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The Mission City Clerk personal debriefings

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The past two years, I am under the county government and the higher leadership of the Communist Youth League, based on the group's positions around the county overall work of emancipating the mind, blaze new trails, down to earth, implement the plan, the pragmatic style of work, full of enthusiasm and exuberant work and effort to fully perform their duties to complete various tasks. The thought, work and style of the past two years, reported as follows:
Reinforcement learning, and continuously improve their ideological and political quality.
I conscientiously study the spirit of the 16th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Hu Jintao's important speech of July "and" Three Represents "important ideas of the Platform, to grasp the historical background and practical foundation for the important thought of" Three Represents "; combined study Hu Jintao General Secretary the 15th CYL during the spirit of the speech, grasp the glorious mission of the group organization and members of youth, according to the 16th CPC National Congress proposed a universal learning, learning lifelong learning society ", to enhance learning as enhance their own to serve the people skills, and strive to do an important task to adapt to the new situation requires. Adhere to strengthen the study of political theory at the same time, continue to strengthen the rules of the WTO, market economic theory, science and technology, law and modern management and other aspects of knowledge learning. Is located in the Science and Technology, contradictions can be better, and strive to apply their knowledge in the learning process, and pay attention to the study of political theory with the transformation of their own view of the world, with the guidance of the actual work closely combined, continue to increase their abilities in practice. Through learning, and constantly enhance their own political acumen and discernment, the overall global scientific decision-making ability to solve practical problems the ability. The first half as an opportunity to participate in the Municipal selection deputy director level positions leading to relatively concentrated period of time to learn about knowledge. ~ Month period to participate in the Municipal Party organized training young cadres to learn, and a total of more than ten thousand words finishing reading notes, writing experience-two. Good performance during learning.
And dedication to work, and pay close attention to the implementation of the work.
Around the "well-off road CYL red" theme activities carried out to serve youth, promote youth incomes talent as the starting point and the end result, and actively explore the work of new experiences and new methods, and fully mobilize all cadres of the Communist Youth League, the enthusiasm of the workers to achieve unity consistent, concerted effort. Through hard work, it is better to open the new situation of the Communist Youth League in the county to create a new pattern. Last year, the regiment county won a province provincial corporation to build advanced counties (cities, districts) "," ~ annual municipal civilized unit "," municipal corporation built advanced County "honor. This year, the regiment county won the "Province 'BEST Youth door, take a good adult Road' theme contest Outstanding Organization Award", the City summer to teach advanced County "," City Young Workers 'five small' contest Organization Award "honors.
Innovative forms, to further strengthen the ideological education for youth work. County focus, the Franco-Prussian practice activities in full swing in the primary and secondary schools in the county "students with home, well received approval from the leadership of the provincial cities and counties, and plan joint efforts by superiors relevant departments in promotion within the city. The day of this year's County "students with home" report and commendation meeting of the Franco-Prussian practice experience, advanced collectives and advanced individuals, a classmate essay commended. The second is the establishment of the "ethical bank" so that the county teachers and students the accumulated moral assets "and cultivate a strong atmosphere of" moral millionaire favorable to promote the popularization and promotion of high moral society. This year to implement the Party National Congress, the 15th CYL greatly theme ideological education activities in the Communist Youth League, the rise of the new craze of learning and the members vigorously strengthen awareness education, nurturing a sense of social responsibility of the member. Four is a major holiday as an opportunity to organize a series of theme activities, effectively improve the majority of young people patriotism, collectivism and socialist ideology. Years to the Jiantuan anniversary of the May Fourth Movement anniversary as an opportunity to carry out went to Ruijin, Jinggangshan re-take the Long Way, look for the Red Army revolutionary footprint "Red Tour" series of important activities. Zhang Fei, "SAR" Guardian last year to seize the favorable opportunity to return home for deeds organizations organizations at various levels enthusiastic for learning advanced form of forum topic squad, Speech Competition, essay competitions, up and down the whole regiment to fight for advanced boom.
