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35kV unmanned box-type substation applications

Author: FuLiGe From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-23 21:16:19 Read:
Abstract: with the development of rural reform unceasing advancement, the transformation of rural power network area gradually expanded.In rural small variable Design Institute of electric, 35kV unmanned box substation so the factory building, the design of short construction cycle and unique charm.The following advantages and disadvantages and the matters needing attention are described
Keywords: 35kV unmanned box-type substation

With the development of rural reform unceasing advancement, the transformation of rural power network area gradually expanded.In rural small variable Design Institute of electric, 35kV unmanned box substation so the factory building, the design of short construction cycle and unique charm.The following advantages and disadvantages and the matters needing attention are described.
The advantages of 1 <?
(1) investment less substation, small occupation area:
The box-type substation without construction of control room and the corresponding auxiliary building, 10kV equipment without structure, small occupation area, site just by the manufacturers to provide basis of variable size box, making a reinforced concrete foundation, can.
The box-type variable in the factory has been tested, only the box outside the main variable, 35kV equipment and 10kV line after a bus and several cable and the box.So cable use quantity is less, than conventional can save investment 1/4 ~ 1/3.
(2) the design of short construction period:
Design, as long as the design personnel according to the actual requirements of substation design, make a wiring diagram of the main and external equipment, you can choose from the manufacturer with box change specifications and models, truly substation construction of the factory, to shorten the cycle of design and manufacturing.The construction of the factory has been debugged box fixed on the reinforced concrete foundation, box outside the main variable, 35kV equipment and other necessary one or two connection, to complete the installation, construction period can be shortened more than half.
(3) to improve the reliability of substation operation:
Because of the temperature control box-type substation, a series of measures to dust, moisture, corrosion, which are mounted on the two protective box, remote control device and the switching equipment in a good working environment, coupled with the compact arrangement of equipment, the degree of integration of one or two high, reducing the unnecessary connection and nodes, reducing the failure rate of electric circuit, so that the reliability of substation operation greatly improved.
(4) the use of advanced technology, comprehensive high degree of automation, flexible configuration, realized unattended.
Combination of high integration, modular and modular, use and allocation of one or two equipment is very flexible: such as: main transformer capacity increase after the need to increase the protection or in the operation of the plug-in has fault, as long as the replacement of plug-in board, can be solved; in addition, now many manufacturers in the loop of the short circuit ring settings are charged swap function two times, thus saving unnecessary outage time; again, the backup machine monitoring, as long as the 485 interface with a twisted pair and standby connection, can be completed.
Application of computer in the power industry is very common, because of the box-type substation unattended requires very high degree of automation, integrated, such as the 35kV box transformer substation superior need a power value, as long as the little mouse can be obtained.
(5) easy replacement of equipment software:
The box changes the underlying file assembler language (changes very small), even changing the hardware, this file is only to change a few address and interrupt value can be used, software upgrade, just the update operation platform.Of course, in practice, also must be guided by the manufacturers and the stability test system.
(6) the box-type variable has the mobility, the use of more flexible:
Box-type substation for 35kV line end, when the in situ load disappear or change, can remove box changed, be transported to the site, and can quickly formed a new transformer station.
The disadvantages of 2
(1) the box-type substation although temperature control device warning, but the sudden fire is incapable of action, such as the realization of the true meaning of the unattended, automatic fire extinguishing system should consider the corresponding (manufacturing cost, this will increase the box transformer substation).Although, the box changes using oil-free equipment, dangerous but the reactive compensation device and the explosion.
(2) the maintenance of small space, this is a case of congenital defects, cannot overcome.
(3) line interval extension margin small, if want to increase 1 ~ 2 line spacing is more difficult in the original line, must add box can do.

3 selection should pay attention to the problem of the box changes <?
(1) the use of box substation must pay attention to the following points:
Use the site has the strong vibration and shock are not allowed, a large magnetic strength is not allowed.
The use of location may be hazardous substances, the surrounding medium not containing gas corrosion of metal and damage the insulation and conductive medium, mold should not have occurred.
The box body is arranged vertical tilt angle should not exceed 5 , outdoor wind speed shall not exceed 35m/s, air relative humidity should not exceed 90% ( 25 ).
the capacity of less than 5000kVA, the main transformer 35kV side with high pressure fuse protection, fuse front-end available 35kV isolation switch as the isolation fracture repair.
The hoisting should choose hoisting equipment properly according to the standard weight and related safety regulations, the angle between the lifting rope should be less than 60 diagonal pull rope, application of box transformer lifting.In order to ensure its smooth.
Around the box and the main transformer lightning rod should be installed, and ensure the equipment within the scope of security.In the prefabricated foundation before should first embedded good grounding grid, the grounding resistance should be less than 4 , box in place, should be the ground terminal and the ground.
because Xinjiang area saline, box foundation height should be greater than or equal to 500mm, the reinforced concrete foundation must be anti-corrosion.
(2) because of the box-type substation has met the requirements of unmanned technology, not to set the background equipment, without the need for personnel on duty, run time, only consider security issues.
(3) use the box-type substation, should as far as possible so that each line of load in the 1500kW around, because only in this way, the investment benefit to the box changes appear, the author calculated brushstroke Zhang, the main transformer capacity of 3150kVA unit cost is 476 yuan /kVA.The main transformer capacity of 6300kVA unit cost is reduced by half, or 238 yuan /kVA.Especially the transformation of rural power network to implement the "two change together valence" later, high-voltage meter model no longer exists, brought a possible to a concentrated load, in order to prevent large area load rejection, this branch of the 10kV line, installing sectionalizing switch switch or column, in order to block the fault on transmission, reduce the substation the feeder outage times.
(4) in the protection configuration, according to the selection of a device, there are three different options:
When the high pressure side of main transformer in the circuit breaker protection, can choose the computer integrated automatic system.
The limited funds, protection device can be used integrated circuits (such as the PND-2000), to achieve the "four remote", still need to add RTU equipment.
When the high pressure side of the main transformer protection using fuses, adopt inverse-time protection device to the low-pressure side.
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