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TCM clinical research papers written

Author: WeiZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-27 07:51:24 Read:
I, entitled
Firstly, be concise and rich meaning topic. That topic should outline the full text of a concise and compelling.
(A) Content
1, can be summarized microcosm of the date the full text of the full papers.
2, contains the keyword (notional).
3, should be able to reflect the scientific hypothesis of the article.
, Accurate, easy-to-understand academic language dates avoid literary, exaggeration, advertising language.
(B) The requirements
1, short: generally not more than 25 words, concise, practical and realistic. In: Puzzle particles clinical study of the treatment of vascular dementia.
Specific: include specific research can not be abstract and general, subtle, and too large. For example: hypertension, Integrative Medicine tumor.
3, compelling, creative people see the title are willing to read and understand the specific contents. Example: Wen Yunyang air drug in the treatment of acute jaundice hepatitis, CSDP treatment of angina (unstable variation, MI).
(C) Note
1, before you begin to want the title, finished after given title.
2, repeated scrutiny, the to delete useless function words such as, "About", "research", "observation", "system".
3, the title does not use abbreviations, special words, the chemical formula is not easy to understand words.
4, generally do not have the title punctuation.
Second, the author and units
(A) of eligible
1, the topic conceived, designed, implemented, data processing and papers scholarly interpretation contributors;
2, drafting papers or make important, stringent amendment by;
3, is responsible for the thesis finalized finalized, can explain the problem.
(B) The requirements
1, real name, full name.
2 contribution Sort.
3, administrative leadership, research management, investors, only to do an auxiliary worker should not be signed.
4 units signature below the first face in the papers, to state the specific name and zip code of the contact units.
Third, the summary
(A) Content
1, background, purpose and importance.
2, the completion of which work: main content, including study, research approach, method steps, data processing methods.
3, the main findings of the concrete results: data, statistical results and concluding observations.
Significance and value: innovation, academic value and contribution.
(B) The requirements
1, the content superb as the main research content and results, the core creative content. Although the number of words is less but the content is complete, the system is accurate, easy collection of abstracts and retrieval system.
Writing embracing strong refining the text, word count of about 150 words.
Fourth, keywords and MeSH
(A) the definition of
Keywords: mining for expression the literature content unnormalized natural language.
Key words: the proposed standardized natural language keywords according to the Thesaurus.
(B) extraction method
Thematic analysis: profiling, concentrated and refined to reflect the topic of key words and phrases.
2, decomposition the composite concept: multiple phrases constitute the composite concept is broken down into a simple concept of the word or phrase.
3, the proposed keywords or phrases
A clinical epidemiological studies of horses Lin prevention of ischemic cerebrovascular disease elderly esophageal stenosis five therapeutic effect of endoscopic evaluation
(C) Note
, Keywords should be possible to express a simple concept, the phrase should be accustomed to using composite concept. The expression of the theme should be accurate to prevent too rough or too small. For example: ischemic cerebrovascular disease / cerebrovascular disease interleukin-1 / interleukin ischemic and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease / brain disease Interleukin 1.6. 13 / the interleukin-class

five, Preface (Introduction, Preamble)
(A) The purpose
The front of the body of the paper a short passage, the purpose is to introduce the reader to the knowledge of the background, theme, purpose and master guide readers to read and understand the content of the article.
(B) the content
Descriptions sources of research topics and theoretical basis, including closely related to the small amount of literature.
2, the study is an important value.
3, the research purpose, scope, methodology and characteristics.
(C) writing
1, highlights, straight to the point, direct to the point.
2 points clear, prominent problem, the reaction of this study, the urgent demand of great significance to resonate.
3, the number of words generally 150-300 words.
(D) Note
1, the article's hat jujube leads to the article dates just right.
2, a review of the study of history should avoid cumbersome, a word to spacious's go.
3, not the data and conclusions in the paper.
4, the terms used in the evaluation of the level of science based on caution not been reported at home and abroad, the first report of creative and other words.
Sixth, Materials and Methods
(A) subjects
1, the subjects of the experiment in the case of the patient should be from inpatient or outpatient disease diagnostic criteria must be incorporated into the standard exclude standard condition judgments based on clinical criteria, gender, age, and by the situation and About should also observe the conditions. Normal control should indicate the source of health, meaning, gender, age and the situation.
Subjects animals should be stated sources germline, gender, age, weight, health, anesthesia and surgical techniques and so on.
TCM clinical research but also pay attention to the disease and syndrome animals briefly Miao Xu model copied.
4, should indicate the grouping principle and sample allocation method (paired compatibility, or completely random).
(B) factors
1, subjects factors drug should indicate the source of drugs (including batch number), the dose applied to the ways and means. Chinese herbal medicine should also indicate the scientific name, the description of the origin and preparation method.
2, if the therapy as subjects factors, the provenance of the therapy applied should be added a brief summary of the level and methods of treatment.
3 test factors subjects how to combine arrangements, both the form of programs can be designed to be expressed clearly.
(C) reaction indicators
As for the method of determination of response indicators, such as the Department of General conventional method, only mentioning the name; case of newer methods, you should indicate the source; in order to meet the needs of this experiment, a some small improvements, should state modified in accordance with the content; If the method used in this paper is a new method created by the author himself, the new method in advance should be further documented, not to introduce new methods and the use of the method of the new The mixed the article; papers belonging reported new method should be detailed and specific reagent preparation and experimental concrete steps should be clear, easy to readers to learn and promotion applications.
Reagents such as the Department of conventional reagents, indicating name, source, specifications, batch number can; If the new reagents needed to write Formula (or) Structure; such as the need to be prepared, should the formula with preparation method together with a clear explanation. Are important instruments should also specify the manufacturer and model.
If a paper involves several different methods and materials for the experiments, and the relationship between the method and the results are close, and when necessary in order to enable the reader at a glance of the methods and results together, titled " Methods and Results. "
(D) the implementation or experimental routes and the steps
1, the principle of the experimental method and design.
Technology roadmap, implementation procedures.
(E) statistical methods
Under what conditions should be a brief description of what statistical processing method calculation means with the name of the software and significant standards, where necessary, described in the Materials and Methods item.
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