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Export contracts

Author: WeiZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-23 01:07:35 Read:
Seller: ____

Contract Number: ____

Buyer: ____

The two sides agreed to the following terms of sale by the seller, the buyer agrees to buy the goods:

(1) The name of the goods, specifications, packaging and shipping marks (2) the number of (3) Price (4 ) gross

Packaging: small bundles of 70 to 120 kg and / or large seller to the buyer the right to include the above price is less than 3% commission
Bundles of 500 to 1000 kg fit more or less than the ; gold% on FOB value calculated

(5) Time of Shipment:

(6) loading port:

(7) the port of destination:

(8) Insurance: 110% of the invoice amount insured by the seller

(9) payment terms: Buyer shall be the buyer and seller agree bank, opened for the benefit of the seller, irrevocable, transferable and can be split, allowing partial shipment and transshipment of letters of credit. The letter of credit against shipping documents payable at sight in China's Bank of China.

The letter of credit must be out before __. The letter of credit is valid for fifteen days after shipment due in China.

(10) Documents: Seller shall provide the negotiating bank on board the clean bill of lading, invoice, packing list / weight single: If the contract on CIF basis, should provide a further transfer of the insurance policy or certificate.

(11) Shipping conditions:

1) carrying vessels arranged by the seller, allowing partial shipment and transshipment be allowed.

2) after shipment of the goods, the seller should contract number, name, number, name, date of shipment notified by telegram buyer.

(12) the quality and quantity / weight of objections and claims: the goods to the port of destination, the buyer found the quality of the goods and / or quantity / weight of conformity with the contract, affiliated with the insurance company and / or the responsibility of the shipping company, the buyer can objection to the seller with the inspection certificate issued by the two sides agreed to the inspection agency. The quality objection to the arrival of the goods at the port of destination within 30 days, quantity / weight of objection shall from the date of the arrival of the goods at port of destination in 15 days. The Seller shall reply within 30 days of receipt of the objection buyer.

(13): force majeure due to force majeure incidents, the seller can not delivery period of the contract or not delivery, the seller irresponsible. But the seller must notify the buyer immediately to the telegraph. If the buyer requests, the seller should provide the buyer by registered letter to the accident documents issued by the China International Trade Promotion Committee or the relevant institutions.

(14) Arbitration: arising from the execution of the contract or disputes occur all matters relating to this Agreement, shall be settled through friendly consultation. If you can not reach an agreement, the arbitration under the Arbitration Rules of the defendant's national arbitration institutions in the defendant's country. The arbitration decision is final and equally binding on both parties, the costs of the arbitration unless otherwise decided by the arbitration institution, by the losing party the burden.

(15) Note:

Seller: ____ (Seal)

Representative: ____ (signature)

Purchaser: ____ (Seal)

Representative: ____ (signature)

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