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The status quo and Countermeasures of Chinese Universities cultivate innovative talents

Author: LinZeYan LiuLiZuo HanYong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2009-03-31 14:18:23 Read:
Abstract: by strengthening the innovative platform is conducive to the cultivation of innovative talents, such as the construction of laboratories and innovative team, the university is becoming the main front cultivate innovative talents in China. Higher education research funding, construction of teachers and other resource inputs lags behind the needs of colleges and universities cultivate innovative talents; university teaching mode, teaching methods, personnel evaluation, and other factors not conducive to the cultivation of innovative talents. Develop the rapid increase of the total personnel at the same time, colleges and universities with particular attention to the cultivation of innovative talents. Cultivate innovative talents is a long-term and systematic project, needs the whole society in innovative teachers team construction, investment in innovation resources, innovation platform, and educational philosophy innovation in four areas to promote Cultivating innovative talents process for building an innovative country strong intellectual support and personnel security.
Keywords: universities, innovation, personnel training, countermeasures
With the rapid expansion of college and university admissions, has led to a sudden shortage of teachers, teaching facilities, research projects, R & D funding, educational resources of creative personnel training and efforts to train a tremendous challenge in the short term .
First, by strengthening the innovation platform is conducive to innovation and personnel training, colleges and universities is becoming the main front cultivate innovative talents in China
In the case of science and technology are rapidly developing and interdisciplinary blend has become more evident, Cultivating creative talents should have a comprehensive knowledge structure, a firmer foundation; capacity, reasonable structure; independent critical force; positive attitude towards life and other characteristics. The following outstanding talent defined social or relevant government, academic institutions, especially the innovative talents.
(A) of colleges and universities is accelerating innovation platform is conducive to the cultivation of innovative talents and initial results
1 laboratory construction and rapid development. Innovation activities in colleges and universities, most completed in the laboratory, in recent years, China's university laboratory construction has entered a stage of rapid development. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to attract a high level of scientific and technological personnel, all colleges and universities in strengthening the comprehensive advantages of scientific research laboratory. In the past five years, the State Key Laboratory of the University of relying on has been accounted for about 65% of the total number of New State Key Laboratory of the number from 2000 to 2006, 87 120 (Source: State Key Laboratory Network: http://www.chinalab.gov.cn/labsite/Site/index.aspx). The end of 2005, the Ministry of Science and Technology to build national Engineering Research Center 148, including 34 in colleges and universities, accounting for 23.0% (Source: National Engineering Research Center for Information Network: http://www.cnerc.gov. cn/bulletin_01.aspx). According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Education, the National relying on local Institutions of Higher Education Ministry of Education Key Laboratory reached 117, accounting for 33.2% of the total, relying on local colleges and universities to establish the Ministry of Education, Engineering Research Center of 45, accounting for 26.3% of the total (data Source: http://www.edu.cn/xin_wen_gong_gao_1114/20070328/t20070328_225246.shtml).
Incur a high level of basic research, the competitive strategic high-tech research and nonprofit research laboratory has become an important platform for colleges and universities cultivate innovative talents. State Key Laboratory, for example, the 2005 has a total of 199 Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, 88, respectively, accounted for 28.1% and 12.5% ??of the total number of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation winner 512 people, accounting for 34.1% of the national total (1,500), Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents Program" selected by 381 people, accounting for 30.5% of the national total (1248), Ministry of Education, the Cheung Kong Scholars Program "Professor 197 people, accounting for 23.8% of the national total (829). 2005 from the State Key Laboratory of outbound post-doctoral, graduate doctoral and master number 2002 of 1.40 times, 2.14 times and 2.02 times (Source: http://www.chinalab.gov.cn/labsite/Site / index.aspx, State Key Laboratory of 2002, 2005 annual report).
2 College Creative team building in the ascendant. Teamwork has become the key to the success conditions of scientific research, innovation and the growth of talent development. Overall domestic scientific and technological innovation team building is not optimistic, with international influence of science and technology team and rare. To promote scientific and technological innovation team building is imperative that implementation of the strategy of independent innovation.
