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Survey of the local People's Congress

Author: YangPeiTian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-24 23:06:03 Read:
Convene once a year, the local People's Congress meeting, the local organs of state power is the basic form of the exercise of state power in accordance with the law, is essential for the protection and promotion of local economic and social development and the construction of democracy and legal system. Recently, the author on topics of local People's Congress, went to several other provinces and municipalities and the province of some city and county inspections, investigations, made a survey to nearly 100 parties. Generally speaking, the convening of the National People's Congress at all levels below the provincial situation is good, the attention of the leadership at all levels, clear guiding ideology, meeting rigorous procedures for discussion and examination seriously, the actual effect is better. Needless to say, compared with the requirements of the new situation and the wishes of the masses, is also there is not a small gap, the urgent need to adopt the methods of rational analysis, to identify the problems and solve countermeasures.
One, there are some problems
Currently, there are some problems can not be ignored in the convening of the local People's Congress:
One representative will rate high. Some out, attend on behalf of the two (opening and closing) and one to the middle ran back, you open your General Assembly, he is busy with his things. Held a plenary meeting to the meeting when the rate is still good, but "for the first time to discuss Xiangmoxiangyang appears often in group discussions, secondary discuss three thousand three hundred twenty-two discuss collective put 'sheep' again.
Second, some report less than ideal. 6 report made by the Standing Committee at the NPC session, "the government and two courts, some very voluminous, lengthy statement; Some Duplicate cross each other; budget report, digital base product, expressed in general terms, often see the "experts" and "lay" can not read; Some even reverses the master-servant relationship, the public servants to report to the owner, become the diktat of the leadership to subordinates deployment.
Is the discussion speak enough balance. On behalf of their status and know the political situation in the group discussions, often manifested as a leader representing the speech in full flight - lots to talk about; industry representatives to speak three talking shop - too narrow; grassroots representatives to speak a few words came to a halt - without saying.
Fourth, consider the quality needs to be improved. Some to consider the lack of size up the situation from a macro, but all comes down to, then a small Bureau; some with television, the wife and kids say, the unit comrades the buzz of the short long confined to shallow on proposed major event ; There is more stereotyped, more good things, more talk, more nonsense, so many, of course, difficult to raise the consideration of quality.
Fifth, some motion, it is recommended not very standardized. Especially places below the county to convene the National People's Congress, some delegates or because I do not know the political and less than a point, or not write, can not write a decent motion suggested something not uncommon even in some counties, the National People's Congress dozens of motion could not pick a specification decent motion.
6 Organization recommended a general election and deputies recommended inconsistencies, canvassing, bribery phenomenon has occurred. Of the deputies recommended candidates, in some places or to mobilize the nominee does not accept the nomination, or to mobilize joint withdrawn recommend actually weakens the power of representative democracy; often become the difference between the candidates recommended by some joint election "foil"; dissatisfied with some candidates recommended by the organization or on behalf of, or due to unforeseen factors due to momentary regarding who lost the often confused moment caught by surprise dilemma; very few places even canvassing, bribery phenomenon, interference normal general election, the negative impact should not be underestimated.
Seven is the media campaign is not active enough. Radio, television, newspapers and other news media publicity of the National People's Congress, from the formal point serious more than lively enough; from a content point of view, more procedural, substantive, lack of economic and social development in the broad masses of the people in general concerned about the hot and difficult problem of tracking reports; point of view, or from the effects of poor visibility due to the media coverage of readability and lack of penetration, or due to deep enough, forceful enough to attract any attention.
The reason for the problem, I think it is mainly the following aspects:
(A) the few representatives do not know. A long time due to thousands of years of feudal history and founding of new China, "the rule of man," the influence of habit, some people often put the National People's Congress as a "rubber-stamp" impractical, a small number of deputies from within the heart that convened the annual the National People's Congress is just wrapping it, resulting not pay enough attention to some of the leading minority representatives to a rate not to discuss speak enthusiasm low.
(B) pre-inspections cursory. Although some places and representatives also engage in pre-inspection, but often just to subordinate units already scheduled good model window units walk, take a look at it, often meet in the superficial, fly, kick the tires, the lack of in-depth and informative first-hand materials. On behalf of the pre I do not know the facts of the matter, of course, difficult to targeted will discuss consideration.
(C) sometimes too tense period. Some places in order to save expenses and other reasons, often to the duration of a pressure and then pressure caused during the meeting with all motion according to legal procedures over again and are quite nervous, and did not have time to fully preparing to carry out democratic deliberation. Few township People's Congress and even "a one-day meeting in a half-day open, reading the report on the meeting rose", too short duration, of course, difficult to be effective.
(D) some representative of the quality of the poor. Some representatives of political theory, legal and policy level due to the high-and macro-known political low, mentioned in the motion, it is recommended that mostly limited to roads, bridges and build toilets ", often used in consideration" heard "," probably "," may "rambling elastic wording, of course, more difficult to make a correct assessment of the situation of a policy of rejuvenating the Ampang.
(E) leadership on behalf of dual identity affect the exercise of statutory powers. Many places accounted for more than half of the People's Congresses "government and two courts and the parties concerned responsible person, as a civil servant, he is the servant of the people, should accept the supervision of the majority of representatives and the people. But as deputies, he is the master, and exercising the powers of the state. This is both a law enforcement and the dual identity of the supervisor, not only caused this power to some constraints on the division of labor between the cross-mixing and makes a large change in the nature of public opinion expression as a national authority, or more or less affect the exercise of statutory authority.
(Vi) lack of propaganda. In recent years, the influence of the local People's Congress is constantly expanding, but the propaganda and deep enough, the effect is still poor, especially at the township level to convene the National People's Congress, the absence of newspapers, television and other modern news carrier propaganda, often formed "You open your will, I planted my land," the embarrassing situation, restricting the influence of the National People's Congress, and weakened the participation of the broad masses of the people and the forces of good NPC session outside .

good place for the National People's Congress to further open Countermeasures and Thinking
Under the new situation facing the 21st century, how to open a good place for the National People's Congress, involving pre-, after three stages and the content, form, procedures and other aspects and then local environment, local conditions vary real hard party one hundred Governance, but I believe that the further processing of the following 10 relationship when heavy will:
First, the handle to strengthen the relationship between the Party leadership and open the National People's Congress. The Chinese Communist Party is the ruling party. Important one in the four cardinal principles is to uphold the party's leadership, which is written into the Constitution. Which we need in a timely manner before the referral to the party committees, a report will closely rely on the leadership of the party to a good meeting, after a good grasp of the implementation of the National People's Congress spirit, and strive to become a process of preparatory meetings to mobilize process and organize the people to carry out the Party's line, principles and policies, the claim of the party to become the national will and concrete actions of the majority of the people, which is the key to a good local People's Congress.
The second is to properly handle the relationship between the preparatory meeting. Do all the preparatory work is an important foundation for a good start of the local People's Congress. Therefore, prior to a meeting should be the guiding ideology of the first meeting, the scope of the agenda, schedule, open law, the Bureau of the Conference of the composition program and attend staff have an overall consideration. Then, preparatory work for the team in the conference, administrative, file motions, advocacy group should be the division of labor required to carry out the preparatory work. Only open the good work of the National People's Congress of checkpoints extended forward, timely deployment, solid preparation, the relevant departments and personnel in a timely manner into the role, in order to lay the ready to "battle".
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