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The application of project management in power engineering construction.

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Abstract: the application of research from the angle of the construction project management mode in electric power engineering construction, some restricting factors of current power construction speed and security management process are discussed, and put forward some effective measures according to the production practice, to establish, perfect the system of responsibility for production safety and the safety of incentive mechanism. Discussion on the construction of the.
Keywords: power engineering; project management; safety production
Project management and traditional management than is the biggest characteristic of project management to focus on comprehensive management, and project management work has a strict time limit.Project management must through the process is not completely determined, produce do not completely determine the products in the certain period, schedule and schedule control often have a lot of pressure on project management.The basic functions of project management: plan, organization and evaluation and control.
, 1 countermeasures to improve construction project management applications
The 1.1 main links of power engineering construction management
The main part of power engineering construction can be divided into the project feasibility study, project planning, project organization, quality management, safety management, contract management, cost control and schedule control.
Feasibility study is the important content of the project preparatory work, scale and direction can be controlled investment macroscopically, improving project management; micro can reduce the mistakes of investment decision, improve the investment effect.Feasibility study is a project management important intellectual investment, investment is not one less.
Strengthen the project contract management, to avoid economic disputes.The project contract refers to the project owners or their agents and project contractor or supply of people to complete a certain project targets or the provisions of the content, a written agreement is clear about the mutual relationship of rights and obligations and reached.The project contract must meet the following requirements:
(1) consistency with each other contract: contract must be built based on both sides can accept the proposal of a;
(2) compensation principle: the project contract to have a unified calculation and payment way;
(3) the contract rules: only when the Contractor under the contract rules to work, they will be bound by the contract, and enjoy the protection contract;
(4) the purpose of the contract in Contract Law: the contract must have a legitimate purpose or object, it should be prohibited by the law rather than the;
(5) according to the law to determine the type of contract.The project contract to reflect the rights and obligations of the parties, this will be the final results for the contract, and the contract type depends on the.
Standard bidding guarantee engineering quality, "fair, just, open" principle is to standardize the bidding guarantee; the implementation of bidding law is the realization of "three" principle to ensure.In the bidding process, bidding and bid law, conscientiously implement the protection project, the interests of all parties in accordance with the law, pay attention to the integrity of the bidding, bidding procedures, if necessary, allow bidding, the bidding process and low efficiency of bidding, bidding process, in order to ensure open, fair and just, the prevention of corruption.
In order to effectively maintain the bidding system, to ensure fair competition in electric power construction market, ensure project quality, on the one hand to increase the bidding law publicity and enforcement system, increase penalties for illegal behavior, to crack down on the violation of the criminal law; on the other hand, dealing with the relationship between administrative supervision and Project Tendering Corporation autonomy the.The government administrative departments according to law, the authority to exercise the duties of supervision, administrative power can not be directly involved in or interfere with specific bidding, bidding activities, can not be replaced by the project legal person independent exercise of powers.
Quality management is an important part of the construction project management, our country always emphasizes, must implement the "project, quality first" principle, important degree of visible quality work, enterprises must pay attention to the quality of work, improve the quality of product and service is an effective means to participate in market competition, is the fundamental guarantee for the user, to occupy the market and development of enterprises the.
For the construction enterprises, build, perfect quality system is a very important quality management, quality policy, clear quality objectives, organization and responsibility for quality sound, quality management work of the whole company covering the quality manual and quality system procedure documents, there are work instructions operable very strong practical, any work has documented the reliable records, the quality of work is that complete control.
Advocate the construction of quality project, its purpose is through high standards of quality, promote the enterprise in the management consciousness, technology standard and staff hands-on ability to find the gap, from the start bit by bit, fine showing the process of operation, reflect the seriousness of the implementation of the system, through the "owners satisfaction" to define the enterprise survival ability and market capacity."Boutique" connotation is the owner's identity and satisfaction, so need to rigorous attitude, exquisite technology, scientific program, excellent equipment and superior materials to implement, guarantee, accuracy and operation process is scientific and reasonable norms in the implementation of standards.So to create a boutique in urgent need of fine on its basic connotation of requirements, in strict accordance with the procedures, the contract, to ensure the process works fine, which reflects the enterprise pursue and the goal behavior consistency.
Project schedule control is one of key control objectives in project construction, it is to ensure that the project be completed on schedule, reasonable arrangement of resources supply, important measures to save cost.Before the commencement of construction should be based on the engineering contract requirements and business plans, reasonable project organization and resource allocation, developed the project schedule network diagram, and adjust and optimize the scientific; in the construction process, due to the site conditions is dynamic, the actual progress and plan progress may not fully fit, in order to guarantee period completed on schedule, must also be dynamic tracking management science on the project progress, timely adjust and optimize project planned schedule.
The formulation, review, implementation of dynamic control, resource balance optimization, cost control of the use of network planning techniques can be convenient for network planning the progress of the project, the province cost reasonable arrangement of time and manpower, material resources, so as to achieve the best economic and social benefits.
"Critical path" is to determine the total construction period is the main contradiction of the route, project schedule management, must carry on the management and control of key.Otherwise, the key process of schedule delay may affect the total duration of the project plan.Therefore, to determine the "critical path" and the key process of in-depth study is very important.
In the electric power construction, will often meet requirements in advance of grid-connected power generation or due to the design, equipment, construction delay to pay an due to deflation, the most common way is to increase the mechanical, increase manpower, prolong the working time, time makes us realize that to improve the key schedule control is not what kind of expression control the way a network schedule or bar chart, but you use control means which scientific, strict, meet people, machine, material best coordinated and effective adjustment, finally achieve the purpose of schedule control.
3 control points to as the project control are the progress control, quality control and cost control, must pay attention to the following points:
Under the control of the three aspects of project management schedule, quality, cost, schedule planning is the management concept of guide flag.In the project contract documents, and schedule related content occupies an important position, owners, contractors, designers are the progress of the projects of great concern.Schedule shall meet the provisions of the contract completion date, the old management mode of the "plan" not serious phenomenon, to "planning changes" benign environment management.To benefit from the quality cost management.Correctly handle the relationship between several quality cost aspect, adopt scientific and reasonable, advanced and practical technical measures, to ensure construction quality to meet the design requirements of the premise, as far as possible, reduce the cost of the project, to prevent the overall project quality surplus phenomenon, leading to the completion of engineering quantity many, the passive situation of low economic benefit.
To benefit from the project cost control.How to deal with the relationship between time and cost is an important task in the construction project cost management, project cost management and control for construction enterprise and project department, and not the shorter the better, but by adjusting the time limit for a project to seek the best point of cost, the project cost control at the lowest point.
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