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Tong Bao Currency Outline of the Research - "Chinese Tong Bao Currency Manuscripts Introduction

Author: Wang Jian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2007-11-21 04:25:02 Read:

In summary is not difficult to see Tong Bao Currency monetary system as the most important one in the history of China, Jing wu coexist, Bao Luo Hongfu, going through the rise and fall of a far-reaching impact. Tong Bao Currency its intrinsic historical value and academic charm, deserved to be a major issue in the Chinese currency historians.

Tong Bao Currency, since can be traced back to the Tang and Song dynasties official history "SHIHUOZHI" generally describes the run and History Tongbao monetary system of the DPRK. Culling the history of the Department classics, such as the Tang Dynasty Tang Six Code, "Tongdian Song" Ce Fu Yuan Gui, "Annals of the Yuan Dynasty literature Tongkao" Ming "continued literature Tongkao "," Ancient and Modern Zhiping slightly "Qing Dynasty 'continued three links', 'clear links', as well as the Council Code of dynasties," To ", etc. contained in this regard. But strictly speaking, economic historian hardly developed ability to understand the limitations of traditional academic understanding of the traditional era of school for economic phenomenon, resulting in these classics Tong Bao Currency the left recognize achievements in the research level is quite limited. From the point of view of contemporary academic, rather, they are regarded as historical data Tong Bao Currency.

Reign currency from coins angle studies in intellectual history since the Middle Ages but has been a door for a long time to flourish university asked. Tang seal play continued money spectrum. The Southern Song Quan Chi Hung compliance with existing World first complete Quan learn monograph. Ming Dynasty Hu Kun "money pass". To Qing Quan Xue Sheng, classics such as the Weng Shupei the "Guquan exchange test," the Ni mold "ancient and modern money slightly, Zuo-yin ancient spring sink". Tongbao coin cultural wealth of information and scholars subtlety is stored in these writings. To the Republic of China, Ting Fu compiled the "old coins Dictionary", although a large book, actually brings together ancient about Tongbao the rubbings and discusses information on behalf of the Republic of China Tongbao coins level of cultural studies. The above activities are in-depth discussion today Tongbao Currency culture to create a rich academic foundation.

The use of modern economics and history to the study of ancient Chinese currency, started in the 1920s and 1930s. Republic of China, the first currency works on the history Zhang Zong-yuan, "China Spring coins History", published in 1915, only the first section of the book is eight the 'Chronicles springs coins History of Western Ontario and Money' History 'briefly Syria and reign currency. Zhang Jia Xiang in 1925 published the Chinese monetary system history, the book is more than ten million words of scale, which first compiled addressed Tong Bao Currency.

Peng Xinwei "A Monetary History of the fifties and sixties on the writings of the ancient Chinese Currency General History, monetary history and numismatics Peng significant melting in a furnace, and has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the two disciplines, scholars recognized the signs of this The magnum opus of the the century the Chinese currency historians development milestone. Book described ancient Currency General History of the process, give Tong Bao Currency unprecedented attention from the Tang Dynasty and ends in the Ming and Qing reign currency casting line, the purchasing power of monetary theory and credit problems, use exceptionally rich historical pioneering exploration and exposition. Such as the Tang Dynasty reign currency re currency Light, the outflow of money shortage and coins of the Song Dynasty, the fluctuations in the purchasing power of the Tang and Song Tongbao Abolishment of the Ming Dynasty, reign of the Qing Dynasty reign made money in circulation, monetary price parity, etc. Tongbao monetary system in the history of many major issues are the made certain depth of and put forward a clear conclusion, many of them classic research ideas and perspectives are Zebei springs profession enlighten posterity. Although some arguments and views to be further explored and perfected, but the power of arduous pioneering Yang indemnity.

1960s, the advent of the dating monetary history book, Yang end six Qing Dynasty monetary and financial Manuscripts Britannica seven to three of the scale of the Qing Tong Bao Currency - made money system first detailed finishing and expositions, still the Qing Dynasty reign monetary system the best monograph. 1960s, as well as on the the Hu Jichuang "History of Economic Thought" book, published in the book, the book book many chapter also discusses the groundbreaking Tongbao Currency related Chronicles Monetary Thought, have a greater impact in the academic community.

