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On the urgent problem of restricting economic development

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[Abstract] this paper from the definition of humane economy and its natural attributes, analysis of human economy is thus obtained has certain realistic meaning to the development of knowledge economy point of view, on the basis of market economy, and puts forward new ideas to create a humanistic economic model.That is to abandon the simple pursuit of economic growth and the traditional development strategy, proceed from our national conditions, taking economic construction as the center, with the development of people to lead the fundamental guiding ideology, give full play to the role of culture in the human economic construction, urgent problems to deal with the current economic and social control humanistic economic development the rise of cultural industry, concern, the Chinese gradually embarked on the road of economic development of humanities.
[keyword] humanistic economy; attribute; the value of

Humanistic economy, also known as the economic, refers to respect for human life and its value, in order to ensure the people's happiness and dignity for the purpose, to coordinate the relationship of fairness and efficiency, technology and humanity, science and humanity, to achieve economic and social, human and nature, material and spirit of harmonious development of economy.Consideration of

A, human economic attribute and value of

(a) nature of the
humanistic economy
Humanistic economic pursuit of nature and human nature.Cultural economy is a product of economic development to a certain stage, is a modern form of economy.Individual and its performance in order to "people" as the center of economic life, advocated the liberation of humanity, freedom, respect for human rights, give full play to the spiritual, nature and creativity; social and its performance in the pursuit of the country into the humanitarian, benevolence, justice of mutual happiness "".It emphasizes the harmony between man and nature, the harmony of the universe view, correctly deal with competition and cooperation, individual and society, human and nature as well as economic and population, resources, environment, ecological relationship, the unity of the harmony of society, human economy; resolutely opposed to the phenomenon of alienation, against the material, technology, the alienation of power on people, popular, utilitarian and standardized against, opposed to autocracy, bureaucracy and the dogmatism of human destruction, advocate humane economy, society of justice.Towards the market economy, humanistic economic reflection of commodity economy two antinomy, alienation phenomenon revealed in the Marx doctrine, that is because the material civilization rich people also began to physical problems, insist on the one hand the commodity economy promoted social progress, to find solutions to the negative effect. On the other hand, put forward to solve these the real problem by creating humanistic economy, profoundly pointed out that money cannot replace the value, science and technology does not produce ethics cannot replace the value rationality, instrumental rationality.
The humanistic economic thought, philosopher and thinker in ancient China had discussed.Confucius said, "to the", Taoism advocates "combined with different thought", Dong Zhongshu advocated "combination of heaven with man, be made one," Zhang's "the unity of heaven and man", and the philosophy of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi, such as: "rather than", "beautifying truth", "not by thing contusion Zhi" proposition, its opposition to "lose oneself to", "its", "his only interest", "profit and light dead body", against "artificial objects service, heart shape make remarkable insights into the human economy", are full of simple philosophy and emphasis on Humanistic economic nature of vision.

(two) the humanistic economy emphasizes the market economy as the foundation of
The essence of humane economy is to respect the laws of the market economy, the value of the allocation of resources and productivity, through the price signal coordination of supply and demand, the competition mechanism of distribution of national income, and the establishment of the protection of human rights, respect personality, democracy, protection of the ecological environment, efficiency and fairness, both technology and human nature and humanism mechanism environment.In contemporary society, market economy is consistent with the economic life of their own laws, motivation and behavior control and consistent with the actual, help to construct the humanities spirit.Market economy is a kind of economic democracy, not delineated by which leadership, departments or any individual, the development of national economy, but to run according to the needs of the market and the relationship between supply and demand.The cause of market economy as the loss of humanistic spirit is not true.
Cultural economy is based on market economy and seek to transcend to the market economy.Treat the environment, human economy is not at the expense of the environment, ecology and human health as the price, but the pursuit of economic development and conducive to the development of environmental quality and ecological diversity; cultural economy is based on market economy, the basic system of the market economy, the clear property rights, property, management science, promote free competition; on the subjects of the market economy of enterprises, the core goal is to establish a modern cultural enterprise, enterprise management center is neither profit nor capital, but people, enterprises and tries to establish the human-centered humanistic culture, advocating morality, care, love, cooperation.But the human economy is not the rule of economy, it is the embodiment of the spirit of humanism in the rule of law economy, emphasizing competition, efficiency and fairness of social democracy, rule of law, equal, pursuit of harmony between man and society and common development.

(three) the humanistic economy is >
Human economy the development as the first element of economy, its goal is to establish efficient and humanity, technology and personality, economic development and environmental protection in the new economic form of human center.So, can be predicted in the new era of knowledge economy, human should enter the human economy, human economy is the new economic real "".The knowledge economy that is still the object knowledge, to a certain extent, ignored the body of knowledge of one person, while knowledge is the people, seem to respect knowledge is respected, but knowledge is the main object of network, information, software, personality, human nature is the object, this and the humanistic value is often draw further apart.Humanistic economy from the human body to explore the development of the economy, by giving play to people's subjective initiative, to the pursuit of economic growth through self-perfection.
Cultural economy is a further development of the knowledge economy.In the process of world economic integration, knowledge economy has greatly promoted the progress and development of the society, especially the developing countries to get rid of poverty, but also to develop the knowledge economy.From the development trend of the human economy, knowledge economy is just a process, and respect for the human economic humanity and humanistic value is the mainstream of the world economy in the future.

(four) practical significance in the light of its general trend of
humanistic economy
Because China is in the transition period, the economic, social, environmental imbalance in development of the grim situation, such as one-sided pursuit of economic growth, resulting in serious environmental pollution, high energy consumption caused by the irrational economic structure, at the same time, some vulnerable groups rights suffered serious damage.According to figures released by the world bank, the reform of Gene coefficient in China was 0.16, and by the beginning of the twentieth Century, Gene coefficient in China rose to 0.452.Today, the situation did not improve, the interest structure worrying.To increase the gap between rich and poor, are the main reasons causing the contradictions between the various levels, this implies dissatisfaction and anger "jealous" has become a catalyst to destroy the social stability, if not quickly reversed, could lead to social unrest.
In this context, has the important practical significance and development of human economy.The central government timely put forward the "people-oriented", "scientific outlook on development" important thought.Humanistic economy is "people-oriented", "scientific development" economic model.It emphasizes the importance of "all-round development is the hard truth", "material civilization and spiritual civilization and political civilization coordinated development", "to the livelihood of the people as the center", "people-oriented", and change the present situation of material civilization lopsided development, growing inequality, ecological environment is on the brink of collapse, moral credit crisis.Humanistic economy to create respect life, improve people's well-being, establish a correct view of achievements, to overcome the alienation phenomenon, correct material lopsided development, deepen humanistic reform, cultivate citizen morality and government responsibility, to create "good governance" government, maintaining social stability, promoting the comprehensive construction well-off and modernization career, has the profound practical significance.

Two, how to create a humanistic economy development mode of
It should be said that the human economy is an ideal economic mode, it is not impossible Utopia, but the reality of the frame of reference, to provide a personal and cultural standards as the reality of economic form.The author thinks that, from now on, human economy should gradually become strategic leading China's economic development pattern of growth, especially in the current situation, should be focused on the following issues.(a) to abandon the pure pursuit of economic growth and the traditional thoughts of development strategy of
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