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Theory and application of "block mode"

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Abstract: the purpose of this study is to explore the general law of development of rural industry in china.Studies show that up to now the rural industry in China has undergone four stages from low to high, the enterprise in the "point", "line enterprise group", "enterprise group" and "plate enterprise group".With the growing influence, more and more researchers begin to pay attention to the enterprise and enterprise and market linkages.However, for the study of the enterprise survival of the external environment is relatively weak, especially formed by a plurality of enterprise existence and activity of the external environment, although they are on the survival and development of enterprises is very important.This paper will discuss an industry limited space within the scope of feature - the production of similar products in the different enterprise development stage, relationship, role and influence of supporting enterprises, and China's accession to the WTO and how to develop the eastern and western regions of the rural industry put forward corresponding policy recommendations.

Keywords: township enterprises; plate; the development model of

One, the problem of
Since the reform and opening up, and the role of enterprises in the national economy is becoming more and more attention.With the development of socialist market economy, many of the original by the state plan for the enterprise internal plan gradually replaced.What is the enterprise?Enterprise is the basic unit of economic system in the production of goods and services, management and coordination elements providers activities continuous management organization.The relationship between enterprise and market is opposite and unified, can replace each other in many conditions.Since Adam after Smith published "the wealth of nations", many economists began to pay attention to the economic nature of enterprise and their role in the market system.The first Adam Smith observed, "greatly improved labor productivity, and improve labor skills, proficiency and judgment, seems to be the result of division of labor" ( Adam Smith / 1776).Karl after the internal relations between Marx carefully studied the internal "cooperation" between the production efficiency, pointed out in "Das Kapital", "even though the mode of labor is unchanged, and use more workers, will cause the revolution in the labor process of the material conditions."(Karl Marx / 1975).Coase noticed the difference between enterprise interior resource in allocation and market allocation of.He thinks the reason through the enterprise to organize the production is, "market operation cost, through the establishment of an organization (enterprises), allowing a right (entrepreneur) to guide the allocation of resources, can save some costs."(Coase/1937).Williamson to the market and the enterprise as two different forms of organization of economic activity, "for the two forms of choice is between saving the transaction cost behavior control".(Williamson/1975).Richardson proposed, different stages of a production process requires the coordination of a kind of form, when such activities "should be the only control and can be integrated into a tight in the plan, coordination method is adopted by instruction", this kind of activity "should be merged; that is to say, by a organizations (enterprises) to perform."(Richardson/1972).Teece proposed the "economics of multiproduct enterprises".He thinks, as a professional enterprise with abundant resources, life cycle factors when the product demand because of the long-term decline, "the pursuit of profit enterprises will choose more product diversification" scheme.(Teece/1982).
Since Richardson proposed the enterprise is "market relations in the sea there is plan coordination island" since (Richardson/1972), economists pay more attention to the research on enterprise and enterprise and market relations.But for the survival and development of the external environment, especially the alienation, formed by a plurality of enterprise existence and activities of the enterprise's external environment, although be crucial for survival in the enterprise, has received little attention and research due.This paper will discuss the region within the scope of an industrial production and in different stages of development, between similar products enterprises in these stages, relationship, influence and interaction between them and supporting enterprise.We put the different stages of the enterprise into, "the enterprise", "gleam of enterprise group", "enterprise group" and "plate enterprise group" level.The enterprise of our country rural industry as the object of study is the reason, the world rarely have a sector of the economy as China's rural industry, just ten years without any industrial base region produced a group dozens of output in the hundreds of millions more, they generally have tens to hundreds of subsidiaries and holding companies.The developed countries need to complete with nearly a hundred years to work ten years with the rural industry in china.Therefore, research on rural industry in China is more easily observed the whole process of enterprise development, as biologists to observe the living fossil.

Two, the enterprise
in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong and Chongqing rural industrial development to the coastal and inland provinces and cities, can be found on the industry in the region of the phenomenon.Such as Wenzhou Liushi town of low-voltage electrical industry, Huzhou City, the town's industry, motorcycle industry spectacles manufacturing industry in Jiangsu Province, Danyang city and Chongqing city.From the historical development of the industry point of view, the starting point of any region of the industry must be a company first established.We call this kind of first appeared in the region of the enterprise as a "point of the enterprise".Here the "region" range can be a natural or administrative village, can also be a township.Mentioned here "enterprise" can be both larger enterprises, can also be referred to as "self-employed" small enterprises.The production of a product in the area within the scope of the only one enterprise can be seen as "isolated enterprise".The so-called "isolated" refers to the range of the region there is no other production of similar products or provide similar services enterprises.It also means that no second production of similar products enterprise compete with.However, when the region out of another, or when a number of production enterprises of similar products, the enterprise in the "point" the "garden of Eden" career came to an end.
Why some enterprises?This "excess resources".Penrose thinks, in "at any point in time, have a certain production resources idle.Enterprises use these resources to provide services for production."(Penrose / 1959).The production of resources including capital, circulating capital, labor force.All around us are generally the existence of more or less can be used for the production of a product or service resources.As the majority of rural areas in China, and rich labor, land and other resources.For the production of different products of the enterprises, they required resource configuration is different.The production of some simple products, such as clothing, accessories, a required resource configuration is very low.In economically developed rural areas, many people can minimize the production configuration through a variety of ways to make up.
The establishment of a enterprise, even five following the self-employed, in addition to own or have the ability to put together a minimum allocation of resources is not enough, also need to grasp the same product related knowledge, including product technology and market information.Alchian and Demstz think that one of the necessary conditions for establishing an enterprise is the employer (entrepreneur) needs to "get on the inputs to production performance and better information"."The employer determines not only the various inputs what to produce, and also need to analyze what heterogeneous inputs together more efficiently."(Alchian & Demstz/1972).Except the inside of enterprise technology, the external market information is also essential.Entrepreneurs or partner first need to know their products sell where to go, sell later whether can profit.Risk is the enterprise can set up one of the prerequisites.Since the establishment of enterprises in the production of products previously determined, a person, enterprise (future entrepreneurs) is facing a lot of uncertain factors, especially if he can
He and his partner's investment income.
Gold, in the products sold before is not easy to see.
however the policy to have a certain influence enterprise establishment and function.In addition to the central policy, local government also has its own local policy.At the same time, because of the existence of local interests, local governments may also have to central directives to do some beneficial to the region to explain some phenomena of intent to pay no heed, or.It can also be used to explain why the private enterprise is able to develop earlier in some areas, but in some parts of the other is not.(Hu Dinghuan / 1999, 2000 and 2001 [2] survey).Factor in the region customs, customs can be ignored.
in the early stage of rural industry, although founded "the company" is not easy, but once opened, and adopt some means of promotion, profit report rate is quite high (Xu Jinliang / 1997 / Zhang Lianjie / 1999).After entering 90 age, as the market competition intensifies, "enterprise" life increasingly difficult, the quality and grade of products is not high, most enterprises have gradually been eliminated.The main reason is that they backward technology and equipment, high transaction costs, the lack of stable marketing channels and the lack of the ability of the management personnel.At present in the more developed area of our country the enterprise in the "point" has ceased to exist, they or be eliminated, or rise "gleam of enterprise group".
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