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Multimedia monitoring system used in Substation

Author: YangJiBing LiGenYing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-23 14:47:16 Read:
Abstract: this paper presents a realization of substation multimedia monitoring system, introduces the system structure, system function and technique for application in substation, monitoring system and other monitoring.
The keyword: the application of substation multimedia monitoring system
1 introduction
With the continued advance of the development of power industry and urban and rural power grids, the power sector reform is in full swing in the network.Each area substation basically realizes less / unattended.Electric Power Bureau through the establishment of operation management and dispatching department, is responsible for the substation's daily operation and maintenance, operation level has been greatly improved.But the existing monitoring system can only realize telemetry, remote communication, remote and remote control, can not fully reflect the variable operation condition of electric place, such as theft, fire, explosion-proof, waterproof, gas leakage etc..In order to realize the substation data, environmental parameters and equipment control and monitoring, in particular to understand and grasp the situation, timely response to the situation, the need to introduce multimedia monitoring system of substation.
The power sector is to accelerate the pace of construction of electric power communication network, in view of this, this paper presents a multimedia monitoring system is applied to the new method, this method has the following characteristics:
(1) the multimedia monitoring and microcomputer anti-misoperation lockout, integrated automation monitoring and dispatching automation organically, realize the true sense of the substation automation system.
(2) to realize digitized comprehensive transmission substation information, in the assurance of real-time information transmission, the remote information, voice, images sent to the main station through the same channel, make full use of the power system optical fiber network or E1 channel channel resources.
2 system composed of
The application of multimedia monitoring system in substation, realize the true sense of the substation automation system, the system structure as shown in figure 1.

1 multimedia monitoring system
Figure 1 integrated automation system, control, measurement and protection of primary equipment, the remote control function by RS232 direct access to integrated access equipment, the background of the network interface to access Ethernet, anti-misoperation locking system through the network interface to access Ethernet, multimedia monitoring system of the host directly access Ethernet, between the system fully realized resource sharing.When the substation interlayer operation, multimedia monitoring system to monitor every step of the operation, and timely feedback to the operator, when the electric mechanism operation, through the multimedia monitoring system control monitor window to the operation of equipment, location and visual observation of equipment operation.
See from Figure 1 can, in the dispatching control center, dispatching automation main station and multimedia monitoring system based on the same LAN, in a control center can be observed in the substation, all the data and equipment.
Multimedia monitoring system consists of a camera, lens, camera, PTZ controller, alarm input and output devices, TV wall, the host (including video and audio compression card, sound card, card, switching card), pickup.Multimedia monitoring system is responsible for collecting audio and video information and the use of MPEG1/MPEG2 compressed transmission to the main station, all kinds of detectors and sensors through the alarm card connected with the host computer by RS485 mode, transmit alarming information to the master, and the master station receives the control command, Yuntai lens through the control of PTZ controller, using RS485 way connected with the host.
3 system
Multimedia monitoring system functions such as shown in table 1.Table 1

multimedia monitoring system

video alarm
according to the change of the video image.

Virtual Map
Actual situation of


authority management


control functions


function description
display video screen arbitrary segmentation, and text information of
selected alarm video region and alarm
alarm is set by the program, without movement, automatic and intelligent
complete simulation of monitoring site monitoring events, can stick out a mile, and virtual monitoring
TV wall can be manually switch, automatic switch, packet switching, associated with any combination of
video network offers a variety of broadband options, adapt to the current line of
multilevel password authorization management, well-defined
Journal work diary records the user's information and alarm information, to facilitate supervision, the responsibility to distinguish
alarm input through the alarm card access various detector
through the alarm card output all kinds of control information of
standard PTZ camera and integrated intelligent ball
timing video in the specified period of automatic video
can control one or more manual recording, manual stop
disk management each hard disk partition storage full automatically clean up the earliest days of video data, and to continue the video, always maintain a specified period of time the video data in
image playback can fast-forward / rewind or single frame before and after
search free retrieval
according to video time, place
Analysis of
4 Technology
(1) all of the core technology of the underlying software, modular design, 32 multimedia software, the true meaning of the package, full support for WINDOWS95/98/2000, WINDOWSNT.
(2) the number of automatic detection system software codecs have been equipped with, when the system is running, the system will automatically monitor the codec, the software will have a similar WINDOWSIE icon dynamic, real-time reflect device.
(3) holding a mobile phone system, used in communications retransmission mechanism, to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.
(4) establish a system to ensure that the system, with each decoder communication in a certain time, each point of a decoder, codec if it exists, and normal, the answer to.If the system call, did not receive a response signal, it shows that the point being codec is not normal, or failures of communication lines.
(5) to the alarm protection figure made of multimedia electronic map operating visual, hierarchical management, by using the tree structure, a relationship is established between the level and the monitoring element, will help the operator site operation, visual image, stick out a mile.
(6) the digital image technology will be multi-channel video signals to multiple screen is displayed simultaneously on a computer screen at the same time, complete the monitoring of multi-channel video, is an important symbol of the true meaning of the multimedia monitoring.
(7) using MJPEG, MPEGI, MPEGII compression algorithm, according to the different requirements of users, can be equipped with different hard disk video recording system.Compression standard determines the image quality, size and other factors, the resolution of storage space, can complete the multi-channel no frame loss hard disk video recording, and can realize the multi-channel and single-channel playback, accomplish hard jump area, automatic circulation recording, data backup and other functions, is a watershed in its technical content.
(8) video alarm technology.One way is to use variation contrast between frames, first select a fixed number of frames, calculate the change value, select a fixed number of frames is used, with the advance of time mode, constant change, can slowly change automatic induction light, only the frame difference exceeds a limit to alarm, greatly reducing the false alarm rate.Another way is the dynamic detection technology, the dynamic test to screen active objects extracted, analysis, statistics, to make the correct judgment, can simultaneously on multiple dynamic detection, tracking.
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