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Discussion on the transmission line engineering quantity list quotation

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Abstract: to the engineering quantity list quotation as engineering bidding method has been widely used in the world, with perfect after years of development, has formed a mature standard.Since 2003, China began construction engineering quantity list quotation promotion project scope, -- electric transmission line engineering specification of electric power construction engineering quantity list valuation issue approval in June 1, 2005, the national development and Reform Commission "" (DL / T5205-2005) formally implemented.This is an important measure of our country electric power engineering cost management, is to adapt to the development of market economy and the need of in line with international standards, innovation will promote the electric power engineering cost management reform and management system.Price level is a concentrated expression of the level of enterprise management, professional level, technology level, equipment level, it will be through the orderly competition of the market, the survival of the fittest, continuously improve the comprehensive level and competitiveness of enterprises, so as to gradually realize "project cost the government macro control, enterprise independent quotation, the market price formation" target plays an important and positive role.
Keywords: electric transmission line engineering quantity list quotation
A, transmission line engineering quantity list quotation overview of
Simply speaking, the engineering quantity list quotation is in accordance with the tender BOQ, the bidder based on its own technology, technology and management level and other factors to calculate the comprehensive price corresponding BOQ project (include labor costs, material costs, machinery costs, management fees and profits, and consider the terrain and risk factors) at the same time, according to the tender drawings calculated before and during construction must be construction or possible measures project, other projects, sporadic project costs, plus fees and taxes, the formation of a quotation method of total bid project.
Since two years, the advantages of electric transmission line engineering quantity list quotation, China's power transmission line project quotation mainly "budget norm in electric power construction projects" and "electric power industry capital budget management system and regulations" as the basis.
The current electric power construction engineering budget quota in the artificial, material, machinery consumption and cost calculation of standard is according to the national average level system, project cost which is the average price of the community, with the development of the process of power construction market, this approach can not reflect the actual cost to participate in market competition, technology and management level and labor productivity, it is difficult to change the project budget quota of Chinese mandatory status, to some extent limited the fair competition among enterprises.
Carrying out engineering quantity list quotation mode is to meet the reform of our country electric power engineering cost management requirements, is the need of development of market economy, with international standards, to promote the healthy development of the construction market.Engineering quantity list quotation of labour, materials and construction machinery without consumption of specific, profit, management fees are not unified fee standards, measures of project, other projects, project cost calculation mode and sporadic no specific criteria, by the bidder according to the construction organization plan, its technical expertise, the level of enterprise management, enterprise quota, characteristics the proposed project and grasp the market price information and other independent quotation, quotation right completely belongs to the enterprise, can fully reflect and law of the market play in the "competition" and "price", is one of the forms of cost engineering market competition.
In view of the fact that with the traditional quota cost plus pricing method in the scope of application, the pricing method, the project division, quotation compilation basis, project preparation and the amount of risk, cost and other aspects of the different, the engineering quantity list quotation has different characteristics, the most prominent different mainly in:
1, the engineering quantity list quotation by comprehensive unit price, comprehensive unit price includes the project direct cost, indirect cost of project, profits and should be handed over to the various taxes and fees, compared with the traditional fixed cost plus pricing method, the engineering quantity list quotation is simple and clear, more suitable for engineering bidding;

2, the engineering quantity list quotation to real consumption clear reaction engineering and related costs, easy to combine the concrete conditions of engineering bidding, construction enterprises by adopting engineering quantity list quotation mode, and gradually establish a quota system is their own business, to meet the needs of engineering quantity clear need quote mode;

3, on the implementation of engineering bill pricing and the project unit price contract model, to achieve a reasonable sharing of risk.Send the project construction period of electric line length, the impact of external factors, complex, engineering change, risk.With the engineering quantity list quotation method, the owners of engineering measurement error and change of risk, the bidder is responsible only for their daily cost, unit price, so as to comply with the general principles of responsibility and right equivalence.The
Three, transmission line engineering quantity list quotation strategies according to their own of engineering quantity list valuation standard learning and experience, bidding project, combined with our company for the engineering quantity list quotation of power transmission line project to take this opportunity, will experience and feeling about the quotation process summed up, for your information exchange.
1, the formation of a reasonable price quotation for the team experienced team can offer reasonable prices, improve the successful rate is critical, ideal offer team usually shall be determined by the following personnel:
(1) have similar project experience and quasi as bidding project manager staff: the whole process of a similar project experience of the project manager in the project bidding, and the requirements of the construction organization design and construction scheme, and has accumulated valuable experience for similar engineering related cost price, there is in a bid to fully grasp the construction process will or may take place related costs, so that a reasonable price.Once the bidding, which have similar construction experience, and clearly bidding the project process, which is conducive to our project managers have an overall consideration and deployment to the successful completion of the project construction, to straighten out with the owners, subcontracting, government and other multilateral relations.As the project manager early in the bidding process, can fully understand the owners of the tender documents, the terms of the contract and other related cost data, claims settlement experience and has the same or similar project, is advantageous in the offer reasonable application of bidding skills, gain more profit to lay the foundation for a future bid and.
(2): Cost Engineer in the engineering quantity list quotation method, calculation of bidder how accurately according to the construction technology level and enterprise construction technology plan, he proposed the management level and strength of project cost, cost, risk is a key problem.In order to realize the combination of market price and the price of the perfect, should be the first to bear the brunt of cost engineers is to assume responsibility.With the rapid development of engineering quantity list quotation mode, the "quota" dependency will be less and less, the market consciousness and the independent consciousness will be more and more, the cost engineer should be compound talents, technology and understand the economy, namely understand process and to understand the management of......Construction experience and offer experienced senior quotation personnel should also play a crucial role in the engineering quantity list quotation.
(3) familiar with the local construction market professional engineer:
How to grasp accurately accounted for more than half the proportion of the total project cost of the price level, reasonable bidding price plays a very important role in the report, which is a familiar with the local construction market of professional engineers is behoove duties, even in the absence of professional engineers familiar with the project's construction market, the construction site investigation should also strengthen the research in this area.
2, a careful analysis of the quotation and the engineering quantity list, checking questionable engineering quantity, price, the tender drawings illustrate the specification and the list of notes as an important part of the bidding documents, should carefully read, understand understand, such an offer to clear the list of engineering quantity contained in the content of the work, avoid leakage or misunderstanding, when necessary, to conduct a review of Engineering quantity.According to the different contract model, checking method is also different:
(1) total contract projects (including a certain amount of difference total contract projects within the): use of BOQ bidding, contract mode for the tender drawings range contract.Checking of engineering quantities of such projects is very important, because the tender documents while providing engineering quantity list, but the list is only for reference and the number of bidding units, engineering project is accurate or not is entirely the contractor risk (a certain amount of difference in total contract projects within the range of risk difference in quantity to assume, by the contractor the owners of the excess amount in excess of the prescribed range outside the settlement adjustment), that is to say the owners will project the amount to the contractor and the risk of leakage of the.According to the companies involved in the transmission line project bidding, bidding stage drawings very not perfect, cause quantity unable to accurately measure.So for the total contract (a certain amount of difference in the scope of the lump sum contract) project engineering quantity list quotation, a review of all the main quantities and re
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