Seize the key to the effective implementation of the urban and rural youth action. Around the League Committee proposed the implementation of this year, the Communist Youth League of urban and rural interaction tens of thousand of engineering activities, the Mission City proposed the implementation of "off a prairie fire engineering opportunity, the organization of the county townships, village CYL organizations at interaction with the provinces, municipalities and counties as well as organs of the Communist Youth League twinning organization, personnel, marketing, information, industry, culture and other aspects of positive interaction between urban and rural areas. Set up a leading group in a timely manner, layers of implementation mechanisms, repeatedly led the grass-roots level to carry out research activities, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems that arise in the course of activities carried out. League organizations at all levels by providing funds, material, promote technology and other forms of interactive activities in an orderly manner, has been noticed. Establish a county-level rural youth entrepreneurship rich leaders file, along the three pair Interactive poor households households off a prairie fire engineering filing management phase has been fully completed. At the same time, a good grasp of the task of village. The main village of Bag Wen Jiang Xiangmin, repeatedly led the technical personnel to the scene to carry out the edible fungi in agricultural production technical guidance. Organizing villagers in the drought period, actively carry out drought self-help activities, contributions this year for the village water pump station, water pipes meters, worth a total of $.
The norms created, push forward the youth civilization works. "Learn from Comrade Lei Feng" activities carried out by a strong impetus to the in-depth development of the new era of learning from Lei Feng and voluntary service activities; "Protect Mother River" as the theme of environmental protection activities, enabling enhanced youth environmental awareness, this year organized Shipai old residence are Creek Sianfong river water quality and quantity, and other exploration activities in the field are River pollution prevention and control provides more reliable data, at the same time the formation of a research thesis papers; For two years, the Youth Civilization the collective cumulative residents doing good pieces donate money money and materials yuan. Last year, the People's Bank Daejeon County Branch Cooperation Unit was awarded a national level "Youth Civilization" honor, the construction of the town police station and other units were granted municipal Youth Civilization "honor. The county built Brigade units this year, was awarded the the municipal Youth Civilization "honor, the county built Brigade was awarded the provincial Youth Civilization" honor, the County line farmers nuclear shares granted to the national level "Youth Civilization" honor.
Develop a comprehensive, active of full group led work. The past two years, the county accumulated donated student million yuan, more than poor students return to school. Jiang gantry fraternity in January this year hope that the opening of the primary school buildings ceremony; in "Queer cup painting competition, the recovery of pieces of painted cards, paintings sent to City PARTICIPATING. Vote, the participation of a number of articles the Young Pioneers work of research papers at or above the county level and county-level hiring a number of articles and a number of articles, above the city level hiring; established three primary schools in the city early this year the city is the largest Youth Palace Art Campus The how people students to participate in sports, art, flower, calligraphy, computer, small writers, small correspondents and other interest groups. Million reversal of three art campus training fees for two years. In the process of the implementation of this work, and from the start the feasibility study to establish a better system, always put it as to expand after-school youth quality education base, a big pay close attention to get a really CYL work funded income-generating base. Mission City and other departments fully affirmed the work, and to the city as a typical promotion. Organization last year, students carry out "I went to a provincial university technology military camp activities; outstanding young activist Gang" to create the work progress smoothly, relying Daejeon County Juvenile Legal Aid workstation county primary and secondary schools are set up advocacy services station, set the rights-mail announcement activist telephone rights system, the majority of minor students legal concept has been further strengthened. This year, the county's Procuratorate was awarded the title of National level outstanding young activist Gang. Solid foundation to consolidate the group's grassroots organizations. This year, the the general favorable opportunity to seize the village-level organizations, in accordance with the requirements of the "Trinity" configuration is fully serviced with a strong village group secretary. The past two years, the county development members than, the famous excellent the members by "Tuiyou," joined the Chinese Communist Party. County non-public enterprises group built made new progress to achieve Jiantuan six. For two years, the county of the enterprise group organized around service enterprise reform and development of the overall situation, and comprehensive to start the Young Workers innovative Chuangxiao activities. Provide a total of more than rationalization proposals, gizmos, and small to create a number of projects, and economic benefits of multi-million. In this year, the city's "five small" contest, the regiment county was the organization award projects were awarded the third prize of projects were awarded the Encouragement Award.
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