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Study on the evaluation index system of municipal construction project

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Abstract: with the rapid development of China's economic construction, more and more new projects, in order to make the limited funds to be reasonably, based on the comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of municipal construction projects, technical performance with the construction project economic benefits, social benefits, three aspects, establishes the comprehensive evaluation index system, using the weighted level analysis of the index's calculation.To determine the membership degree of qualitative index using expert scoring method, quantitative indicators to establish membership function is used to determine the membership degree, and fuzzy evaluation matrix.Evaluation of the construction project scheduling by using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method.
Keywords: municipal construction project evaluation AHP fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of

With the rapid development of economy, rapid development of city in the process of China's reform and opening up, in a short period of 20 years, big city and big city scale rapid expansion.But because of the municipal infrastructure investment is not enough, many city traffic congestion, environmental pollution, road water problems in recent years.Many city abroad to solve the traffic congestion through the transformation, expansion of city road and the construction of large volume of rail system, and achieved good results, the evaluation of project to do better.Our evaluation of the project started late, city construction lags behind the economic development.

The significance and the research status and methods of municipal construction project evaluation of

Municipal construction project evaluation of the significance of
City municipal construction projects as the city system, is a subsystem of city infrastructure, it will give the research system provides the basic information and data, to arrange funds for city construction, accelerate the construction of city can play a positive role.From the aspects of economy, society, environment, comprehensive evaluation of municipal construction project so that all sectors of society to recognize the city municipal building to the city benefits, to strengthen the city construction will play a positive role in promoting.Through evaluation, understanding of municipal construction project system is the crux of the problem, and take appropriate countermeasures, and provides a method for comparing for each city municipal construction projects.Through evaluation, on the premise of scientific prediction, provide a scientific method for optimization and evaluation plan of municipal construction projects, city ranking.
The domestic and foreign research status and methods of
Evaluation method of western project, based on the cost - benefit analysis, obtained the rapid development in twentieth Century 60, 70 time, formed the evaluation method named by some international economic organizations.These methods are pointed out that the project evaluation of social and national economy, the financial 3 levels, quantitative solved just project economic evaluation, social assessment is still in the exploring, very few on social evaluation method of concrete industry.With the development of systems engineering, operations research, economics and decision analysis technology development and wide applications, since the nineteen eighties multi-objective comprehensive evaluation for project analysis and sequencing, theoretical basis of integrated multi-objective ranking is utility theory, a weight value evaluation index to reflect the project, reflect the synthetic utility of construction project.According to the utility function of each index model, determine the utility of the various items of different index value, then according to the comprehensive utility of each project to project scheduling.But in foreign countries this ranking multi-objective method have a common drawback, namely each index whether can quantify directly, or difficult to quantify directly, mainly on the basis of analyzing the scoring on personnel were classified, often with great subjectivity.At the same time, some of the direct quantitative indicators, then according to the index range graded, often resulting in smaller between different difficult to distinguish the project index difference.
China began to study the theory and method of project evaluation in nineteen seventies end, 1987 formally promulgated the "economic evaluation methods and parameters of construction projects", followed in 1990 of June, fixed investment company and the Ministry of construction of the State Planning Commission jointly by standard edited and published the "Practical Handbook" construction project economic evaluation method and parameters, to promote the work of our project economic evaluation.In recent years, in the actual work of project economic evaluation, the evaluation of social benefits for some items, but most of them are in a subordinate position.The evaluation of municipal construction project should be started from the multiple perspectives, a full range of three-dimensional observation system, comprehensive evaluation and the need for multiple targets, establish the decision-making hierarchy, this hierarchy, using the method of system analysis for effective analysis.

Municipal construction project evaluation of the characteristics of

Municipal construction project evaluation different from general industrial projects and regional projects, it has its own characteristics, a clear understanding of these characteristics, will help us accurately selected evaluation system and evaluation index system.
The nonprofit
municipal construction projects
City system is to provide social services for the entire city.No, any department can leave it there, it has the nature of public service.Can generally do not consider the financial evaluation in the selection of evaluation system.
Benefits of municipal construction project is indirect and comprehensive

Municipal construction projects, investment income is mainly manifested as the service object to improve the benefit, the benefit that it is mainly in the external project, including the project because no loss.The main consideration in consideration of economic evaluation is the evaluation of the project of national economy.In addition, the municipal construction project benefit has comprehensive significant, not only generate economic benefits (economic benefits), but also can produce social benefits, and the latter is very important in the municipal building, so the social benefit evaluation index system is an indispensable part of.
Municipal construction project planning
Municipal construction projects in the quality, time and space, must be consistent with the city development, must be consistent with the city recently, medium-term, long-term development planning.Therefore in the selected index evaluation standard, we must combine the concrete conditions of the city, to make the right choices, so as to achieve the development of municipal construction project with a specific city synchronization.
Municipal construction projects, appropriate advance
Municipal construction projects compared with the general industrial projects, often construction larger, more investment, but generally more difficult reconstruction, thus to advance the construction of appropriate, to leave adequate leeway city future development.

Municipal construction project design

The comprehensive evaluation of the municipal construction project is composed of three subsystems, namely, performance evaluation, national economic evaluation and social assessment.Technical performance evaluation, from the technical performance of the municipal building, the analysis of the structure and function of its internal.The national economic evaluation, it analyzes the economic benefits of construction project.Evaluation of social benefits is the indirect economic benefits and indirect impact on the planning of regional social and economic development.

The national economic evaluation index system of
National economic evaluation is taking the shadow price as a tool, to state parameters as the standard, station analysis at the national or social position on profitability, national economic feasibility consider investment behavior.Municipal construction projects is an important part of national economy, the investment effect is public, mainly for the external effect, the user will benefit.Therefore, the national economic evaluation is one of the most important municipal construction project evaluation.In order to reflect the comprehensive, national economic evaluation system status and function in the whole evaluation project, we use the following indicators to reflect the relationship between the cost and benefit of national economy: economic net present value (ENPV), benefit cost ratio (BCR), net benefit cost ratio (NBCR), the internal economic benefits (EIRR) and the investment recovery period (N).

social benefit evaluation index system
Considering the society is composed of a plurality of areas of economy, politics, culture, education, health, social development goals including a plurality of social economy, politics, culture, education, health, security, national defense, environmental and other objectives, municipal construction projects, and various social field development goals are related more or less.Index system to build social benefit evaluation system, is to find out the construction project on various social development goals.
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