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Construction and installation works contract (B)

Author: WeiZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-25 03:06:04 Read:
The Employer (Party): ________________________________

Address: ____________ Postal Code ____________ Phone ____________

Legal representative: ____________ Position ____________

Contractor (Party B): ________________________________

Address: ____________ Postal Code ____________ Phone ____________

Legal representative: ____________ Position ____________

Agreed by both parties, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China "and ________ City to sign this contract, and fulfill serious.

The first project

First, the project name: ________________

Project Location: ________________

Project No.: ________________

Fourth, the project scope and content: All construction area of ??________ square meters. (Individual works see list of projects)

The project cost: the whole project construction budget cost RMB ________ yuan, including: labor costs ________. (Individual works see list of projects)

Article engineering term

An open completion date: fixed duration promulgated in accordance with the national agreement by both parties, the contract work on the completion date are as follows:

The whole project is started ________ ____ months ____ ____ (DD) ________ years for completion. (Open individual works, see the list of projects completion date)

, Before the construction of the preparatory work, the two sides should be according to the provisions of Article engineering agreement are responsible for timely completion.

Third, in the construction process, such as the case of the following situations may be extended durations. Extended deadline, shall be settled timely consultations, the signing of the agreement, shall be reported to the relevant departments for the record.

Disaster due to force majeure forced to lay-off by;

Party change plans or change the construction plans, and can not continue with the work;

The Party can not be scheduled for Fig feed for equipment or materials needed equipment undesirable, and forced to shut down or can not successfully perform construction.

The third material supply

A, handle () modes of supply of all materials required for the works following the first:

Special materials allocated by the Ministry of pipe materials and systems with the Ministry of pipe mechanical and electrical products, by Party responsible for the procurement, supply to Party B designated locations. Other materials by Party B is responsible for procurement and supply.

EC with the Ministry of pipe material, Party B is responsible for the process of applying for ordering, dispensing combination, special materials and systems with mechanical and electrical products, the Ministry of pipe from Party A to Party B is responsible for procurement and supply designated locations, and other material by the B responsible for procurement and supply.

Not-and materials engineering, all materials, equipment procurement and supply by the Party to the scene or designated processing sites.



Varieties by the Party responsible for the supply of materials and equipment, specifications, quantity and approach deadline, detailed the Party supply materials and equipment list.

Three complete sets of equipment and non-standard equipment by the Party responsible for the application, ordering and processing, before the introduction of complete sets of equipment to Party B by Party A is responsible for inspection (Party entrust Party B to the total package contractors equipment orders and non-standard equipment and processing should be entered into the agreement).

, Engineering materials needed, such as specifications, varieties or material supply department can not meet the engineering requirements other specifications, varieties instead or processing should first obtain the original designer and Party agreed by the three parties signed an agreement to implement . The difference between the amount of alternative or processed, spread and settlement processing fees, should the existing regulations.

V. Where qualified to prove that the material should be accompanied by the supply side, in the approach must be responsible for verifying; as qualified prove, qualified behind the prospective use of the test must be approved by the supply side, the cost of the test, should be the burden of the supply side. Test units due to construction or design units of factory certification material requirements, the cost of the test shall be Party burden.

By the Party responsible for the supply of materials and equipment, if not schedule supply or specifications, the quality does not match the requirements still can not be resolved by mutual efforts, therefore resulting in the loss of Party B, Party A shall burden.

The fourth engineering models Settlement

A settlement of the total project cost. Handled (), the following first:

A construction budget review and change the budget changes in settlement.

Coefficient determined by construction budget plus lump sum lump sum cost other than the cost of the settlement, lump sum range; another payment in accordance with the relevant regulations.

3. Outside the scope of the settlement, lump sum costs, and other standard construction drawings unilateral cost lump sum payment in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Not-and materials engineering, budget fixed labor costs under the settlement.

Projects tendered, according to the bid price settlement.

Funded by project funds and colorectal way, according to the existing regulations (see Annex).

Article V of the construction and design changes

Party B shall be in accordance with the national award for construction and acceptance of norms and quality inspection standards, and design requirements organizational construction, all to pass.

Second, to adhere to the according to the drawings, no party shall be free to change the design. In case of the following circumstances applicable to the other side into a work slowdown, rework, material, component backlog, construction of power and mechanical relocated loss should be the burden on the responsible party:

Construction as found design errors or serious unreasonable, Party, Party B shall be notified in writing within 7 days from the Party agreed with the original design of the unit, propose amendments or changes to the design documents, signed an agreement by both sides after they are allowed in construction.

Construction, in case of design changes beyond the original design criteria or scale before construction approval process re-submitted for approval, after examination at the audit project budget, Manager Bank Examiner investment by both parties signed an agreement, the parties constructability. Otherwise, no party may be forced construction.

3 in construction, such as the case of the half-way stop building postponed, both parties should agree on construction in progress, to make safe site.

4 in construction, if the Party of insufficient investment, not to fund progress payments on time, while the half-way stop building postponed to the losses caused by Party B, Party A shall bear.

, Party B shall strictly enforce the system of concealed work, where hidden project is completed, you must make a record after acceptance, in order to proceed with the construction of the next process. Concealed works in general inspection and acceptance by the Party B, and make records, major or complex hidden works written notice to Party B shall design units for acceptance and handling procedures for the concealed work. If Party A can not then participate, Party B may own inspection and acceptance, the Party should be recognized.

, Both encountered in the construction the engineering hygiene items, quota management approach should be submitted for approval. Change the budget of the the change project agreement attached should be promptly sent to the pre-construction Manager Bank as clearing works based.

The sixth final acceptance Clearing warranty

One Party B before the completion of individual projects, the 5th acceptance after the date of written notice to Party when acceptance as the Party can not be on time to participate in the inspection, shall notify Party B Party B agrees to separate the acceptance date, but Party A shall recognize the completion date, as we do not time to participate in the acceptance of its management fees and the loss borne by the Party. And to pay liquidated damages to Party B according to the daily budget cost of one ten thousandth of overdue.

Acceptance of the completed project, from the date of acceptance within 3 days of the transfer to Party A, Party B finished. If Party can not be scheduled to take over, resulting in acceptance of the projects after the loss occurred, Party A shall bear.

Unit project in the project for separate handover Party, at the time of the transfer, the two sides should handle the middle acceptance procedures as the basis of the acceptance of the completion of the unit works.

, Making the acceptance of the completed works, such as the quality of the project does not comply with the provisions of, and Party B shall be responsible for the unpaid repair or rework, and completed within the agreed measures and deadlines. Again handed over after their acceptance. The resulting project delays in delivering, Party B shall pay liquidated damages to Party daily budget cost of one ten thousandth overdue.
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