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How to write a competitive selection speech

Author: WeiZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-24 17:11:07 Read:
Competition for speech competition for those written before in competition for speech presentation prepared for use as an oral presentation. Competition for speech purposes, is to make the audience the speaker fully understanding and knowledge, to identify whether it can do the job. Speech writing competition for an important part of an induction speech can not be ignored, it is worth every competition for the attention.
A competition for speech writing requirements
1, the momentum is to be the head start
An important feature of the competitive selection speech is competitive, the essence of competition is to win the audience's response and support. And to do this one of the effective method is to have the momentum, and fit should be words. This momentum is not domineering, not arrogance, not arrogance, but uprightness. With the profound ability and insight, the Zhengda the spirit and the party's cause and the people's deep feelings, the author is not difficult to find appropriate language forms of expression.
2, attitude to sincerely honest
Competitive selection speech is actually volunteered. Introduce ourselves, of course, should be excellent aspect displayed, so that others understand their own. But pay attention to the "show" attitude be sincere and honest, a sub ability to say one point capability, not in order to successfully introduce ourselves and talk big liars.
3, the language to be concise and forceful
Mr. Lao She said: "concise is saying little, while intended to contain much." Competition for speech is to promote their own good time, but it must not be "lengthy prodigious". Should be concise and forceful language to express their own thoughts.
4, the heart confident
Dale Carnegie, the famous orator once said: "Do not be afraid to sell yourself as long as you think you have the talent, you should consider themselves qualified to act as this or that job." When you are confident, you stand on the lectern on the face of the crowd, will be leisurely, and will be in the best state of mind to show your own. Of course, the confidence must be built on the basis of the wealth of knowledge and experience. This confidence will become your competition for the strength, the power into your work.
Second, the competition for the writing of the speech
1, the competition for the beginning of the speech method
Competition for time speech is limited. Therefore, the beginning of the exciting and powerful would become very important. Beginning of experience in the competition for the following commonly used method to:
(1) with a sincere heart to express their gratitude. This approach enables the competitive selection and listeners psychological blending effect. For example:
I am very grateful to all the leaders, comrades gave me this competition for the opportunity.
(2) a brief introduction about the situation of their own, such as name, qualifications, duties, experience. For example:
I called Li new, graduated from Peking University, Department of Philosophy in 1983, joined the Communist Party of China in 1985, the current deputy director of the Philosophy Department.
(3) overview of the main competition for speech. This approach enables the selection of those who will be able to clear the keynote speakers at the start. For example:
My speech today is divided into two parts: First, I competition for the Personnel Bureau Deputy Secretary advantage; talk about the good work of the Personnel Bureau, deputy director of the ideas.
2, the main competition for speech content
Competition for speech purposes, is to bring to introduce yourself to the selection by selection to understand your situation, understand the competition for jobs and elected intention. So, the competition for the main content of speech should include the following aspects:

(1) introduce the basic conditions of their own candidates
The so-called basic conditions and political quality, operational capacity and working attitude. This part is actually to show why candidates, what candidates. Competition for who introduce their situation, must be targeted, their qualifications, experience, and political quality, operational capacity, the existing achievements, and so that to introduce competition for jobs. Is not intended to be exhaustive, but should make a choice based on the competition for the functions of that office situation.
(2) a brief introduction of their own inadequacies
Competitive selection by introducing the basic conditions of their own candidates, as far as possible to show their strengths, but not their own inadequacies, not remain silent. See the formulation of a competitive selection:
I never served as a student leader, and lack of experience. This is a disadvantage, but never managed to pass through in the "official" one is clean, there is no "official relative to official state", "bureaucratic officialdom; less timid about taking into account the private, more aggressive aggressive . That is because my life has always been at the very bottom, never had the experience of the "superior" pendulum "airs" could not understand, could not come, especially a democratic style. My slogan is "to do a thorough civilians squad.
(3) that own office intends
More concerned about selection or competition for those who intend to post office. Therefore, the competition for those in the competition for the speech, must use clear and concise language Liangming own point of view, other words, we must closely around the audience concerned about the hot and difficult issues, put forward a clear work objectives and practical measures. See a competition for veteran cadres Deputy Director positions competitive selection speech:
Summarize my own case, I think I conditionally competent to perform the work of the Deputy Commissioner. If I can be competitive selection is successful, I will do the following tasks:
First, to assist the Director to continue to do the work of veteran. Solve the the veteran cadres urgent problem. As the later years of the political life of the treatment of the veteran cadres, cadres education issues.
Second, actively organize veteran cadres to carry out a healthy and active cultural and fitness activities, so that their old music.
Third, actively carry out home visits to work, in particular, to strengthen the work of the service of living alone, arranged for staff to help them form a pair, make them feel the warmth of the organization.
Fourth, the establishment of an Office Suggestion Box to understand the mental state of the elderly, to understand their needs, and understanding of the situation in a timely manner to the Bureau report to the leadership, and to solve the problem in a timely manner.
3, the competition for the end of the speech method
Good Conclusion can deepen the selection competition for those good impression, which is conducive to competition for success. The end of the common method of competition for speech:
(1) shows that the competition for the success of attitude. This approach enables the selection of those who feel the competition for those candid. For example:
As an active participant in this competition for employment, I hope to succeed in the competition. However, I will not avoid failure. Whatever the final outcome, I will remain upright, conscientious work. "
(2) to express confidence in their competition for employment. For example:
Although my speech today is volunteered, but not the potter praises his own pot. I just want to show the real me to all the leaders. I believe, the With my political quality, my dedication, down-to-earth spirit, my enthusiasm, my management experience, I must be able to do a good job of the Deputy Commissioner. If you have doubts, then please give me a chance, I'll never let you down.
(3) hope to get the support of the selection of those. For example:
Leaders, distinguished judges, believe me, vote for me!
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