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The Chinese People's Construction Bank loan contract

Author: WeiZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-25 08:09:30 Read:
Sign a contract units:
_______________ (Referred to as the borrower)
People's Construction Bank ______ line (referred to as the lender)

According to state regulations, the borrower is required for the basic construction loans, issuing the consent of the lenders review. Hereby enter into this contract, is the clear responsibility of both sides, honor, and mutual respect.

Article borrowers direction lenders loan of RMB (uppercase) _____ for _____
___. Expected use of funds ____ years __ yuan; ____ years __ yuan; __ $ ____ years;
____ __ $; ____ __ Yuan.

Article from the drawdown date, the number of actual disbursement calculation of interest, and calculate the compound interest. __% Per annum in the period of the borrowings under the contract, If the borrower does not repay the loans, overdue part of the additional interest __%.

Article borrower guarantee full repayment of the loan from __ months until ____, ____ years __ months, loan funds with state regulations. Scheduled for: ____ $ __; ____ $ __; ____ $ __; ____ $ __; ____ $ __; ____ $ __; ____ $ __; ____ $ __. The other bank fails to do so also, the period within which the lender has the right to recover the loans, or they asked borrowing units, took chargeback settled.

Article for national adjustment programs, product prices, tax rates, as well as amendments proposed budget reasons, the need to change the terms of the contract signed by both parties to change the contract documents, as part of the contract.

Article lenders the right to inspect and supervise the use of the loan, and the operation and management of the borrower, plan execution, financial activities and supplies inventory. The borrower shall provide the relevant statistics, accounting statements and information.

Article lenders to ensure the supply of funds in accordance with the provisions of this contract. Due to the responsibility of the lender fails to provide the loans, should be postponed to the number of days to breach __% of the amount of liquidated damages paid to the borrower.

Article VII of the borrower should be stipulated in the contract to use the loans. Otherwise, the lender has the right to recover some or all of the loans at the original interest rate penalty may default to use part of __%.

Article VIII of this contract has been signed by both parties, and sealed into force, effective after full repayment of the loan principal and interest. Contract originals were borrowed, loan each party holds one copy; copies of of __ copies, submitted ___________, ___, ___ departments armed with one.

Borrower: (Seal) lenders: (Seal)
Address: Address:
Legal Representative: (Signature) Legal Representative: (Signature)
Bank account:
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