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The multinational companies interests of the the unique nature of and Enlightenment of of of the Group

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Abstract: interest groups are ubiquitous in Western society groups. Multinational companies the interests of Group as the interests of enterprises Group, has a the a variety of advantage of other benefits unparalleled by the Group. China's reform and opening up, foreign multinational companies have entered China investment ever closer ties with China's political and economic life. In this the In this regard, the our country should not only rational use of in in the growth of the its information resources, but also it will limit it.
Key words: Transnational Corporations the interests of Group revelation

When the the a particular group put forward the a the political requirements of when, the the the political process on the began. This request process called expression of interests, the interests of the main expression is called interest groups. In the West, the the interests of Group (interestgroup), also known as the interests of groups, pressure groups, outside the hospital activities Group and and so on on. The concept of the word "interest" not only refers to the economic benefits, it also includes the concept of the public interest, ideology, ideological, advocates, public opinion represented. The most important function of the interest groups is the economic function for this purpose is mainly dependent on the lobbying activities to achieve. The lobbying activities include not only to and directly to the relevant decision-makers into the words and and, but also including those affecting the the demonstrators of the elections, peace, to proceed with the Open movement, and and so on on.
In Western countries of widespread interest groups and social interest groups in accordance with the different purposes can be divided into economic and non-economic class. Which economic class interest groups, the most organized, the most influential interest groups is undoubtedly representative of the business community enterprise groups. In the affect the Government's decision-making aspects of, the the The main advantage of of the enterprise groups is that the: a long history, the number of organization and and multi-, and in in the has abundant capital and enterprise experts. Therefore, the enterprises Group in respect of become the the which the the the a large number of interests of group in of the Western if the most organized, the most influential one of the the interests of Group of. In an enterprise which the Group, the multinational companies as well as the composed of industry by the the by multinational companies or cross-sectoral organizations, but also is one of the the most influential political forces. In this paper, intends to the the on the the analysis of of the the the the unique nature of of of the a multinational companies benefit Group, and draw the the Enlightenment to China.

The the characteristics of
of the the multinational companies interests of Group

(A) has a wealth of resources
As a the groups of multinational companies or multi-national corporations composed of, the a multinational companies benefit Group, has a unique advantage. The the existence of of the interests of any one of the Group are must be have the resources, and otherwise it would can not survive. The interests of the Group's resources may include financial resources, organizational resources and information resources. These three resources, multinational or transnational corporations Group are relatively abundant.
For interest groups, funding is one of the most fundamental resources, or to establish and maintain organizations indispensable resource. The the importance of of the of of such resources in the the a bloc politics of interests lies in its can be converted sexual, lies in its ability converted to other valuable resource. A owned the Group of the of adequate funding, relatively easy to to to attract the people to join; be able to 'to buy' to of high-quality of the Group leaders and staff; the politicians be able to be through the supported by the to spend money for, so that it can close to the decision-makers; is be able to to carried out up publicity through the media on the the the purpose of the organization , thus to obtain better the public image of.
While the be aspects of in the the Financial resources, the company Group owns a great advantage. Multinational companies as interest groups, drawn from the corporate income funds to support the activities of the Group. Both in the United States and in Europe, multinational companies as interest groups, have adequate sources of funding.
Outside of the financial resources, the the interests of Group also need to have a the organization resources and information resources. In the an organizational resources of which, the the status of of the members of the Group the an important part of of is also the of which of the. The affected by of the members of the Group educational status of, social fame and social status as well as economic status, etc., was essential on the organizations and the Contact of decision-makers with the media and that it was important for, the the political role of of the Group also have an important impact. The multinational companies interests of Group, due to the whose members are in the domestic or even in the global are quite influential large - scale multinational corporations, the its social fame and social status is is relatively high. For example, the "Roundtable" confined, president of the 200 largest companies in the United States; Europe, the European Round Table of Industrialists "by the chief executive officer of the 45 large multinational companies in Europe. Such a member of the constitute, is conducive to to maintain "grade" in the of Group's of interest, to make it more influential.
In the the Currently, it is regarded as highly developed to the of science and technology era, information and technology to become the the the the the an important resource for of the to effective political activities and the the Mandatory conditions. A hope to to obtain the the success of Group you want to to communicate with government departments, we must understand be the Government you would have the 'departments which are and and institutions on the the corresponding policy the field of is responsible for, there are What are the laws and regulations has something to do related with the the corresponding policy. In addition, but also need to understand the be given that the What are the Group to support the for or against the the the corresponding policy, that these Group are Concerned about the what is the problem, and and so on on. The multinational companies interests of Group, not only has the the abundant capital, that they are also is owned as to a large number of professional and technical experts that, there are the ability to to of a large number of of information carried out on the induction and analytical processing and the put forward of action programs. This to protect the the the policy proposals formulated by the of the Group more convincing, and easier to to received in the for decision-makers bringing the an.
(B) directly and personally lobbying key and indirect to lobby the two-pronged approach
Interest groups in the political means, including direct lobbying and indirect lobbying. The of the cost of directly and personally lobbying key smaller, the, while the the the cost of of indirect lobbying is higher. For those sources of funding the interests of of tension speaking the Group, the unable to carry out the the an indirect lobbying of the a larger scale, only the carried out the directly and personally lobbying. While the the the interests of of multinational corporations Group has plenty of funds to do the backing of, Therefore not only aimed at decision makers to carry out directly and personally lobbying key, is even more through other multi-faceted ways and means of, publicity of the claims of the their own, to expand their own momentum.
(C) lobbying the effectiveness of a larger
Various interest groups in the policy participation and government lobbying to obtain the effectiveness of different. One the the multinational companies interests of the Group's own owned by the all aspects of resources is compared with rich. The In In addition, the the multinational companies the interests of Group has due to the status of in the national economy is important, therefore the decision-makers of its the relying the degree of also is relatively high. More importantly, multinational interest groups represent the interests of an important position in the international economy, their interests are often closer relationship with the country's overall development, multinational interest groups will be more emphasis in the lobbying process. For Therefore, the the the the lobbying of the effectiveness of of the of the multinational companies interests of the Group on the the-governmental organizations than the other Group of interest greater. The multinational companies interests of Group's unique nature of the Enlightenment to China

(A) rational use of the multinational companies interests of owned by the Group the rich resources of
Admittedly, any interest group is to fight for the Group to maximize the benefits to the Government or the relevant decision-makers, this information usually has a very strong tendency. Despite this, we also can not but admit the the the the front of the role of of the of Group of interest in the the government decision-making in the. The development of our country need to the the a wide range of participation and support of of the of all walks of life and groups of the a, while the the multinational companies the interests of owned by the by the Group professional information resources can help the designated by the Government policy or carried out in decision-making. Interest groups not only in Europe, is an integral part of the European political system, but also the diversification of the reflection of the political culture. It is For the European countries the the the reality of political and in the internal affairs of of foreign policy which have a significant the impact of, with political parties is together be regarded as "the the policy of of the second lap makers".
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