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Study on the quality management of water conservancy project construction

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Keywords: the water conservancy construction; construction; quality management of

for a high quality of water conservancy construction, is the result of the implementation of strict quality management and advanced.In general it is realized through the quality management of the construction of quality management and construction process, site quality management is an important part of quality management in construction process.Therefore, strengthen water conservancy project site quality management is the key to creating excellent project.

template management

The model is a standard model, construction model can play a guiding role in the construction in the construction.The model should reflect the design requirements, to achieve quality grade is specified, the design requirements of the abstract and complicated quality standards, norms, rules and specific, material, make the construction staff, especially the operators could see, touch, easy to control.Therefore, carry out the model management is to ensure and promote the effective measure to improve the quality of the project, is one of the important links of on-site quality management.The model management is a meticulous work, must focus on the following 5 steps:
1.1 reflect design intent.To meet the design requirements is a prerequisite for doing model.1.2 selection of qualified materials.Qualified building materials "model of" quality assurance "model", selected materials, not only to material qualified, but also pay attention to size, color and form complete cleanness requirements, especially decorative materials.
1.3 choice of suitably skilled workers construction, this is the key to the success of the model.The technical skill level of workers in the operation in general, easy to model well, also easy to popularize in the face to do.If the general technical workers to operate, make a "model" of low level, no promotion value; but skilled workers with technical level choice, can make a high level model, but difficult to promote in the surface, no practical significance.
1.4 before construction to the technology, quality.Before the construction technology, quality disclosure to the operator in detail, is to do a good job of important link model, including the model name, location, use of materials, technology, quality standard, operation methods, enable the operator to do the situation, asked the qing.
1.5 quality special inspection personnel quality grade evaluation.The "model" after completion of construction, site construction project department shall organize relevant personnel to assess the quality of the operator, usually in self-test after passing by the project department, the Department, quality department and other relevant quality of staff, the project manager or engineer identification, some exterior surface, paint, decoration engineering or by design or party a designated project, should be invited to design party and Party A in identification, special project should hire professionals to join, identified by a model, it should be of guiding the construction surface.

The 2 construction process quality control management of

Quality control and construction process of 2.1 construction process quality control is an important part of quality management, quality control and powerful can make project quality to nip in the bud, can control the project quality to achieve the anticipated target, is conducive to the promotion of the project to improve quality, reduce the cost of the project.2.2 construction process quality monitoring scope and focus in the process of construction quality control of a wide range, from the design drawings, the raw material to the sub-part of the project construction, each link can not be ignored, familiar with and master the monitoring scope and focus, is conducive to the advance measures, make quality in the control state, in quality monitoring the general scope and key:
2.2.1 learning and review the design drawings is a key quality control.Drawing is the main basis construction, therefore, before construction must be carefully read, understand the design intent, because one does not comply with the design of the product is no quality at all.However, according to the construction plan is based on the study and review, to study the trial together.Review is not simply review the drawings error, consider whether there is conducive to the construction.On some occasions, although the design conforms to the standard, but because the construction is difficult, to ensure the construction quality, necessary for proper optimization of the design, in order to ensure the engineering quality conforming to the specification.
2.2.2 of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished product quality monitoring is a key link of quality control.The raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products directly affect the quality of the engineering quality, and thus to monitor it.Not only to check into the physical, but also to check the warranty, to see whether it models, specifications, performance meet the design requirements, the steel, cement, waterproof materials according to the provisions do retest.On the fragile, easy, easy deformation, easy moisture contaminated items, in transport, stacking, the installation process should also be monitored.
2.2.3 catch division, project in accordance with the provisions of regulations construction is the key link of quality control.Division, engineering quality is the basis of the quality of the project, so the quality control work should regard it as a major link to catch.
In according to the drawings and the use of qualified raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products under the premise, work should focus on grasping the norms, rules, the provisions of the construction, in the construction process according to the process control, problems should be corrected immediately, the signs of the accident nipped in the construction process.Monitoring should be run through the whole process of construction.Product protection before delivering the project, is a can not be ignored in the monitoring target.
2.2.4 key parts, the weak link is the key quality control.The weakness and key parts of construction unit is determined according to the object and the quality of the project, such as beam, column frame structure is the key part, the mixed structure of masonry and precast floor installation is a key position, in the decoration engineering, such as large area terrazzo floor, wall of large area tiles, or inner wall a large area of wallpaper and so on can be used as key parts.The weak link has 2 meanings, one is the new technology and new process, first, is due to construction, no quality assurance, therefore we should focus on control; two is prone to problem areas, such as the axis displacement, displacement of reinforced bars, beams and columns of no return, in the concrete construction joint malposition and ash, masonry the bond rate difference, prefabricated plate seam, and the seepage, leakage, sand, shells, blocking and other quality problems.Focus on the control of key parts, the weak link, as long as the method is correct, the measures are effective, can often play a multiplier effect.

Method and means of quality control of construction process of

Quality control surveillance, general prior construction monitoring and partial completion of construction site.As the design drawings, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and other monitoring, shall be carried out in the relevant item before construction, so as to better realize the advance control.
For the quality problems in the construction, should focus on strengthening the monitoring process, be ready to find correct, truly quality problems nipped in the construction process.Although some project has been completed, but from the overall turnover during the period, during this period of time the product if you do not pay attention to protection, product quality can not be guaranteed, so in this case also should implement the monitoring, until the completion of this, such as the ground surface layer, paint, paste and so on, these are after the completion of the monitoring.
Method and means of quality control, with the development of science will be more and more perfect, gradually seriation, scientific.However, we should make full use of traditional and existing technology, quality management methods, it organically, so that the quality of the project under control, to achieve the purpose of monitoring.In practice, should pay attention to the following work:
3.1 technical review should focus on the location, elevation, axis, each elevation, finished products, semi-finished products selection etc..
3.2 hidden works acceptance is the main means of monitoring, where the hidden project, must be fully monitoring, such as the inspection of foundation subsoil, foundation, steel, concrete, brick, underground underground waterproof layer, flat-roofed hanger, insulation layer, buried pipelines, cables, sewers.Acceptance of concealed works shall be carried out according to the relevant regulations.
3.3 material testing of steel, cement, waterproof materials, in addition to check the certificate, should be in accordance with the provisions of sampling inspection.Brick can check the qualified certificate or test report, check the other general material certificate.
3.4 sampling random checks not subject to time constraints, the easier to find problems, find problems early, rectification is convenient, the detection frequency is not limited, is a powerful means of monitoring.
3.5 the waters, pigging test this test is directly related to the use of function, must operate according to rules strictly
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