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Quality management in the project management process

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Quality refers to the project meet the explicit or implicit demand levels.As previously discussed, the general quality of the deliverables to clearly define the definition of standards, these standards include various characteristics and these characteristics need to meet the requirements of.In addition, quality also contains the process of project requirements, such as provisions of the implementation process should follow the norms and standards, and requires a process is the effective implementation of evidence.Therefore, quality management is the main monitoring project deliverables and implementation process, to ensure that they comply with the relevant standards, and at the same time, to ensure that the unqualified to follow the correct method.
The essence of quality management popularly speaking "write down" to do, "wrote out", "put down" to do the process, you may notice a point: one of the main said is two words "do" and "write", and our general approach different in a "write" action, so the "document" management "process" has become one of the most important characteristics of quality management.We give a simple example to explain how to through a variety of document control a process, generally it needs three kinds of documents:
1) record: process and recording the results of activities, the most common is the record form.A process may involve A, B, C and D four activity, and executed by different personnel.Each person completed their respective activities after the recording process and results, and signature.Therefore this form to leave all relevant personnel to deal with "traces", once a problem on the back, to determine what step wrong.
2) Rules: the light has a form is not enough, also need a document activities execution order and requirements, this file is the procedure.Rules that according to A-B-C-D sequence, complex rules may also include conditional branches, the specific operation and requirements of each step should be described in the code.
3) state: the question and rules will be recorded.For example, the loss of records and does not know who is in charge of (don't even know lost).This is because they do not know the status of the current record in one's hands, how to deal with it.Therefore also need to state the document.
This is some of the more "extra" work, does not require any additional staff "text" work, may also increase the full-time management personnel, so the quality management requires a certain "cost".IT enterprises, almost all developers know the importance of "quality", but can not be a correct view of quality "".Once they need to fill in forms or in strict accordance with the flow of work, most would say "too much trouble" and "efficiency is too low".Indeed, if there is no documentation to some extent can improve efficiency, cost savings, but in the long run because management confusion and poor quality losses might be far greater than the short-term benefits.There is also a common misconception is that "quality is the complete document", manifested as illegal operations in progress under pressure to complete the project, after hurriedly patched document.Frankly, if s is the middle document (such as part of the detailed design) as excusable also, if fill "records" is really not a compliment.For example, I have seen at the completion of the project after "test error record" situation, in fact, then fill the document with the testing process management has no meaning, to spend time and energy only to make project looks some norms, can be regarded as a "whitewash" behavior.Personally think that, if you really think a process does not require a document can be controlled, it can make the appropriate cutting.In fact, the project is not more and more standard, should according to the specific requirements of the quality of balance between quality and schedule, the cost of the three.
Quality management activities including two kinds of quality assurance and quality control.Quality assurance is implemented during the project planning, system activity, ensure the project meet the relevant standards, the typical example is the review and audit.Quality control method for monitoring the project results by adopting appropriate, to ensure that the results meet the quality standard, including tracking defect elimination, a typical example is the test.For software development, quality activities include:
1) review: check the project of intermediate products, early detection of defects and rework later modified to reduce the workload.
2) test: direct defects in software product inspection, to ensure that products meet the requirements.Generally realized through unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, stress testing.
3) defect tracking: tracking defects from discovery to the solving process, ensure that all problems have a conclusion (note, not necessarily can be resolved, can not solve the evaluation).This is one of the most important management process in conjunction with evaluation and test.
4) audit: check the working process of the project, to ensure that all activities follow the rules.
5) change control: talked about in the previous chapter, it is also an important quality activities.
6) configuration management: record the intermediate and final products (config) change history, ensure correctness and consistency of their.
Quality management is not a pile of documents can not solve the problem, want to do well there are three important points: one is the training, to ensure that employees know why to do so?To solve the problem?How to do?No such training, the staff is easy to understand for quality management to fill in forms of unnecessary and overelaborate formalities.Two is to communicate with customers, the author found that most of the time not necessary to communicate with customers for vendors, customers always feel that "something must fill in the form" is being difficult; through the interpretation of customers are often very understanding, think this is the manufacturers work standard and performance, it will become very complex.Three is the careful selection of SQA.SQA major responsibility in software quality management, have certain development experience, and willing to engage in the activities of quality management.SQA typical duties are as follows:
1) according to the characteristics of cutting process, and examining the quality standard of the final
2) helps the project manager to plan and final approval, approval for the change process;

3) the project audit daily, to ensure that the project according to the procedures work;

4) audit in phase of project baseline, configuration management;

5) the collection and analysis of all kinds of measurement data, and report to senior project;

6) training for members of the project team.
In conclusion, mainly through the "quality management" process control documents "".Quality management need to balance with cost, schedule and cost.Quality assurance is to ensure that a series of final product quality; quality control is to ensure that the final product meets the requirements of a series of activities.The important role of quality management in software project is SQA.
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