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In twenty-first Century I Ching literature research prospect

Author: Deng Sheng Guo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-24 12:09:40 Read:
Abstract: studies is an important subject in ancient Chinese literature search of modern.In the new century, the I Ching literature how to develop and continue, it is engaged in research to learn literature scholars need to first think about.According to the subject to problems, put forward a series of personal views and ideas.
Keywords: I Ching; literature; development trend
Prospects of Yijing philological study for the 21rt century
Abstract: The study of Yijing is one of the important issues in today 's study of Chinese national culture. In the 21rt century, it is the first question to be thought for the philologist to develop the philological study of Yijing and other ancient books. This paper attends to put forward a series of individual opinions in view of the developing trend of this subject.
Key words: Yijing; Philology; developing trend
in the past two years, the national each big newspapers and magazines about twenty-first Century, economic globalization and the Chinese national culture into the discussion of the scene and.Indeed, this is the hot topic in our present time and important topic.As everyone knows, China has been in the first year of the twenty-first Century accession to the WTO, which means that the development of China's economy entered a new stage, in the world of economic globalization in the ranks.However, with the development of economic globalization and the deepening process, the excellent cultures of all ethnic groups will also be accelerated their mutual penetration, influence each other, complement each other, sublimation absorption."Book of changes" ancient classics in ancient China a divination book, the "Yi" is full of rich meaning of philosophy, they saved a lot of valuable ancient social history, the Han Dynasty had become one of the important Confucian classics, and was given an important representative of the Chinese traditional cultural identity, and become a long-term research scholars, the study for Chinese people all over the world and international sinologists, formed a splendid splendid "to learn" boom.Since twentieth Century, research on "book of changes" and the ancient book of changes, has got great attention and made great progress in China and abroad, it is foreseeable, in this new century, the study of natural will to learn continuously made new achievements, new development.To learn the research in many aspects, related to the modern multiple disciplines, such as philosophy, history, linguistics, astronomy etc..Similarly, it is also very concerned about contemporary engaged in classical literature research scholar's objects.As in the Chinese classical literature research scholars, the book of changes in research, apparently more attention to learn literature itself, and finishing, persist in using the directory, version, collation, compilation, exegesis, detection of forgeries, compiling a series of literature research method, to provide basic research materials for other related disciplines research.Because both Chinese scholars and foreign scholars, only based on the research object on the basis of literature, and then to philosophy, history and other aspects of the in-depth study.Development on twenty-first Century book literature work towards, we think, be embodied and reflected in the following aspects.
The preliminary construction of the theory system and the development of a literature study, book of changes
such a knowledge of Chinese literature, probably at the latest from the spring and Autumn Period Confucius finishing with six mainly ancient books already exist, but because of China's practical reason of traditional literature theory of light, as a subject of the literature has produced very late.The earliest known as "Literature" is named after the nineteen thirties, Zheng Hesheng, Zheng Hechun the "summary" (1) a Book of Chinese literature.After nearly half a century was in a state of silence, until the nineteen eighties, of which followed, all kinds of literature works emerge in an endless stream.These works, some belong to the classical literature works, some belong to the modern literature works, some belong to the nature of literature to learn the book, also belongs to the specialized philology.According to the author, only the specialized philology is Zhang Junyan "Chinese Literature" (2), Dan Shuqing, Zhang Chunling, "China Economic Literature" (3), Liu Yuejin "Medieval Literature" (4), Xie Yujie, Wang Jiguang, "Chinese history of literature" (5), "the law of Zhang Boyuan literature" (6), etc..Therefore, has been very fruitful research results have been achieved in the recent 20 years of Chinese literature research.Recently, some scholars of Chinese literature in the development of thinking and dialectical analysis, construction and development from the perspective of the subject itself, analyzes the possibility and necessity of the subject of reform and development, such as professor Feng Haofei has published "China's literature status and historical philology positioning" (7], "on the Chinese literature study discipline system reform" (8) and other series of papers, puts forward a series of feasible suggestions.Mr. Feng also quite knowledgeable pointed out: "the development of specialist literature, will undoubtedly inspire, motivate special bibliography, book literature research.That is to say, it is not difficult to anticipate, the 20 years before twenty-first Century, not only has a large, supporting the specialist literature works, there are special literatures, books literature books have come out in succession."(8) from the Chinese literature at the construction of subject system related, as the book literature nature of the book of changes and the related literature, the book of changes of each subject literature, has the possibility of discipline system construction.
