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National foreign research institutions pay system and our comparative

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Compensation management is an important part of human resource management, is most closely associated with the excitation function part. From the process point of view of human resource management, compensation management at the end part of the human resources management, it is in after a series of human resource management functions. Especially after the completion of the job management, staff recruitment and selection, performance management and other functional management activities, therefore, matched with the other functions of the human resource management effective compensation management mechanisms help to attract, retain, motivate organizations need talent, promote the organization to achieve its strategic objectives.
Effective compensation management mechanisms need to develop appropriate remuneration system organized according to their development goals. The development of the core content of the remuneration system is how decision-making level of remuneration, salary structure, compensation in the form of salary budget and remuneration policy, the employees receive their compensation with performance to match each other, and enhance the incentive pay system.
National research institutions abroad pay system by the national macro-management system and economic strength of the impact, not the same, but there are some common features, we analyze the developed countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea , Russia and developing countries, India's national research sector pay system and human resource management functions, features, and with our comparison purpose is to provide useful experience for perfecting the system of remuneration of the scientific research institutions in China.
A foreign national research organization characteristics of the remuneration system analysis
1) pay system standardized and transparent.
National research institutions, R & D personnel in foreign countries, a small proportion of the total social, mostly concentrated in the enterprise. For example, in 1998, national research institutions in the United States R & D personnel accounted for 6.2% of the national total, this proportion was 11.5% in the United Kingdom, 5.9% in Japan, 29.8% in Russia. Closely related to the main task of the national research organization and responsibility of government, most of the foreign national research organization established by the legislation, the law requires their objectives, sources of funding, personnel and pay system, targeted, stable source of funding for national research organization, Personnel and Remuneration management law.
, National research institutes in Japan in April 2004 completed a corporate-oriented reforms, became an independent administrative agency. As an independent administrative agency, national research institutes to accept two laws directly binding. First, the "independent administrative agency General Clauses Act, the Act provides settings and revocation of independent administrative agency responsible for the appointment and management, operations and assessment, financial and audit system, government budget, personnel and salary system and so on. Second, for each research institutions by Congress to enact a law, regulation its name, scope of business, capital, governance issues, each national research organization by a certain ministries and agencies responsible for the management, staff wages and welfare standards cf civil servants and agency heads also have some discretion.
In the United States, national research institutes employees belong to the federal government employees, government agencies within the federal system set up its administrative duties, sources of funding, personnel and pay system required by the legislation, the federal government department in accordance with the relevant laws formulated a series of regulations, orders the specific implementation of the relevant laws.
In India, the national research organization registered under the Societies Registration Act established and managed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Associations Law. In accordance with the provisions of the Societies Registration Act, research institutions should be developed societies Management Charter and the establishment of the Council and the Management Committee. Articles of Association of the Societies typically include: institutional settings and its administrative duties, as well as personnel management, financial management, employee subsidies to study abroad, pensions, benefits, employees undergo specific methods and requirements. By the Research Council in the UK, a national research organization to develop a unified pay standard, standardized management.
In our country, there is no legislation to set up research institutions, but the tasks performed by the non-profit research institutions and national research institutions abroad is basically the same, so this article to compare with this part of the research institutions with foreign national research organization .
China's public welfare research institutions, the establishment of a government decree, its objectives, work plan, personnel system, remuneration system dependent on government administration. Since 1993, the implementation of the salary system reform in China's research institutions, the establishment of the remuneration system of fixed remuneration and variable remuneration. Fixed salaries by job wages in the current wage system, standard allowances and subsidies, the implementation of national uniform standards; variable remuneration comprises basic salary and performance incentives, but the state does not require the allocation of the variable remuneration implementation details of the allocation rules determined by the unit itself, countries allow income-generating institutions in accordance with the resources, the salary budget multi-channel sources, the mode of compensation management reform program is inconsistent leading research institutions, non-standard operation, or even allocation order and chaos.
In other countries, government employees, the implementation of an open and transparent pay system. Such as in Japan, the medium-term plan and annual plans of the national research organization managers and their staff remuneration and national research institutions must be reported to the competent minister, to the public, to facilitate the community to monitor its performance, but also to ensure a fair and reasonable salary distribution.
2) in the selection of personnel in the introduction of competition mechanism, strengthen the capacity of Remuneration and incumbent qualification match.
In other countries, national research organization not only an ordinary employee selection through open recruitment, pay more attention to the introduction of competition in the institutions responsible for the selection mechanism, strengthen job responsibilities, qualifications and ability to match each of the positions, and the amount of the incumbent , and enhance the fairness and incentive pay system.
In the United States, the national research organization responsible for the the portrait most other federal office, is produced through open recruitment procedures, recruitment and hiring of federal employees basically follow two principles, namely "open recruitment" and "merit", federal agencies are generally the duties of the person in charge of the respective institutes vacancies in the federal system in recruitment or recruitment open to the community. In the United Kingdom, India, Korea, the person in charge of the national research organization, international open recruitment selection, review panel composed of experts council candidates, eventually appointed by the Council. In Japan, the national research organization responsible for implementation of the appointment and removal of the system. According to the Independent Administrative Institution General Clauses Act, the senior managers of the Japanese national research institutions by the chairman of the governing and supervisors, chairman of the supervisors appointed by the competent Minister, the Board of Directors appointed by the chairman.
Since 2000, China's public welfare institutions to implement the personnel system reform, the implementation of full employment, scientific and technical personnel in accordance with the principle of "fair, equitable, competitive, merit-based" competition for employment, and some units have to The Overseas open recruitment of senior researchers, but the hospital director, some units still practiced in the appointment and removal system.
3) through job analysis, job evaluation to determine the difference in pay.
Most of the foreign national research organization employees' remuneration system, and through job analysis, job evaluation to determine job responsibilities, the incumbent qualifications as well as the positions of the pay differentials to ensure that the remuneration system of internal fairness.
By the U.S. government through the legislative approach, the principle of classification and salary level positions in the federal system to determine the principles. Law level by federal employees positions based on their roles and responsibilities and the work required qualification. To this end, the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has developed a post job analysis, job evaluation factors and evaluation criteria, and pay differentials developed based on the results of the evaluation of different positions. Federal employees post-level division itself is not the sole basis for determining remuneration, but determined to play a key role in the remuneration. According to the 1990 Federal Employees' remuneration comparable method, other factors also affect the decision of remuneration standards including performance and service time.
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