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Gansu Province, the investigation of the implementation of village affairs and democratic management system

Author: ZhangFaXiang/DuShuQi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-25 06:07:09 Read:
In order to implement the 15th Party Congress on the expansion of democracy at the grassroots level to ensure that people directly exercise their democratic rights, and promote the construction of rural grassroots democracy, close between the party cadres and the masses, to promote reform, development and stability of the rural spirit, Gansu Province from March 1998, in the province's rural areas have generally adopted the system of village affairs and democratic management. At present, the province has more than 60% of the village of village affairs and democratic management system implementation. Overall, the province has implemented village affairs and democratic management system work is progressing smoothly, a good momentum of development.
A basic approach and experience
1 the masses hot issue for focused, determined and village affairs content
Around the implementation of village affairs and democratic management work, and paid attention to five aspects of the specification:
One project specification village affairs generally choose twelve village economic development plan, financial revenue and expenditure, the three deductions five system two workers to use collective operation projects, public building, IPPF The indicators homestead approval, the village cadres compensation, utilities collection, the use of special funds and materials allocated, superiors about the socio-economic development incentives.
Regulate the the village affairs program, to determine matters of public consideration the first villagers supervision team or the rules of procedure group then published after approval of the village "two committees" meeting. Involving of Murakami major village affairs public, must be submitted to the villagers' representative meeting for deliberation and decision.
Regulate village affairs in the form, and by meeting published set of indoor and outdoor bulletin published. Lanzhou Honggu District, Tianshui City, North Road area villages to set up a permanent outdoor open bar, do serious eye-catching, elegant appearance, the masses at all aware of the affairs of the village, to oversee the affairs of the village. The same time improve the the Cunwugongzuo files, re-entered into the various meetings and record the opinions of the masses registration thin, easy superiors to supervise and inspect the village affairs situation conducive to the masses readily available supervision.
Fourth specification village affairs, all public matters, the village level announced to the group, group an announcement household, Murakami significant matters to timely convene a meeting of representatives of villagers by the village committee , director responsible for the report to work, to answer questions and supervise.
Regulate village affairs time, based on the content and requirements of the public, are generally divided into published on a monthly quarterly, half-yearly announcement, the end of the year announced and released four categories at any time. Jinta County village affairs controlled supervision cards, to be published for the Public project deadline, way, responsible person, and accept supervision by the villagers.
2 to clean up the financial breakthrough to focus their efforts on financial disclosure
Financial disclosure is a key and important content of village affairs, is one of the hot issues of concern to the masses, whether real implementation of village affairs, financial disclosure must first be in place. For mess the province village-level financial accounting courses, IOUs arrived accounted for more transparency in financial revenue and expenditure poor condition, the Provincial Department of Agriculture timely formulated and issued "The implementation of the the village financial disclosure, to standardize accounting management work demonstration programs, while hand drawn launch pilot projects in Longxi and folk counties. Conduct a comprehensive audit of the clean-up of village financial counties since 1993, involving a total amount of 119 million yuan, which cleared out to discipline capital of 524,100 yuan, arrears of 255 million farmers to recover their collective funds 1,030,200 yuan, to solve some The masses have strong and long-term unresolved issues left over, and laid the foundation for a comprehensive public financial.
In the financial clean-up work around the highlighted "two focus", ie arrears recovery and the whole chapter formed; caught four links Qing Choi, processing, cash, building account; implemented three unified, uniform accounting subjects, unified accounting books, uniform accounting documents. Some counties and cities on a pilot basis, combined with local realities explore financial disclosure approach. Honggu District of Lanzhou City in the implementation of village affairs, for the part of the village-level economic strength, Murakami charge of a certain amount of funds, but the lack of effective supervision means the actual opinion of the masses of some financial revenue and expenditure, specially formulated " financial double escrow "approach, the basic content is the rural financial clean-up results, by the the Township Agricultural Economics station unified accounting subjects, hosted unified village accounting accounts, the village set up a complex account, ownership and use of funds the same ownership, Murakami various expenses are generally subject to the two committees responsible for co-signature, the audit of the financial management team of villagers signature reported the Township Agricultural Economics station audit for the record before pay a one-time expenditures of more than three thousand dollars, but also Otherwise, the bank is not the card for payment, the township of Agricultural Economics station not accounting must be submitted to the villagers' representative meeting examined and adopted. Township the Agricultural Economics station monthly check and villages accounts, quarterly audit of village financial situation, and audit results announcement. The implementation of the the "financial double escrow" way to effectively restricts the arbitrariness of the village financial income and expenses, and enhanced financial transparency, give the masses a understand, the organization supervision and the supervision by the masses organically integrated up.
3 for the protection of the system construction, and promote a regular village affairs
Implementation of village affairs, the system is to ensure that only the establishment of a standardized system of village affairs cadres and to know how to engage the public, the masses in order to know how to supervise. It has been implemented in the cities and counties of village affairs generally established the system of villagers 'representative meeting of procedure, the election system of villagers' committees, the Rules of Procedure of the village committee meeting, village-level financial supervision system, democratic appraisal of the cadre system, and village affairs and democratic management of the system.
And rules of procedures and costs in the implementation of village affairs, some counties and cities also village affairs extends to the township administration, eight open township government and seven stations "basis, procedures, and work result, efforts to achieve a legal basis charges to the masses, for the masses rule-based, promoted to reduce farmers' burdens, and enhance the transparency of government work. Tianshui City, Qin city requires the township set up special administrative bulletin, published the important work of the township government, taxes and fees charged at the standard utilities collection, while organizing the people's deputies of the township government and the seven stations eight work inspection council, further strengthening the township cadres sense of public service and the sense of democracy and the legal system, was welcomed by the masses.
The villagers on behalf of the public discussion of procedure system is an effective form of villagers' self-government. The past, many village thing cadres have the final say, by villagers on behalf of the meeting proposed big now, villagers have a new place to comment on the management of village affairs and democratic management of the new carrier. Murakami is generally recommended 7-10 villagers a representative to participate in the meeting of representatives of villagers, they have a certain degree of political participation, is eager to serve the masses, through their participation in the democratic management of village affairs, reflect the voice of the masses, and supervise the work of Murakami cadres promote the implementation of democratic management system, stimulate the creativity and enthusiasm of the masses.

, the initial results of the implementation of village affairs and democratic management system
Implementation of village affairs and democratic management system, promote the building of grassroots democracy, a strong impetus to the development of rural grassroots organizations and rural various undertakings.
Implementation of village affairs, democratic elections to lay the foundation for
Village affairs Murakami's work is often placed under the supervision of the villagers, has been an objective basis for the assessment of the work of the cadres. Some village combined with village affairs democratic elections, a group recognized by the masses, honest and sincerely do practical things for the people of the village cadres were re-elected to the bodies of the two committees, while adjusting reelection some financial undemocratic act without regulations, without the pioneering spirit of the village-level groups, the overall function of the team and the individual quality of the village and has been significantly improved. In a democratic election, the villagers desire to be fully reflected the strong desire to speed up the development of the economy, more support strong concept of market economy, the village cadres to contribute to rural poverty, the masses have trustworthy leaders, further mobilize The positive development of the economy and to participate in public welfare.
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