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Speak in the building of leading bodies research forum

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Central recently promulgated by the National Party and government leaders, body building Plan "to the" Three Represents "as the guidance to strengthen the building of the party's ability to focus on the next four years, the construction of the guiding ideology of the party and government leadership, The basic goals and principles, a comprehensive exposition of the specific requirements of the new situation to strengthen the building of leading bodies and leading cadres ideological, organizational building style building, capacity-building. Guiding document to strengthen the building of leading bodies in the process of building a moderately prosperous society. First aspirational, held up the building of leading bodies in the next four years, the Master; persist in taking economic construction as the central task, highlighting the development of the most important task; adhere to the people-oriented, reflecting the Awareness of ruling the nature of the people's requirements; pay more attention to performance and mass public opinion, reflecting the fairness of the selection and employment, fair and scientific; five focus cadres echelon structure more in line with the actual work of grass-roots cadres, has a strong guidance and operability.
First, the city of exploration and practice in the building of leading bodies
1, to adhere to the theory of armed improve the ability to govern. Armed with the theory is the primary political task of leading bodies of the ideological and political construction. Provincial Committee proposed two grasping two put the objectives and tasks to be completed, only persistently arm the mind of the "Three Represents," the latest theoretical achievements, unity of thinking, to guide practice, raise awareness, to develop leadership bodies and leading cadres overall strategic thinking and vision of the world, in order to assess the situation and to take advantage of the plan, seize the opportunity to put the city's economic and social development to advance the cause. In recent years, we are armed with the theory of leading cadres at all levels to strengthen the core as to strengthen the building of leading bodies at all levels, adhere with a problem learning and practice to learn, think deeply about the school, to firmly establish and earnestly practice the scientific concept of development, improve dry the ability of the event, a great cause. Since last year, especially the development of grasping the project, reform caught enterprise, to ensure that the party building in the city as a concrete manifestation improve its ability to form a consensus, the leading bodies at all levels, and the the leading cadres theory, strong quality, seek development atmosphere more strong.
2, adhere to the concept of innovation, establish the correct direction of employment. With a cadre is to establish a banner, with strong a team is built as a fortress. According to the needs of the new situation, combined with the actual work of the cadres, as a precondition to the concept of innovation, establish a series of supporting the development of market economy, new ideas and new concepts of convergence, "in understanding people understand things, use the ideas in the understanding of things and ideas to the Director-General, unite the people, good style of "employment standards, into the work of cadres to consider the overall situation of the city's work to establish a" reactive been doing nothing is wrong "concept, and selecting and employing people for the development, selecting the right cadres to promote economic thought selecting cadres, performance, and their verdict with cadres. In recent years, selected cadres are outstanding performance, the opinion good cadres. Employing the correct orientation, the whole city competition up the race to develop a good situation.
3, adhere to the most important task, the construction of the development team. Development is the ruling Singshih first priority. The starting and ending points of the Leadership Team building should be reflected in the speed up development. We speed up to promote well-off construction requirements in accordance with the construction of the eastern Gansu Jingjiqiangshi, the city's economic and social firmly grasp the strategic opportunity to enter a new stage of rapid development, the tree well-off concept, build a well-off team, playing a well-off basis for a well-off ideas dry well-off performance, in practice, out of a group building a new road. Based on the city's economic development needs, knowing people, selection and transfer of human vision and focus to the project construction and enterprise reform up, adhere to the selected project type cadres with the development team to build the entrepreneurial team, in order to choose the right with the "number one "as the focus, the selection of a group of reliable, have the ability to officers, the outstanding cadres competent to succeed into the leading bodies at all levels, to enhance the development of consciousness, thinking and deployment of a strong development philosophy.
