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2007 College party secretary debriefings

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2007, under the leadership of the hospital party and the branch of the party group, with Comrade Jiang Zemin's "Three Represents" as the guidance, conscientiously implement the principle of running the hospitals of the homes in the new period, and various work arrangements, tightly surrounded by the Institute for Knowledge Innovation Engineering and reform and development center work, unity of thinking, gathering strength, boost morale, efforts to grasp the material civilization, spiritual civilization, honest government, and the construction of a culture of innovation. Pay attention to the core of the political role of the party committee, to implement the principles and policies of the Party at the Institute to ensure the smooth implementation of the director takes responsibility to ensure that the smooth progress of knowledge innovation project and research management, research work I have maintained a good development momentum workforce maintain a good mental state. All the party members and workers of the joint efforts made gratifying achievements, research income reached 1.06 billion contracts signed amounted to $ 1.3 billion, for the first time to achieve the double of billions of dollars. Full completion of the plan of the party committee and the executive team to develop the objectives. Now personal work over the past year to report his work is as follows:
Strengthen the party's ideological and party members, cadres and ideological education
(A) party members and cadres to study education.
In order to implement the "Three Represents" important thought, to do a good job of study and education of the party's ideological and party members, cadres, party committees in 2007 issued the 2007 work of party committees Essentials. Strengthen the party's ideological, grasp the ideological education of Party members and cadres, thoroughly implement the spirit of the fifth session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the party and the National Congress spirit, full deployment, through study and education of Party members and cadres ideological stability, maintained good mental state, provide an ideological guarantee for the development of the Institute.
1, to develop a learning plan to adhere to the learning system. In order to further strengthen our the leadership cadres learning education, early developed a central groups (middle cadres) annual learning plan for the organization, there are plans in full the range, systematically carried out a series of learning activities. In learning, we adhere to the the leadership cadres learning system, despite the busy, but learning that education does not relax. The central group study of 10 counseling report 2, the theoretical study of the leading cadres fell at all. Accordance with the requirements of the work of party committees, each branch of the party members and workers to study and education, improve the ideological consciousness of the workers, the concept of changing.

2, to take a flexible approach to learning, improve learning performance. In order to learn the practical results, we have changed the past rigid learning methods, mainly taken the focus on learning and personal learning, read through the file and seminars combined way, learning by watching videos, lectures, seminars, visits, improve the effectiveness of learning, to promote the work. In order to further strengthen and improve Party building, do the work and the ideological and political work of grassroots organizations of the Party organization branch secretary study tour to Jinan Duck Group, played a positive role broadens the mind, to do a good job.
3, targeted selection of learning content, improve learning enthusiasm. According to the requirements of the higher authorities and the development of the situation, the organization of the whole of the party members and cadres to conscientiously study Deng Xiaoping Theory, Comrade Jiang Zemin's "Three Represents" important thought, the spirit of the National Congress meeting. Combined with the actual work, organized to watch the Sixteenth National Congress of the report of the meeting, the ideological emancipation, "international competitiveness", "Security is extremely heavy," the integrity of the Call, "world anti-triad war into WTO videos and reports on the impact of China's scientific and technological development.
Through the effective learning, not only to improve the motivation to learn, but also to enhance the effectiveness of learning, learning education truly fell at all, and received good results.
(B) To strengthen the ideological education of Party members and cadres.
Member cadres education of party cadres and the masses in real life, have concentrated viewing ideological education film "Missing Gun" anti-cult drama "abyss - the cult of nature" and other films; case of anti-corruption organization members to visit the photo exhibition, listen to anti- corruption recording reports, the majority of party members and cadres to carry out anti-corruption education. To improve employee moral sense, to carry out civic and moral education of workers, organized and carried out in full the range of civic and moral construction of knowledge actually A "test, more than 700 participants. To the workers to establish the correct values ??of science and technology, have innovative culture values ??education workers, to cultivate the values ??of the vast majority of workers of Technology, to build the the Institute value of Community.
(C) take practical action to learn the spirit of the National Congress meeting.
The 16th CPC National Congress, our party was held in the new century, the first National People's Congress, is also building a moderately prosperous society and accelerating the Congress held a very important new development stage of promoting the socialist modernization in China has entered. To the National Congress the spirit of learning and good publicity and understanding, implementing good about the deployment of the Central Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and requirements, combined with my actual party committees issued in a timely manner "earnestly study and implement the Party's National Congress the mental arrangements opinions notice ", and the organization of the whole of the party members and cadres to carry out a series of learning activities.
Organization branch active in learning activities. The various aggregate expenditure, branch organizations through a variety of forms of learning branch of the party members to seriously study the Congress report.
2, good special counseling. In order to meet the learning of Congress report, we purchased a piece of "the current cadres to study hot issues new report" special counseling audiovisual organization specialized counseling learning, and promote all learn the spirit of the 16th National Congress of the CPC in depth.
3, led by members of the team, mid-level cadres, grassroots branch secretary, trade union grassroots cadres League cadres and youth backbone personnel to participate in the symposium were organized. As we have said, through the study, the majority of party members and cadres and workers to further enhance the consciousness to adhere to the ideological line of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, advance with the times ", the implementation of the development goals of the National Congress proposed to concrete actions to implement further do I have the knowledge innovation project work.

(D) strengthen theoretical study.
To closely around the center of the work of the Institute to continue to strengthen and improve Party building, party organizations strive to improve the level of management, to provide a strong political guarantee for the Knowledge Innovation Project. For party building work is facing many new situations and new problems in recent years, I have full implementation of the Knowledge Innovation Project, organized by the "new situation to strengthen party building theory seminar. The Party Committee member, a member of the disciplinary committee, branch secretary and related workers, more than 30 people attended the meeting, the meeting received a total of 22 seminars article. Through discussion, not only further enhance the awareness of the importance of my party members and cadres to strengthen the work of party building under the new situation, but also from the theory and practice to explore new ideas and new ways of doing a good job of party-building work of the Institute for the future further strengthen and improve the Institute of Party building work has laid a good foundation.

In the 12th "Banyuetan ideological and political work Innovation Award" awards in 2007, I was named the "Comment" Innovation Award of the ideological and political work of advanced units, ** was named the "Comment" Innovation Award of the ideological and political work; 2007 political research group Academy of ideological and political work as the advanced collective papers Innovation Award was named.

(E) to seriously implement the hospital party group of summer to expand the spirit of the meeting.
Summer School of the party group enlarged meeting held in 2007, the party committee timely organize employees communicated learning, combined with the specific circumstances of the Institute in order to implement the spirit of the meeting, organize workers to serious discussion, qualified personnel, graduate education and training, innovation team adjust the layout of the construction, discipline, Institute evaluation system, incentive system, building more than 50 constructive comments.

Strengthen the building of Party organizations, good education, the development of the party activists
Do research work. In order to better play to the party's political core role, we combined this year I have the actual situation of the research work, the implementation of the "Interim Measures for the work of party committees," the branch (Zongzhi) work Interim Measures "each branch inspection, inspection understand the situation, and targeted to grasp and guide branch, institution building fell at all.
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