelihood company with salvation, patriotic closely linked, culture, and carry forward the spirit of patriotism of the employees contribute to the livelihood of the people, the more the state, society as contributions.
Second, the collective spirit. Lu Zuofu to build a modern nation, we must establish the Group of modern life, like the West as "Commercial era of group living tissue. Therefore, he called on employees to have a care company, love the collective spirit.
Third, the spirit of service to the community. This is one of the purposes of the company, and every year to come up with quite a lot of money to sponsor or organize the cause of local education, social welfare, etc., to encourage staff to passenger services good service, good service for social services.
Fourth, hard work and thrift in the spirit of the company. In the early stage of the founder of the people's livelihood, the conditions are extremely difficult, costs are low, only a few thousand dollars, small scale, only one boat. Since founded from the, all hardships environment, struggle. Lu Zuofu once said: "Where friends to participate in the alleged cause, have felt the pain of life, however, never order the pain of their own lives and then give up the awful cause operating reversal to add strength endure pain hard to create the future for the awful cause. "Therefore, he asked the staff to carry forward this spirit, improve work efficiency.
Lu Zuofu corporate culture created by the spirit of the people's livelihood, inspired, encouraged all staff to overcome difficulties, to be creative, a powerful driving force for the development and expansion of livelihood Company, it is advantageous to create a harmonious personnel, training the staff of the sense of identity and belonging sense, the organization has solidarity and cohesion. Lu Zuofu scientific management system created by this spirit to infiltrate corporate body, has played a key role in the maintenance of the shape of Staff and the livelihood of the overall image, this is not only the soul of the CIS system, it is the people's livelihood and soul of the company.

Second, the livelihood of the people's behavior (BI) recognition system

The behavior recognition refers to the enterprises in their business philosophy, under the guidance of the formation of a series of business activities, performance management for the organization, staff training, service attitude.

(A) people's livelihood and the company's management system
First, the abolition of the comprador system, the establishment of the manager responsibility system. "Comprador" system is a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, the shipping industry to implement a backward management system, the company ships the business packet to the comprador handled from top to bottom, comprador layers to form small groups of various interests right to interfere, so management is quite confusing and extremely inefficient, and often the average accident,. Lu Zuofu since its inception from the company of the people's livelihood, and decisively to repeal the comprador system manager responsibility system implemented on the first steamer "people's livelihood", that unified the appointment of ship personnel, each boat captain is responsible for directing the ship's business, the company is uniformly distributed on board materials and master boat Financial.
Second, the general manager of centralization of powers and hierarchical management system. Lu Zuofu leadership After several years of practice and exploration, around 1937, to form a complete set of advanced scientific management system, the offices of the "Room", "will", "four", the head office to master personnel, financial, material power. Lu Zuofu pay particular attention to the level of management and horizontal linkages, Lu Zuofu developed the Manager shall inform the captain notified "sailor notified" the waiter notified, the scope of responsibilities of each position has detailed provisions so that employees carry out their duties to ensure the effective operation of the people's livelihood. Lu Zuofu to strengthen horizontal linkages between the various departments, the establishment of a system of various meetings, thus forming a set of scientific management system. Its work specialization, departmentalization, formalization, centralization and decentralization, span of control in their organizational structure, one reflected, this is a pioneering work in the history of Chinese and foreign management.
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