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The development of the box-type substation and intelligent system

Author: GongJin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-24 04:07:42 Read:
Abstract: This paper describes the main structure characteristics of box-type substation and intelligent system configuration, explains the function and the application and problems of intelligent box substation.
Keywords: box-type substation intelligent system -- > 1.
With the development of market economy, countries in the construction and renovation of urban and rural power grid, require a high voltage directly to the load center, the formation of high voltage power transformer power supply -- -- the pattern of low voltage power distribution, so the supply for distribution to the development of land, energy saving, compact, small, unmanned direction, (referred to as the box changes) is the best product with these characteristics, so it is widely used in urban and rural power grids.
At the same time, the informationization, networking and intelligent residential development, therefore requires not only the box substation is safe and reliable, and has a "four." (telemetry, remote communication, remote adjustment, remote control) intelligence.This intelligent
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