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Thermal electric couplet estate development

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The development period of China, CHP at
The rise and development of period 1, cogeneration at
From 1953 to 1967 period, the electric power industry the first five year plan and fifteen years of long-term planning, when learning the Soviet experience, the development of cogeneration, the construction of the regional thermal power plant is very important.The first main task of the five year plan clearly determine the power generation and heat supply growth figures, the technical policy also clearly to establish industrial cogeneration power plant and for industrial and municipal public power plant, the development of the cause of thermalization.So in the first five year plan, most of the new plant is a cogeneration power plant, are equipped with steam heating units, heating units in 1957 the total thermal power equipment capacity, increased from 2% in 1952 to 17%.In the world, second only to the Soviet Union, ranking second in the world.
In the development of electric power planning, in addition to using heat many big firms near the construction of large thermal power plant, but also pay attention to the problems of the construction of small industry of thermal power plant, as long as the industrial enterprises have a heat load of 40 ~ 50t/h, should study the construction of thermal power plant.While recognizing the cogeneration of heat and power is not only the power industry departments, will work closely with other industrial sectors, to consider the comprehensive economic benefits.In the formulation of the regional thermal power plant project, attach importance to the authenticity of thermal load, type selecting heating units, to ensure the power plant saves fuel purposes.
When municipal thermalization has not mentioned the main agenda, to meet the industrial heat load for the principle of thermal power plant construction, no special construction thermal power plant.When the proposed areas used for boiler heating, using hot water as the heating medium, thinking that the future of the thermal power plant heating, can heat equipment no longer transformation has been built, in order to avoid waste.
In the meantime, the power system established heat-supply pipeline in North China Electric Power Design Institute, about 100 people, responsible for the study of thermalization development planning, problem of heat network construction.For the training of thermalization construction personnel, also hired a thermalization planning guidance of the former Soviet Union experts design.The agency also bear heat network engineering area power plant design.Established from 1954 to early 1960, the group has mastered all of the design work of heating, and the establishment of basic data set conforms to our country national condition the thermalization development, puts forward the national development thermalization related research report.
In 1962, in order to find out the first five years since the plan built thermal power plant economic benefits, summing up successful experiences and failures, in order to better combine the national conditions of our country, research on the development of cogeneration.North China Electric Power Design Institute of heating pipe chamber, composed of six powerful investigation group, the system of fifteen thermal power plant.
Report that: the average utilization of these thermal power plant heat supply capacity level of only 48%, of which about 15% units put into operation after 2 to 3 years can give full play to the heating capacity, good energy saving effect; while the majority of thermal power plant put into operation after 5 to 7 years in order to give full play to the flat heating capacity, energy efficiency is low; the minority thermal power plant put into production, due to various reasons heat load is significantly reduced, and even the main heat users due to change of plan, moved to other local construction, the unit can not play long benefits, but also because of the unit selection is not reasonable in non-heating area installed with heating unit low pressure steam, reducing the heat efficiency, further development of thermoelectric effect cogeneration enterprise.
Despite the problems "report" put forward: in 1960 15 thermal power plant a total generating 11025000000 degrees; heating 11.72 10 6 million kcal; save 854100 tons of standard coal; average per million kcal save 73 kilograms of standard coal; thermal power plant is better, each heat one million kcal, the average saving 89.64 kilograms of standard coal.Thermal power plant construction than the steam power plant waste steel, by calculating each consume a ton of steel, the average annual savings of 34.4 tons of standard coal, the superiority of cogeneration is still obviously.
2, 1971 to 1980 at
Cogeneration project development is at a low ebb, the main reason is the first, the two or three five year plan period the construction of thermal power plant, the design heat load is too large, resulting in the decline of the energy-saving benefit of thermal power plant construction, at the same time the regional thermal power plants need to coordinate the relevant industrial construction and city construction planning, a lot of work, it is difficult to finalize, resulting in thermal power construction has been greatly effect of.At the same time due to the thermal load limit is not possible to develop large capacity heating units (at the time of the maximum capacity of 50000 kilowatts heating units), and large capacity and high parameters of condensing steam turbine, high thermal efficiency, co-generation scheme and were producing heat, electricity scheme comparison, cogeneration efficiency.
In the meantime, network professionals from North China Electric Power Design Institute to support Regional Design Institute for thermal power engineering is not much change.The
The national economy has developed rapidly, with the increase in heat, heat and power plant still increased heating units 975000 kilowatts, accounting for new thermal power installed 6.8%.But the heating unit public accounted for 23%, that is to say in this period, increase the proportion of the power plant.
3, the "six five" plan period to cogeneration construction has been a new development of the
After 1981, the gross output value of industry and agriculture to quadruple by 2000, people have reached a well-off standard of living of the grand strategic objectives, on energy policy proposed conservation and development principle of equal.Take a series of measures in energy saving, encouraging cogeneration central heating, central and local governments set up energy-saving mechanism, the State Council established energy-saving office meeting system.The State Planning Commission in plan arrange train "investment major energy-saving measures", support for thermal power plant construction project.
In the meantime, the Ministry of electric power in addition to organizations in the planning department review of energy-saving projects, in the energy economy research institute established the thermalization chamber, take small energy-saving project review.On the basis of past experiences, emphasize the construction of thermal power plant thermal load must be reliable.The formulation of the principle is: plan require heating enterprises without approval, without considering the heat power plant, not installed heating unit, do not give the design task book for thermal power plant.In order to improve the thermal economic benefits, as far as possible the use of back-pressure machine group or draw back type unit.
During 1981 ~ 1985 energy infrastructure has arranged cogeneration project 137, the total scale reached 2360000 kilowatts, plans to save 3830000 tons of standard coal.Of the 137 projects, 78 regional power plant, power plant 59, mainly in the public area of thermal power plant.
Because of cogeneration can effectively save energy: improve the quality of the environment; reduce the scattered boiler room workers labor strength and save precious urban construction covers an area of such advantages have been recognized by more and more people, and by the attention of leaders at all levels.The State Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of electric power, the Ministry of construction and the State Environmental Protection Bureau already will give priority to the development of cogeneration central heating set down as industrial policy.The people's Republic of China No. ninetieth order of the president of the people's Republic of China approved the "energy conservation law" provisions of article thirty-ninth, the country to encourage the development of the universal energy saving technology: central heating, cogeneration, improve utilization rate of development of thermal power unit; thermal energy cascade utilization technology, heat, electricity, cold and heat, power generation technology, gas cogeneration technology, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of heat energy.From the development of cogeneration with legal protection.Recently, the State Development Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of electric power, the Ministry of Construction issued the "energy saving law" supporting regulations "on the development of cogeneration provisions" to encourage the promotion of the healthy development of the cause of thermalization.
Two, China's current situation of the cogeneration
1, at present the development of cogeneration characteristics of the
After 40 years of thermal power construction experience, has formed the road cogeneration developing a Chinese, except for heating large unit several big city with the outside, mainly developed in small combined heat and power plant.
(1) the construction of thermal power plant in recent years mainly engage in Cogeneration in the industrial area, instead of pot furnace at present decentralized operation, so the heat load is carried out, easy to raise funds, built after the formation of the heating capacity quickly, play a better economic benefit.
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