With the implementation of the project of the Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team Support Plan and the National Natural Science Foundation of innovative research groups Fund and other government innovation support in recent years, colleges and universities to actively explore team-based technological innovation model and talent training mode . In 2004-2007, the Ministry of Education Innovation Team Support Plan 244 technology team total of 94 colleges and universities in the implementation of the two-year funding plan. 2000-2006, the National Natural Science Foundation of a total of 139 Creative Research Groups of the implementation of the subsidy scheme, including 73 universities, accounting for 52.5%. Peking University Peking University, for example, to 2005 10 team won the National Natural Science Foundation of China for Creative Research Groups Fund ", to 2007 14 team won the Ministry of Education Innovation Team support programs funded.
An important feature of university innovation team building project is to increase the funding efforts of young scientists. For example, in 2004-2007 the Ministry of Education Innovation Team Support Plan 238 academic leaders under the age of 45 there were 117 people, accounting for 49.2% of 45-54-year-old, 112 people, accounting for 47.1%; 2000-2006 138 academic leaders joined the National Natural Science Foundation of Innovative Research Groups ", under the age of 45, 72 and 54, accounting for 52.2% of 45-54-year-old, 39.1% (Source: According to the 2000 - 2006 National Natural Science Foundation of relevant public information statistics.) Overall university innovation team building, middle-aged and young scientific and technological personnel has become a dominant force.
(B) colleges and universities is becoming the main front cultivate innovative talents in China
National college personnel engaged in scientific and technological activities of about 30 million, accounting for 1/3 of the number of national research and development. "10th Five-Year Plan" period colleges and universities as the first unit and bear the "973" project chief scientist of 89, accounting for 57.05% of the total project; undertake various projects "863" nearly 40% of the total number of items. In 2002, for example, universities bear the kinds of topics 121,000 published papers accounted for about 70% of the total number of papers, bear the national "863" project accounted for more than 1/3. Three countries and Technology Award in 2006, colleges and universities award-winning ratio of more than 50%. National Natural Science Award award 29 projects, colleges and universities award-winning 15, accounting for 51.7%, of which two first prize, second prize 13; State Technological Invention Award award 41 projects the winning 25 universities, 61%; 184 award the project of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the award-winning 106 universities, accounting for 57.6%, of which five first prize, second prize 101 (Source: According to the National Science and Technology Awards Bulletin 2006 statistics) finishing.
University teachers are the backbone of the team of top creative talents. 1952-2005 "academicians", 1033 Academy of Sciences was educated at the 113 colleges and universities (497 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, 536). 26 colleges and universities for the country to cultivate more than 10 academicians, a total of 796 people, accounting for 77.1% of the total. A total of 141 undergraduate college graduates elected Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team academic leaders, the total number of the total 872. "985 Project" universities 36 646 44 142 "211 Project", together accounted for 90.37% of the total (Source: China Alumni Association Chinese university culture of excellence Survey Report (2005 / 12)). 2003, 1332 "academicians", taught in colleges and universities a total of 514 people, accounting for about 40% of the total number of academicians, Chinese Academy of Sciences 280 (accounting for 39.33% of the total of 712); Chinese Academy of Engineering 234 (accounting for 37.74% of the total number of 620 people). 2002 university teachers has funded the Ministry of Education "outstanding young teachers Subsidy Scheme", 711 teachers into the Ministry of Education, "cross-century talents training plan, 513 college teachers" National Outstanding Youth Science Fund ", accounting for to 60% of the total number of 855 people (Source: Adapted from Zhang Ya group of University Teachers professional development way, "Higher Education", 2006 9. Thus, college or university basic research in China is mainly responsible for who, while relying on a number of research projects to the main front for training innovative talents,. resource inputs the unreasonable and educational philosophy lag Restricting cultivate innovative talents
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