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2007 Teacher debriefings

Author: WeiZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2009-04-01 22:01:13 Read:
Leaders, teachers:
First of all, I would like to thank everyone I care about the past school year to support and care for my work to be carried out smoothly. Looking back at the past year of school life, I am both pleased and feel ashamed. The good news is that I live in a united groups of teachers atmosphere full of human touch, respected leader, passionate teachers I am a big family like warm; ashamed of because of their limited ability to work as teachers for collective too little to do. Thought to want to, I oriented people from three for reporting:
An honest man.
I do not know since when the word "honest" Derogatory, has become synonymous with "things are not flexible, not shrewd man, dull, unfashionable". Indeed, with the development of society, people's values ??are also changed. However, with the development of the times and out of tune, my man's creed is "honest". To be a real person, extremely relaxed and enjoyable. In my opinion, honest people must have the following characteristics: (1) in good faith. Honest people around. In my eyes, the old teacher my elders, young teachers are my friends, I always achieved excellent results for teachers and I feel very happy. Teachers need it my place, and I always do our best to do our best. (2) integrity. Honest people is not unprincipled, to distinguish between right and wrong, and should always adhere to the correct position. Evasive, indecisive, cowardly bully that is "slick" dry matter. Therefore, I have often warned that own everything from principles, from teachers interests, thinking, say the truth. Is a very painful thing to say against it, then. I do things paid up classes and recklessly information. (3) persistent. Others, and not jumped on the bandwagon, look for things you want to stick with it. Despite these views, I do not want to require teachers to agree with me, but I will follow this standard efforts to do so.
Second, earnest learning.
In the past year, my spare time is learning. In addition to actively participating teachers to enhance the quality of engineering fond Lecture. I see Professor Yi Zhongtian "Three Kingdoms", and also look at Dan "Analects of Confucius" ... I have spare time learning network technology, and I'm still Baidu space set up their own blog ...
Third, working sense.
I insisted on the completion of the task, (1) earnest class. Fully prepared before class equal exchange, with students in the classroom, and strive to practice the concept of the new curriculum reform, and continue to improve their teaching. Spirit of each student is responsible for marking students' assignments seriously. Due to other work of the school, many courses also unsatisfactory, but I always try to overcome the difficulties, the quality and quantity to complete the task of teaching. I deeply understand that the classroom is a teacher in the real world, is the most fundamental thing to teach a good lesson, is most worthy thing a teacher proud. (2) real lectures. I whenever I hear the teacher's lesson as a learning opportunity to communicate. Lectures, practical and realistic to present their views to really communicate with their teachers. Of course, I am teaching level is not high, and express their views are often unable to hit the key point, which has yet to be in the future continue to learn and continuously improve. (3) work conscientiously perform their duties. I always practical progressive spirit, leadership handed the task seriously. Formulation of the work plan from the school to the arrangements of each meeting, from teachers in vocational assessment to Teacher application, from the usual day-to-day management to the faculty assessment. (4) and really do a good job of assistant principals. School-run, director originally the principal assistant to help principals deal with the day-to-day administrative affairs. Especially in the creation of a "safe campus" overnight overtime to complete its task.
Nothing exciting life.
Dull life extraordinary outlook on life is to face the complicated and colorful society. I believe in the words: "contentment". Vigorous life, of course, exciting, intoxicated people envy, but everyone has different roles on the stage of life, everyone should know what kind of role for their own. My current situation decided that my life should be "nothing exciting". Plain towards fame and fortune, easygoing, tolerant of others, their students, I think the pursuit of the trivial and simple, is the true meaning of life.
School year, despite some serious reflection, there are still many problems. Such as: work to develop awareness; often seem rough, not detailed enough.
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