Since the reform and opening up in the 1980s, in academia, the emancipation of the flourishing under the new situation, the Chinese currency historian and Numismatics unprecedented prosperity. Academia, not only of the dynasties reign currency a brief but Numismatics visits Tongbao Currency carry Monetary History of the growing depth, the published papers masterpiece frequency see, and Katsuyoshi one after another. At the same time, during publication of economic history, financial history writings have some on Tong Bao Currency incisive exposition Fu built Cardiff book multi-volume of this "Chinese feudal socio-economic history" paint Xia's "Song Dynasty economic history", Wang San-duo's "Song Dynasty financial history, "Lee Fairview the Tang fiscal Manuscripts, Lee Qianlong" Ming and Qing economic history ". General History in Ancient Currency, Xiao Qing introduced the roll of the ancient Chinese Monetary History of the book of 240,000 words space concentrated discussed the the ancient currency occurred course of development for Tongbao Currency pay more attention in the formulation angle and focus on Peng significant breakthrough. General History of Monetary Thought, Mr. Ye Shichang launched a "history of monetary theory, discussed Tongbao monetary thinking since the Tang and Song dynasties to modern times since the system to explore the grand ancient monetary theory background, in the research field of view and theoretical interpretation of both the breakthroughs, and to fill the blank Modern Monetary Theory monograph. Xiao Qing, published in the 1980s, the ancient Chinese monetary history of ideas "Ye Shichang" A Brief History of Economic Thought "and Zhao Jing," China Economic Thought History "also addressed a different length Tongbao Currency Currency thinking on behalf of the domestic academia in this regard subject reached a higher level of research.

Of course, from the academic point of view of the subject, the currency works on the history, there are some studies and expressed regret. First of all, these writings are the panoramic view of the currency of the General History of the nature of the various dynasties of various currencies were all included in the scope of its research, and impossible for the reign currency for thematic depth inquiry. As yet not a Tong Bao Currency academic monographs, sincere pity century monetary historians. Second, from the the discipline construction point of view as an institutional history, in their logical thinking, the overall structure and presentation framework, there needs to be improvement. For example, research on Tong Bao Currency connotation, extension within the basic system areas exhaustive, such as money management system of every dynasty, casting agencies, casting line laws, regulations History the currency most basic level, may also be referred to as the monetary system hardware, almost ignored presently lacking.

Looking back at the history of numismatics study of the currency of this century, experienced twice the climax of the Republic and contemporary, during which the scholars of giving birth, with impressive results. Especially the single question of the eighties and nineties started academic Tong Bao Currency side, the gradual clearance of the knowledge of the truth of the historical system, to improve the level of theoretical interpretations Tong Bao Currency archaeological literature in recent years have shown a new development situation . On the occasion of, Quan Xue centuries to summarize integrated, academic trend century historic moment of change thousand, systematic summary of the history of the academic environment and conditions of Tong Bao Currency has matured.

Based on the above understanding, I engaged in Jiangsu Monetary History of the research topic germination a particularly persistent Tong Bao Currency interest in carefully chosen after years of thinking about brewing this subject as an academic point of crucial strategic breakthrough, designed to fill the academic research gaps Zhuancheng to date first systematic exposition Top monetary system was founded, the development and decline of the Evolution monographs - "Chinese Tong Bao Currency Historical Manuscript.

About the nature of this book, as is well known, the study of ancient currency Monetary History and Numismatics subject boundary exists. Book to the study of monetary historians as the main body, and at the same time follow the trend of contemporary academic efforts to closely integrate the two disciplines, weaknesses, and strive to complementary effect.

, Also pay a larger effort in the possession of basic research and academic information. The manuscript references, the reference currency history, numismatics and economic history of ideas writings dozens and published in the journal, Economic History and Numismatics specialist publications over one hundred papers, broad understanding and grasp of academic trends at home and abroad in this field fully absorb the ages learn and Yin Research Digest.
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