on the other hand, research on the book of changes, has always been a focus of scholars in china.From the existing historical "Yiwenzhi" or "suishu" records the situation, to learn literature is very rich; but since the nineteen eighties of "Zhouyi" also made rapid progress, research works are published.Know from the current situation, the I Ching literature when not under 3000.To adapt to the needs of the development of the subject, the necessity of establishing the I Ching literature and literature studies are also becoming more and more obvious, if we can fully absorb and reflect the basic condition of previous studies in as far as possible, to construct a special documents of Yi literature, there will be conducive to further promote the development of the research to learn obviously, and can inspire and guide the contemporary changes of consciousness, and orderly development.On the necessity and feasibility of the above two reasons, we think that based on the construction of the theory system of the subject, the task of literature on the imminent changes, pressure in the research scholar of contemporary literature theory.At the same time, we also believe that, in twenty-first Century, will also appear more increasingly perfect, mature I-Ching literature works.
Two, to learn literature classics and the history of research will become one of the key research new
since twentieth Century, because of the influence of Western learning, the traditional ancient Chinese literature search especially traditional classics study once marginalized and criticism, especially before the nineteen eighties, the domestic political situation and academic environment is not suitable will not allow Jing Xueyan research questions, which to some extent hindered the the further development of Chinese classical literature as an important branch of the classics.After 80 years, due to the policy of reform and opening up continuously and deeply, the domestic economic situation is becoming more and more prosperous, and the overseas scholars academic exchanges, academic thought also become more freedom and advanced, so we think, in the new century, reviews and summarizes the problems related to review the relevant organizations, to study the changes of scholars through the right and wrong in some studies, such as "book of changes" passed by the author, the book's and the nature of the problem, make a summary of the comments, it is very necessary and very meaningful thing.
Nbsp; we note that, since twentieth Century, some domestic scholars on the classics and some of the problems in the study history were discussed deeply, to learn history research as an example, the Taiwan scholar Gao Huaimin "Pre-Qin history", "Han Yi history", "easy to learn" (Xu Qinting origin on under Jian Boxian, "Wei), four easy to study", the mainland scholars such as Xiao Hanming's "Studies", "book of history" of Liao Mingchun, Lin Zhongjun "the image-numberology development history", Xu Zhirui "Song Ming" Liu Yujian "Introduction to the changes, the image-numberology research", their discussion to learn history from a different point of view, and achieved encouraging results.Some scholars in the study, pay more attention to the study to learn academic thought history and society history together, they often through social factors background of academic development, demonstration of right and wrong, the problem however, we must point out, the literature scholars only through a lot of literature, to discuss the issue of such a thinking is not enough.On the one hand, various factors of social politics, life, education in the trend of the times, will undoubtedly affect research and development of Yi, the spread, which has been confirmed by many researchers, need not repeat them here.On the other hand, when the easy spread and Research (of course also includes other Confucian classics branch) occupy the leading position in the consciousness of all levels of society, it must in turn widely and deeply affect the aspects of social politics, economy, culture, education, customs, customs and other fields, may even influence the establishment of statecraft to the rulers and the implementation effect, therefore, research on a phenomenon, can not cause the concern and attention of contemporary scholars.According to the current situation, the contemporary Yi literature scholars, has not caused widespread concern, not to mention the study.So we believe that the study of history, the future to learn, there will be more brilliant works in this aspect, and further promote research to learn literature itself on another level. in research about to learn the history of classics, is not difficult to find some scholars emphasized and paid attention to, more is the dynasties classics study has great influence to the literature, such as Zheng Xuan "Zhou Yi" Wang Bi "Zhou Yi," "Zhou Yi omitted cases, injection", research on Zhu Xi the original meaning of "Zhou Yi", a kind of documents for two times and three times literature, emphasize the meaning of object.Of course, we have no objection to the Yi studies mainstream representative literature for further study, but at the same time also seems to deal with at the time and the subsequent impact not deep to learn literature, research, because only in this way, it can objectively reflect the actual situation of each order of Duan Yijing.In addition, we should strengthen the research on the potential of other literature in the Yi-ology thoughts, for example, from the Han Dynasty Yang Xiong "dialect", Xu Shen "Shuowen Jiezi", "Liu Xi" name of the explaining words, can draw out the young, Xu, Liu's own acceptance of Yi-ology, in-depth understanding to learn at the time of the impact factor.In conclusion, the research in this field, open a broader living space for our future to learn literature research.ке
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