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"I Ching" idea of benevolence

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Abstract: I righteousness idea is "Tao" as the basis.All the human all ancient benign interaction, is "benevolence" performance.Suitable for all value judgments of human converge to "social welfare and ethical consensus", "righteousness" is the performance of.I think, "righteousness" is not taken seriously in the human society the avenue, so human ethics, is emerging, from "Tao" to argument, to discuss moral benevolence grades and the difference between.
Keywords: I, righteousness, propriety, morality, road
Zhou Lianxi theory of Tai Chi second said: "but the people, the show and the spirit.Shape is born, God knows, five moved, and good and evil points.All the saints will be, in righteousness, and the main static, Li people.Therefore the sage and heaven their virtue, the sun and its bright, four when the order, demons and their fate.The gentleman to Kyrgyzstan, against the evil villain.Therefore, the way of heaven is established, the Yin and Yang; site of the road, softness and hardness; people with righteousness, Hito.Again, primitive andultimate, therefore I said.Also, the big easy, to come!"Influenced by Zhou, "book of changes" and the new Confucianism ethics thought is benevolence and righteousness.
On the other hand, I Chinese philosophy is the main root; Buddhism grafted in Chinese philosophy, its stock is the Taoist philosophy; Western grafting in Chinese philosophy, its stock is the philosophy of Lao tzu.Dialectics of grafting in Chinese dialectics, since I started.The highest principle I is the imitation of nature, this is a million different particulars as the starting point, but not without universals (the road).The mainstream of new Confucianism is a million different universals (which is) as this, but not yet.Thus, by the Ethics Center I "moral" point of view "book of changes" and the new Confucian thought of benevolence and righteousness, have a new meaning.
One, the meaning of righteousness
"Shuowen" pointed out: "benevolence, Pro also, from two."A note: "alone is no coupling, coupling is blind, so the word from two."Visible kernel refers to the ethical relationship between human.Beginning from Confucius, Confucianism made a systematic elucidation of benevolence, the blood relationship as a reasonable starting kernel, and the use of loyalty and forgiveness will be extended to the blood relationship of social relationships, that Jen is intrinsic psychological sentiment and the moral ideology.The nature and function of kernel has dual nature, hand caring difference (Yang), the patriarchal clan ritual for benevolence standards; on the other hand, have heavy people tend to benevolence (Yin), requirements for people's wide Hui benevolence, the abuse of the people against tyranny.
And the meaning of the word "book of changes" in all thirty-nine, all in the "Yi", meaning there are four: one is appropriate."The book of changes. Dry. Classical Chinese" said: "the winner, righteousness and profit", "enough and righteousness"."The book of changes. For creating" also said: "be, must also, risks in before.Vigorous but not trapped, its meaning is not poor!"This has supported the new Confucianism human system theory of value judgment suitability view must converge to a common sense of social welfare.The significance, meaning, has nothing to do with this inference.Three as the truth, justice, and the relationship between shallow inference.Four is the moral norms, often with Tao, benevolence, ritual."Copulative. Upload" said: "the nature of existence (referring to the universe and the universe 'easy'), the moral door.""Copulative." said: "it is speech, can people not I righteousness.""Said Gua." said: "people says that benevolence and righteousness.""The arrangement." said: "there are up and down and then li-yi has been wrong."This apparently and "social ethical consensus and social welfare consensus" confluence.
According to the new Confucianism system theory "(namely the promise and Tai Chi, Tai Chi initiative produce world queen, Queen of heaven and earth initiative have five lines and three.The initiative of the three conditions to continue to maintain, is the active system universe society; between three yang, yin and active force, and transformed into an operating system; Yin and Yang astrotech itself is transformed into passive system open interactive evolution of hexagram transformation; Mu-huo soil Jinshui wood, fire, soil a, gold, water and earth active neutral force is transformed into a operating system; wood fire earth five Jinshui itself is transformed into a sequence of circular students passive system G stability.The society in passive system of Yin-Yang and five elements, there is a sequence of open, a cyclic evolution, interaction with students grams, gua-bian is stable; and vice versa. ")Broadly speaking, all human activities are the benign interaction between yin and Yang, is the "benevolence" behavior, not only limited to the ethics; human activities all value judgment shall be suitable for convergence to the "social benefits and ethical consensus" as a code of conduct, is behavior person "righteousness" performance.
