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The series of railway loan for the purchase of materials for the core was established between the Chinese and foreign

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National Government claims must abide by the Prime Minister (Sun Yat-sen) teachings, convinced the railroad to the mother of the Industrial AIA initially face of limited domestic capital, foreign economic development are the reality of the subsidence of the of people world economic crisis, to develop Geng off two road construction plans 1, but still eagerly hoping to have foreign capital input. To the railway is not only the mother of the "Industrial" after the "September 18" Incident, alertness, and critical defense, put it out in the economic construction, national defense ", that is a priority. It finds that "most appropriate urgent to develop the approach, and actively introduce foreign investment, speeding up the construction; decided to equality and reciprocity conditions under international collaborators, and the AIA or AIA economic groups is willing to be benign, should be" properly and consultation take the most favorable way to facilitate The. Thus, on the basis of our country is committed to finishing the external debt to credit gradually revive the capitalist countries in the year to seek my output capital movements, roughly a few years since 1934, in addition to the first performance for "Friends of Down? Enemy almost? "unknown face end to Japan to launch a comprehensive war of aggression of the enemy, our will, the strength of the AIA and then both, almost all signed mainly to the price of the purchase of materials for the core of a series of railway loan.

"Geng" means the Boxer Indemnity "refund"; "off" means the tariff from the new provisions of the the Tariff after income part of the half of the net.
(2) Executive Yuan Order, January 16, 1932; National Government Industry Ministry files; two history collections; See Mi Ru Wu compiled the "Republic of China railway history information 1912-1949" (hereinafter "Road History Information"), page 737 -738, Social Sciences Publishing House, 2002.

Germany: Jade South, South-ping two sections and Hunan and Guizhou Road Materials loans

In 1933, the Ministry of Railways in Zhejiang Province government self-built the Hang Jiang (state) (Mountain) Railway, continued to the decision to take over after the completion of the segment to continue to extend the rock Nanchang in Jiangxi territory the Yushan exhibition built, and then to Pingxiang ... constitute a "Zhejiang-Jiangxi and Hunan and Guizhou" two-way link, the transcontinental Homeland something another trunk. The ministry plans to issue bonds be raised in addition to funding for domestic construction, required materials and equipment to foreign buyers, the price converted to loans. This hearing is outgoing, Germany Otto Chinese golf company (1) well known in barter trade with China from Jiangxi and Hunan provinces is a the China major German commercial goods 11 tungsten, manganese, antimony ore origin Jiqi contract ; the two sides to reach an agreement soon, first Yu-South, South-ping two sections of railway materials supplied by the German side; obtain advances the interests of the road material price in the Ministry of Railways decided to build Xiang (Zhuzhou) and Guizhou (Guiyang), continued the line.

1. Yu-South, South-ping material borrowings

Ministry of Railways to take over both the operation of "Jade (Hill) South (Chang) segment, and ready road into the follow-up to Pingxiang extended forthcoming from the line from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Jiangshan to Nanchang, Jiangxi renamed the Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway. Ministry of Railways agreed Zhejiang, Jiangxi provincial government: In addition to the domestic construction issue bonds to raise funds in the domestic For the overseas procurement of materials and equipment, the purchase price be transferred to the borrower. Otto Chinese golf company immediately to contract this financial business credit business in one hand. March 14, 1934, the Ministry of Railways, first the one hand, and the Bank of China and the Jiangxi Provincial Government (on behalf of the Bank and the country the syndicated (2), and as the custodian of the Otto Chinese golf company) on the other, entered into a pledge by advances the contract; the by Chinese Syndicated, with Otto China golf company entered into a bailment contract. The combination of the two, the Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway jade southern section of Otto Chinese golf company pledged by advances sum formed on October 22. Contract provisions: (1) the supply of railway materials, is limited to the value of the national currency, 800 million (or equal amount in other currencies), as by the advances of the road to the company, interest rates, interest rate of 7% in a period of five years half; Ministry of Railways issued the first phase of railway construction bonds and financial RAILWAY two jointly issued 12 million yuan each the Vicky railway bonds as the repayment of funds handled by allocation of China syndicated; another jade southern section of operating surplus 20% of the other models stored prepare for foreclosed purposes; (2) such advances to the end of June each year, the end of December settlement once the interest rate of 7%; twice fully repaid by the end of December 1939,; (3) jade southern section of the vehicle, materials and surplus purported guarantees, to be submitted to China syndicated to take custody; (4) supply material prices for the cheapest price. By the German shipping companies are the same "cheapest" operation rate carrier; (5) Jade southern section of For extend, the company enjoys the exhibition building route supply materials priority and payments by silver Appointed Audit audit jade southern section of the road access , termination of the period of service to the advances fully repaid. Otherwise "understanding"; company can buy the recovery of principal and interest in Jiangxi Province wolfram to Germany, but its gross advances of principal and interest does not exceed half degrees The

