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Auxiliary internship report

Author: WeiZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-24 06:02:06 Read:
This week is removable auxiliary engine practicum, from the beginning, I was very excited, but also very serious, holding wholehearted enthusiasm and curiosity, serious to treat, because I know that this opportunity did not come easily, and usually holding textbooks are facing remembered theory, when it comes to practice, there is precious little! So I cherish, from beginning to end, I have to keep going to do, do not leave early, absenteeism, carefully listening to the teacher explain everything involved in hands-on, theory and practice are combined with each other, and assiduously good at finding problems, the courage to solve the problem and patiently listening insights of others! Humbly ask our mentors!

.... Our instructor is a teacher has a wealth of practical experience, her patience and passion under the guidance of my understanding of the screw pump, oil purifier, gear pumps, vane pumps, compressors, centrifugal pumps, etc. These front only see the device on the theory books. In the hands of each device, the teachers are first elaborated the working principle of the machine, workflow and functional significance. Although detailed introduction on the books, but I do not think the teacher wordy theory from practice, face-to-face in front of these devices, if principle easier to understand, the process is clearer, things can not read the original books. if one came here, it is enlightened, I become smarter? Not, all practices are. Practice is the source of the theory!

.... In the process of dismantling the machine, we are all of very hard, but doing buying power, but also dry very happy, although the weather is very hot, despite very heavy machine despite Accessories dirty, the smell is very unpleasant, I have an active hands-on, no practice, no right to speak, a fight, turned out to have been good at rhetoric I really cheerful, for example, I automatically got the division of labor between the program and the students know how to the greeting our teachers ask, and also to understand the intention to exchange experiences and classmates .... It turned out that he was not so cool! Practice, in addition to improve a person's technical skills, but also can improve the moral character of a person. A machine, there is a lot of component parts, often, to complete disassembly is not a hands-while groups of division of labor to complete, which also need each individual in the process of doing good with positive the so-called whole can not be separated section, part of the overall combination! Such a machine, a man to do this too! Access to all machine, I was most impressed by the vane pump, because it really spend too much of our time is very energy, although a little hate it, but very grateful for it, because I learn things up Although we have installed a lot of n times or not running, but we do not succumb to the difficulties in carefully under the guidance of the teacher, from the surface to inside the Ministry, from coarse to fine, from the parts to the whole, we found a lot of problems, analysis to solve, and finally 11, finally succeeded was really hard to describe the psychological pleased! It turned out that the work can bring to the frustration of the people happy, is not afraid of difficulties to solve some difficult task, as will be more rewarding!

.... In the course of practice, our teacher is quite strict, although after school we are amiable. Class, especially the principles, I remember the beginning of time, and some students wear slippers, she immediately asked me to go back and change, although I have many reasons but still failed to engage in the final. Afterwards, she kindly teaches us that the work must be strict requirements, can not ignore each small problem in the process, even if it is a small problem, when at work are likely to cause problems ... this I learning or greatly benefit from in the future work!

.... Through this internship, I gain much, either the skills or ideological aspects. Here, I would like to thank our teachers hard teachings, but also thanks to their tireless work hard, and I would be good in the future to carry forward! !

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