Adhere to democratic centralism, improve the level of scientific decision-making. Democratic centralism is the basic principles of the party. In accordance with the principle of collective leadership, democratic centralism, individual consultations, meeting decision-making ", we establish a sound internal rules of procedure and decision-making mechanism of the leading bodies at all levels, the scientific decision-making on the basis of the democratic procedure. In recent years, we fully understand the city of love, based on the widely discussed after the top-down, bottom-up, drawing on the opinions and suggestions of all aspects of the proposed "three by a stable, five speed up the work of thinking and according XX resource advantages, established to nurture the largest coal base in Gansu, the giant animal husbandry base, good-quality fruit base and humanities eco-tourism base "four bases. Since these ideas and practice fully reflects the public opinion, the broad participation and strong support of the city from top to bottom. Last year, the city's overall economic strength is significantly enhanced, gross domestic product (GDP), the above-scale industrial added value, and local revenues, investment in fixed assets increased by 11.8%, 26%, 23.6%, 28.2%, ranking the forefront of the province, the per capita net income of farmers an increase of 106 yuan, an increase of 7.1%, a larger increase. Practice has proved that these decisions in line with actual XX development.
5, persist in seeking truth, and the ability to improve people act. Pragmatic core content of our party's ideological line. The implementation of all the party's principles and policies things all off call to the interests of the masses, must be concrete action by the leading bodies at all levels and leading cadres. From this sense, the leading bodies and leading cadres can not pragmatic people act related to the cause of the success or failure. In recent years, we follow the implementation of the "do not grasp is dereliction of duty, grasping bad implementation incompetent" requirements, seeking economic development of true, Service construction the eastern Gansu Jingjiqiangshi real, tell the truth, the real, to do practical things The good atmosphere advised effectiveness. Since last year, we focused on construction companies, transportation companies, and other old enterprise bankruptcy, credit and debt, and the laid-off workers increased years legacy of long-standing problem, numerous in-depth research, to take a business a policy, block active approach to speed up the reorganization of assets adjust business philosophy, to help the old enterprises out of the predicament. At the same time, more than 900 million financing to resolve the two enterprises, more than 1,300 laid-off workers and retirees, the problem of feeding. Dongyun after the restructuring of the Group, to become the largest privately owned transport enterprises in Longdong, glow with a new vigor and vitality. To create "sunshine government" launched in the city administrative affairs, standardize administrative act, to improve the efficiency, been fully affirmed on the Province. Following the last year, "first-tier three" project this year in the urban construction to solve people's difficulties in traveling, living environment is poor as a breakthrough for the tangible things, the implementation of the "six vertical and nine horizontal" project. And determine the implementation of the order to seriously implement the spirit of the meeting of the Tenth Provincial Fourth Plenary Shangwang leadership cadres each person is responsible for coordinating the implementation of a large project, do a good job of reform and restructuring of an enterprise, cultivate a grip of party building and promote economic advanced models "Three Ones" methods of work with a real achievement to win the trust of the benefit of the people. Second, the understanding of several important issues in the implementation of the "Outline"
Practice in recent years, in the building of leading bodies following questions also need to be examined.
1, the problem of how to establish a correct view of achievements.
Accelerate the development of the new situation, at all levels have been discussing how to create the perfect indicators of economic liters bit cadres performance appraisal system, the most critical means to economic growth indicators as a measure of Cadres standard this general direction. But how to grasp the scale of the evaluation, to ensure complete and accurate assessment of a cadre in the actual operation more difficult. For example, how the immediate interests and long-term interests, the indicators of economic development and social development indicators combine, and show no obvious economic and social benefits, especially for infrastructure construction, project construction and social development of some of the short-term, how make objective and fair assessment; deepening the reforms under the new situation, the pioneering spirit, daring daring to do, but occasional mistakes at work leading cadres, and accountability, dereliction of duty, causing major losses to cadres, treated differently; contribution on the same team, the main leaders and the leaders in charge of how accurately identified; relationship between the sensible capacity and the latent capacity of cadres, the actual level of development potential, and how to deal with the problem . To solve these problems and improve the performance evaluation system of cadres from the establishment of start. Develop implementation advice on recommended Province, clear leadership and
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