(1) the company and the German government, defense, economy, two closely related; an office in Shanghai in 1933.
syndicated by traffic, Chinese farmers, Jincheng, mainland, Salt, SOUTH, Zhejiang Industrial eight Bank and four-line savings department, and when he Jincheng Bank general manager Chou Tso-min as the chief representative.

Jade southern section of line will be completed in 1935, the Ministry of Railways decided to Pingxiang, Hunan from Nanchang exhibition building that Zhegan Xian Nanping segment their planned program; continued contact with Otto Chinese golf aid jade South cases (1) in 1936 April 25, the two sides signed a loan contract of Nanping section material. National currency borrowings amounted to 10 million yuan (or equal amount in other currencies); interest rate of 7%, a six-year, the Ministry of Railways issued two bonds for construction of 27 million yuan and jade southern section of the construction issue first a railway construction bonds, the balance of the South Ping segment assets and operating income guarantee. After the conclusion of the contract, the German company the actual supply of materials shall amount 500 million yuan national currency.

the Yushan Nanchang Railway contract ", the Ministry of Railways: railway loan contract assembler, Section l of books, pages 225-231. Yao Song Age: "Bank services in mind," page 45. See the road history data ,1912-1949 ", pages 785 to 766.
Finance Division of the Ministry of Communications Code: Compilation of debt by the Ministry of Communications, a railway foreign debt three to five, "Jade the southern section of the Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway ...... borrowings in 1943. Refer to the Institute of Fiscal Science, Second Historical Archives compiled successive governments of the Republic of finishing external debt data compilation "(hereinafter" finishing external debt data Series) Volume II, page 86-88.

2. Hunan-Guizhou railway material borrowings

Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway line to complete the whole work, the Ministry of Railways decided 1935,36 years from Pingxiang one end of the line, the West exhibition to Guiyang named Hunan-Guizhou Railway, defined as the top priority. At the same time, the Ministry of Railways, the other ready to do the the Fan "finishing" on one of the north-south trunk Zhiguan Homeland - Pinghan line. Siemens of Germany Matheson and on behalf of the United Steelworkers in Germany (exports), and very willing to advance 20 million to 30 million yuan, the contractor finishing Pinghan required materials. Otto Chinese golf and competition from its background of the German government to form spin it as the main grass Following the Ministry of Railways and Siemens company in January 1936 reached approximately July, entered into a memorandum Modify the grass about. Subsequent repeated consultations, joint iron and steel export company until November 28, 1936, the Ministry of Railways and the German SNF steel company Krupp factory, Otto Chinese golf three representatives, and other ordering materials contract, on December 5 approved by the Executive Yuan established; consent of the Siemens grass about the abolition of the Ministry of Railways of the original contrast reached.

New contract of purchase of materials, consists of three parts; finishing the terms of the Ping-Han Railway (1); (2) Construction strain expensive (ie Xiangqian) railway terms and conditions, and (3) the General Terms. If the contents of large: (1) the total credit for the national currency 40 million yuan to 10 million yuan supply "finishing" with the Ping-Han Railway, from December 1, 1936 to 1942, during the six years and one month where installments Order, an interest rate of 6% per annum, by joint steel exports four manufacturers to supply the required materials; guarantee conditions monthly by Pinghan railway surplus items aside fund allowance, if any, is insufficient to make up by the Ministry of manufacturers commissioned Bank of China for its trustees; (2) Hunan-Guizhou Railway Procurement rail and other material rated 30 million yuan of the national currency, the the batches Order of the materials within four years, handled by Otto Chinese golf company on behalf of the four plants. Interest rates and on the same period of ten years and one month to the Hunan-Guizhou railway property and into the models by the Pinghan for Road surplus items appropriated fund reserve; as a guarantee by the Ministry are insufficient to make up the Bank of China; commissioned by the manufacturer trust people, by the Ministry of Railways issued Trust the data cross trustee Receipt The.
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