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Powered by the 2004 year-end summary

Author: WeiZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-23 12:35:04 Read:
2004, my overall work under the help of the organs and departments under the correct leadership of the Party committees Bureau, Bureau Chief at the beginning of the year: "to live in a bus, consolidate two foundation to carry out three activities, the establishment of four normal operational mechanism five to improve work thinking security center "first class" as a driving force to grab power management focus, diversified revenue in order to ensure security and stability through the hard work of the employees, the smooth successful completion of the various tasks indicators. I will now work in the past year a brief report to the leadership at all levels as follows:
First, the economic benefits of the completion of
1, the power supply to complete 12153.8258 Wan KWH 11,530,000 KWH of ultra-annual control plan, an increase of 18.29% over the same period last year.
Electricity sales completed 9011.5826 Wan KWH ultra-annual control plans 1011.5826 Wan KWH, up 26% from the same period last year.
Line loss rate: low-voltage line loss rate 9.38%, the annual control plan 9.70%, down 0.32 percentage points. And 10.6% in the same period last year, a decrease of 1.22 percentage points, a single line loss compliance rate of 85%, and 60% of the annual control plan, an increase of 31.25%, an increase of 40 percentage points to 55% with the same period last year.
4, the average price of electricity sales: consolidated average price of sale of electricity to 0.6801 / kWh.
5, business census, a total census of 1016, re-nuclear than 522, with an average monthly reasonable income of approximately $ 20,000, about $ 50,000 for the company to recover losses.
6, diversified income: to complete a total of diversified production value of 502,000 yuan.
7 tariff recovery 100%.
, Heavy ideological work to improve the overall quality of the workforce
The construction workforce are always as improve the management level, the fundamental way to accelerate the development of enterprises, for the operation of the business, development, innovation, lay a huge manpower base. Adhere to the people-oriented principle, to maximize the advantages of human resources, and encourage employees to enhance learning and actively participate in all types of grade examination, its try to create favorable conditions for learning, for which I am learning atmosphere high now read employs 60,000 people including one full-time to company "cloud Ishiyama" training base, the given deadline wheel send several employees to learn and try to make learning radiating to achieve the most widely early Gao Yan corruption event for teaching materials, anti-corruption the warning education courses, carry out the party spirit, party style, and discipline, education, ideals, beliefs, through education, to help them to establish a correct outlook on the world, life and values, and continuously improve the ability to resist corrosion, and put an end to the violation of law occurred. I pay attention to the ability of the workforce, making my full enthusiasm for the work, the spirit of the new look, job training and good grades, safety examinations with outstanding results, competition can contest 16 basic units, the composite score ranking Section 2.
Third, pay close attention to safety, to reinforce the safety production base
Safe production is the eternal themes of the power enterprises, is an important guarantee for the economic benefits, are always safe working on re-position again, starting from the grasp of employee safety education, training employees operating skills to implement the safety responsibility increase assessment efforts. greatly solidify the basis of production safety, stability, safety production situation, without security incidents in the past six months, and power supply reliability rate, the voltage of the pass rates of the company requires comprehensive safety evaluation ratings for 78,18 points year-on-year growth of 20%, our approach is:
1, professional knowledge, collective many monthly face-to-face time.
2, to carry out "party members around columns accident illegal" activities
3, on a quarterly basis to carry out safety inspection, security risks were investigated throughout the year more than 80, and 56 from the real-time processing, then dealt with the help of the organ department 16 from the remaining few unprocessed has been reported to the relevant departments.
4, in spring and autumn, respectively 10KV line corridor area cleaned up.
Industrial equipment, test, testing, storage, new with perfection.
6, not rectification stage area and not fully rectification of Taiwan area, and new households are more powered semi After long, need mutator, increasing line station area sketching system rectification program.
7, the completion of the plan "two measures" program.
Fourth, pay close attention to the electricity management effort to reduce line losses
Since the beginning of the implementation of a set of envelope package change management mode, line loss indicators tasks to level team, responsibility to the people, targets completion of the line loss is directly linked to wages, rewards and punishment, are within established with the electrical investigation task force, put an end to the "Three", non-"run, run, drain, drip" and all 19,402 electricity customers and 10 neighborhood three administrative villages multimeter conduct a comprehensive inventory count, uncovered a total of four stealing households to recover the loss of 9044.84 yuan, identified 313 meter burned out, find out the rectification stage non-standard table of about 1686 (tentative my inability to implement replacement), get measured ably assisted by suspected abnormal meter, and afterwards, to the on-site verification. detect the individual collusion with power stealing events at the same time, has been reported to the company, to reduce technical loss each load test in less than 1 for the month, set up a working group to measure the neutral grounding of all variable Taiwan, undesirable practice of real-time processing, through the joint efforts of all staff, everyone from the first is not difficult to see the results in the marketing of the big points, the consolidated the line loss annualized control plan low of 0.32 percent, is 1.22 percentage points lower than the same period last year.
Improve economic efficiency, "carpet" Census of commercial electricity
Electricity nuclear than the work it has a direct relationship to the economic efficiency of enterprises, so I never dared to relax, all a result of the staff full-time study, please a holiday for two, five participants Correspondence installments Cloud Rock Hill training base sent several employees to participate, so this is a serious lack of knitting so often. Tariff nuclear work effectively no big power inputs, some commercial users meter nominal ride to take residents electricity from the landlord or elsewhere, the difficulty of the work is indeed large, since the electricity inspection team was established in April, I by at least a day to send a staff to help them conduct electricity census, census situation in a timely manner and entered into the computer, correct tariff proportion far, on the sunny north-south road, Bayi North Road, Jiefang meter household electricity census find out if the price is low then the 522, recover electricity charges about $ 50,000, the monthly income of about 20,000 yuan reasonable.
Implement service commitment, improve service quality
Purpose, adhere to the "people's power industry for the people," the spirit of "high quality, convenient, efficient, standardized, sincere service policy, and continuously improve service quality, enhance service awareness, standardize services, adhere to the spirit of the tangible things, to carry out a series of important initiatives.
1, there are plans to regularly staff the service concept of education, and hospitality enthusiasm, the behavior of civilized deportment dignified dress neat Legislative training monthly one written paper-based occasional spot checks The paper-based examination and sampling of the results: excellent rate of 60%, 80%, 100% pass rate throughout the year found no complaints event.
2, as always, adhere to the director of the reception day, and set up a customer at the business window views thin, so to ensure that the need to understand their own problems and customers for the first time to do business with customers face-to-face conversation. heart-to-heart communication.

3, increased the intensity of services to foreign enterprises, energized the home in a timely manner, and eliminates all labor costs, such as sugar mills garment factory, garment factories Watson foreign companies.
4, every planned or unplanned outages promptly notify the career, business units and individuals, mainly large electricity, foreign enterprises.
5, regular visits to the five guarantees visited a total of 121, the annual total.
6, excellent reception tasks and college entrance during Paul electric task.
7, in order to reduce the inconvenience caused power outages to customers, the implementation of the "0" point operations, for a total of 76 cases.
Full joint efforts, our sense of service, services, quality of service, are already on a new level, to establish a good social image, received praise from all sectors of society.
Seven, the main problems
1, the basis of the safety production is still relatively weak, look at the safety inspection of each quarter, our lines, the basic facilities to meet the safety standards, the composite score also increased, but many the line facilities still do not meet the safety requirements, and in some places even is "old ox pulling broken car strong support" only free one to blow strong winds, heavy rain, and the Spring Festival, the summer peak, often result in some of the regional power outage, the main line of blown user overload meter burned out and so on.
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