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On electric power system reform views and suggestions

Author: BaiLin LiQiDao ChengGuanHua From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2009-03-31 08:03:11 Read:
A high degree of monopoly power system, already arrived to be not completely when the reform can not be.
revocation of the Ministry of electric power, the establishment of the national power company, some progress has been made in to separate government functions from enterprise management, to promote the industry to enter the market, but fundamentally speaking, no touch jifa.Monopoly system transmission and distribution, adjustable in a body.Driven by produced in the monopoly system based on the habits of thinking and the mechanism of interests, from a planned economy to a market economy, do many do report from a central electric power enterprises, always adhere to a monopoly market, the implementation of the subordinate power plant, transmission network, distribution network has been to urban and rural residents user holder exclusive in fact, China's current power management system, is composed of the past indistinction between the functions of the "government monopoly" has now become with the enterprise on behalf of the political - economic "monopoly", a longitudinal "all dictatorship", "with the enterprise on behalf of the political" horizontal "designated Province, interval s" vertical integration monopoly and regional monopoly.Under this system, in the face of independent power generation enterprise, the local independent distribution companies and all walks of life.Power distribution unit lost central electric power enterprise of thousands of households, not only effective monitoring of local governments to implement not necessary, but a "serious phenomenon of enterprise command of local government.".Bring about a series of problems and serious harm, outstanding performance for the:
1 with the enterprise on behalf of the political power monopoly system, cancel the competition in the market, restrict other market main body into, disorder of market function, the formation of market barriers, obstacles to optimize the allocation of resources.This is the result of the state power and local government, the local electricity, electric power and other power users contradictions and difficult to adjust, the central, local, enterprise of collective, individual, "many do enthusiasm, effect of power industry and the coordinated and healthy development of appropriate advance for power main source of low-cost and high-quality service user.
2 the national electric power market is a monopoly, and between the local electric power, other investors and other different power production entity enterprise economic interests contradictions have become increasingly prominent.Especially the central electric power enterprises illegal use of implementation of the transformation of rural power grid construction opportunities, forced local independent escrow, delimit distribution company small grid, taking the donor area, market and local autonomy, limit.Against the small hydropower development, occupy the place, the assets and interests, local finance income, the county's economic development, social stability, influence, hindering the development of rural social productivity development, resulting in serious consequences.Throughout the reaction is very strong, said: "the use of 'double skinned' approach, occupied area, poor assets and interests.""For the benefit of farmers, benefit the countries' project 'became the main beneficial to a business' Karate' engineering.""This is one of the largest since the founding of the PRC in!""Would rather not rural funds, own Zaguomaitie self-financing, will never agree to large power grid 'draw' holding shares hosting '' monopoly.""Would rather put the small grid converted into money for large power grids, will return a don't scratch the escrow, the side of the mountain areas and poor due to the 'power supply means, directly facing the' market '' and 'direct service object' stay, maintenance and construction Chinese Rural Hydropower and electrification.Change of medium and small hydropower resource advantages into economic advantages and ecological advantages and gain autonomy, social economy, ecological benefit!"
3 vertical integration monopoly, discrimination, restricted the development of small hydropower.In recent years, China's electricity market, some areas have emerged oversupply situation, on the other hand, urban and rural electricity especially rural consumption level is low, there is a large rural without electricity.Due to the integration system of monopoly aspect of obstacles and maintenance of monopoly interests of the driver, not only in the power allocation of clean renewable energy, hydropower, especially clean and cheap renewable green energy, small hydropower's share, but to limit power especially small hydropower production, against the small hydropower development, not only is the loss caused by small hydropower loss, and water loss, the loss of agriculture, environmental damage, the loss of Western development!
4 with the enterprise on behalf of the political power monopoly system, not only the monopoly power exchange market, and the serious phenomenon of monopoly power construction market, and to obtain implicit in these two markets by the tertiary industry excess monopoly profit.Such as the tertiary industry nominal ultra low-cost acquisition is small and medium-sized hydropower blocked way station, as "welfare station"; using the unified network equipment material bidding by the tertiary industry in the black-box operation, and to the interests of all take to replace the money difficult to place, by the local grid construction and transformation and so on.Reverse "government" and "modern enterprise administration", repel enterprise consciously accept the government macro-control and the necessary supervision, encourage enterprises "internal person" to manage their own, can do business under the banner of the real "economic power", its harm is positive "government is not divided" more serious.People said, super economic monopoly is a hotbed of corruption.
5 power monopoly, not only reform the internal power, but also took the opportunity to expand the monopoly.In the monopoly under the protection of business philosophy, open power monopoly enterprises lag behind, market competition and service awareness, investment misallocation, discrimination against rural hydropower, neglected rural users, neglecting the ecological environment, the power structure is irrational, lagging behind the development of power grids, the management is not good, low operation efficiency, high cost, power price distortions, electric can the quality is not good, the reliability is not high, the operating mechanism has not changed, no reform of internal power, do not want to delay reform, reform, to maintain and expand the vested interest, but by the reform of rural power system in the name of the monopoly of real.
power system to the integration and monopoly, already arrived to be not completely when the reform can not be.In the government, power users.Work on other "more market competition main body" and the media, to break monopoly, introduce competition, the single state-owned property rights reform, open market transactions, the adjustment and reform of the price mechanism, the rational allocation of resources, to provide the cheap enough reliable power for the user, is to adapt to the needs of the socialist market economic development, is the establishment of electric power management system to adapt to the socialist market economic system and the requirements of.With the rapid development of power electronic technology, will soon change and the characteristics and basic power of natural monopoly.Technological progress, not only creates new requirements to break the monopoly, but also from the combination of economy and technology to achieve reliable to break the monopoly created new conditions.
two, object, subject and condition of the electric power system reform
1 objectives: the government really separate, clear property rights and diversification.To break the monopoly, implementation, transmission, and distribution separation.To establish scientific and reasonable price mechanism.The cultivation and improvement of unified and open electricity market, the main body of market competition, orderly competition, electrical goods and services with high quality and low price for the adequate and reliable user.
2 subjects: government, power users, the other "the main body of market competition" and new competitors.
3 conditions: (1) determination and the Party Central Committee, the State Council on the index of power system reform, is the reform direction of irreversible guarantee.The door) "power law" amendment, modification and the establishment of supporting system of laws and regulations; leave legislation and develop supporting regulations, regulations for the implementation of the space to the local government.Actively promote the progress of science and Technology (3).
three, the overall framework of power system
the implementation of "scheduling neutrality.The net wide apart, bidding.Transmission management, distribution services.Separate transmission and distribution, competitive power".
1 scheduling neutrality.Only the scheduling of neutral, can ensure power dispatching open, fair and equitable.
separate, 2 factory network bidding.The national electric power plant separating plants from network to separate in the property, the establishment of an independent power generation enterprises based on the diversification of property rights.The old and new power generation enterprises should be online in different regional bidding price, in order to reflect the principle of fair competition.
3 transmission and distribution separately, competitive power.Our view is the main:
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