Two, with kind thoughts Tao based
To understand I idea of benevolence, must understand the old "moral" the source ""."I Ching" speak "Tao" where there are as many as seventy-six."Tao" is the origin of the universe and the universe ontology, is the general principle of the universe.One is the intelligent part of the universe, but man law, law days, days France Road, imitation of nature.
"Moral" the fifth chapter says: "not heaven and earth, to heaven; the sage, to the people to live."This is a world without love, pure as all things according to the nature of natural growth, i.e. not dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased, nor does it create any more, not a kind of mercy, especially to give it some benefits, so it for all the life and death, like the sacrifice of grass Zagreb into heaven, after use demolition, natural, pure natural abandoned, let it have its swing, do not cherish it.Similarly, the sage as the way of heaven and earth, but also the people as the dog as no preference for any of a class of people, not show mercy, especially for their benefit, so that the people are with the nature development, make them from the phase rule.
Here the "benevolence" is "no preference", "do not give oneself over to blind emotions (sentimental)".From "Tao" point of view, yin and yang are usually benign interaction, is "benevolence" behavior.Not only has the benign interaction, then the world why a particular preference, especially give oneself over to blind emotions?Saint why on a certain class of people favor, especially give oneself over to blind emotions?Yin and Yang astrotech has benign interaction, is "inhumane" "no preference", "do not give oneself over to blind emotions", but is "benevolence" behavior.This one.
Yin and Yang astrotech if not benign interaction, is "moral" ninth chapter: "Chuai (that search) and sharp, can not be sustained; night, no one can keep; rich and arrogant, left the blame (disaster)."That often come out, this momentum can not long retain; too strong and is easily broken, accustomed to a person, are also susceptible to attack; temper metal make it sharp vice versa, cannot long retain its sharp; he who is rich, but not a permanent keep their wealth; not the sons of extravagance and waste, is the bandit to use his brain; and that relies on the rich and noble and proud people, finally also will insult or a disaster.
"Moral" the twelfth chapter on the other said: "colors blind; pentameter is deaf; five taste that people cool; gallop hunting make people mad; rare goods, a line."The excessive pursuit of the enjoyment of color, finally lead to see things in a blur, visual retardation, to pay no heed; excessive pursuit of audio enjoyment, finally lead to deafen the ear with its roar, hard of hearing, listen but not hear; excessive pursuit of taste enjoyment, finally lead to impaired taste, loss of taste, food but not its taste; too much indulge horseback hunting, chasing birds, finally lead to psychological., hung up, crazy unstable; excessive pursuit of gold and silver treasures rare goods, eventually led to the theft and burglary, free behavior is infringed, the moral deterioration, lose all standing and reputation.
"Moral" the thirteenth chapter says: "disgrace,, if you disgrace; what is?Pet is, as for the loss, if surprised, if surprised, is called the disgrace; what is, if the body?The reason that I have patients, for my body; I had not the body, we have what trouble?"That is, people of the importance of exotic love and insult, no conscience cultivation, so the favoritism or humiliated, must therefore be fear will eat; favoritism jealousy, shame will blow, also may be suffering from temporary body; and because not to leave their life and death, love, fear of big calamity near the body to so eat panic fear, why favoritism and humiliation have panic fear?Because in the eyes of the world has, generally is the pet as classy, such as dangerous, pet Zun disgrace humble; get pet Rong felt very explicit, shame felt very ashamed, so whether favoritism insulted, was also surprised, even in disfavor lost shame, is also surprised; why would you want to own, fear of big evil Pro body also surprised?Because we love ourselves, often think only of themselves, if we can to selfless attitude, themselves away from the body, forget yourself, then what is this evil to worry?
This is some of the benign interaction of yin and yang are not.Therefore, the benign interaction of yin and yang are unable to, is the real "inhumane".The benign interaction of yin and Yang astrotech failed, heaven and earth again can Shi Qi Ren?Saint again can Shi Qi Ren?"Road" as the basis of the "benevolence" and the secular likes and dislikes based "heartless" is only a thin line, but the differences are as different as heaven and hell.The second.
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