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Tong Bao Currency Outline of the Research - "Chinese Tong Bao Currency Manuscripts Introduction

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Variety, the success or failure of different currency control policies and legal regulations constitute of the Tong Bao Currency basic historical connotations. The Tang Dynasty reign Currency formation and the initial stages of development, the money since around the mid-Tang weights light, private casting private pin money circulation crux of governance has introduced there Qianbo to Chief, conversion and place a ban Duane money ban accumulators money ban copper Prohibition and Destruction of the money, In addition to the street and a series of major currency Administrative light money to alleviate the shortage of money in the Tang Dynasty and the material weight, protection of The Tongbao currency reasonable purchasing power has played a positive role. Enter the Song Dynasty, the commodity economy booming currency requirements and development of precious metal currency relative retardation, exacerbated by the internal contradictions of the circulation of money, the money shortage is still the main crux of the Song Dynasty reign Currency suffered. At the same time, the currency war, triggered by conflict confrontation between the Song Dynasty and the Northern minority regime constraints of Song coins affairs cause. Ming and Qing dynasties, with the traditional economic model to the modern economy spontaneous transmutation Tong Bao Currency further challenge by Banknote, silver. In order to maintain the dominance of the Tong Bao Currency, the ruling clique has taken to make the DPRK made money, and ancient old money and president of the exercise, Shenling money of cases given taxable money integrated specifically the cases of the order to make money, to the money fold pensions, develop money ratios designed to clear the law policies and measures of the money, this series of policies to deter the development of precious metal coins based trend, to maintain a the money double standard structure Tongbao monetary system to be developed in the commodity economy and the seeds of capitalism environment, the situation once revival in the Qing Dynasty. For the different periods Tongbao currency affairs, we must at the same time from the scrutiny of the multiple dimensions of stable currency, economic development and the promotion of historical progress, and fully take into account the historical features and national characteristics, thus further expanding the evaluation of thinking space.

Lot of money to get rid of the financial crisis, to strengthen the social wealth grab cope dynasty inside and outside the social and military pressure to reign in the history of the introduction of the currency devaluation nature repeatedly casting line virtual price policy. Lot of money in the Tang Dynasty, King Gojong cast Qianfeng, Suzong cast Qianyuan when ten money, are hoping to get all ten times as Lee subsequently Suzong cast a heavy round lot of money when fifty, in parallel with the Kaiyuan reign circulation. To Northern Song Shenzong of Caijing in power, once cast for when the 10 coins and when ten clip tin money. Qing Xianfeng years, had also cast line of business ten, when fifty, a lot of money when the hundred, one thousand nominal price. Lot of money the nominal value of the real currency seriously deviate from completely counting on the super economic power issue, so a serious violation of the laws of economics, to invariably cause inflation and soaring prices, the market price of a lot of money quickly drop, all ended in failure. Reason, both financial misunderstanding in the currency on the principles of understanding, but the main thing is that the ruling clique of self-interest blinded by the monetary policy-making should be rational. The above activities are left to future generations to be a further lesson of profound reflection.

Tong Bao Currency left for future generations colorful currency culture Weiweitaiguan. Ancient Chinese currency generally can be divided into four types of coins, gold and silver, paper money and in-kind currency, coin types in terms of types, shapes, raw materials constitute a body of traditional monetary culture Tongbao money in the coin type category most complex shapes change up, the flow of the widest range of greatest impact. Tongbao currency in thirteen hundred years of its circulation in the history, has a lot of money, a little money, fine money, evil, money, the official the furnaces money and private mint coins of points; Ming Dynasty there gold back, sealing wax, turnings edge nominal. Have to Xiaoping money, fold two fold, when the five, when ten until when five thousand. There are back together, the occlusal surface of the text, read, spin read the referendum text biography shaped different shape differences. Dynasties reign money's the ornamentation also quite complex, as the star pattern, the monthly pattern, the pregnant star pattern, corrugated, moire, Bird, Ma Wen and dragons and so on. The origin of these decorations and cultural connotations, has also become quite difficult to understand currency and cultural topics. Changes in terms of dating, of Tongbao first opened the Tang Dynasty dollars, scholars variability and back pattern elements divided according to their chirography many Version. Northern Song Dynasty where nine Emperor thirty-five reign, while twenty-six of the Northern Song Dynasty reign reign to mint coins. Still in the back of the money since the Southern Song Guangzong Shaoxi years later, in addition to the reign mint coins Wen cast 'yuan, one, two, three, four ... words indicate the Department of the reign several Suozhu for our earliest Annals money. Historians recognized, Song Qian Tongbao money flow is the most complex and the most exquisite. Reign in the Ming Dynasty, Wanli money known as finishing, especially Chongzhen reign complex text production size, weight, thickness and ever-changing, and there are dozens money back only text. Unique Qing Dynasty money for Chinese money, the Manchu money, Manchu and Chinese money, Xinjiang all the money Bureau cast red money, the end of the 19th century Westernization the introduction of Western Metals unprecedented mechanism for money. Instruments Act on the money in terms of the different periods of the reign of money is also a colorful flow China, each was elegance, especially the Northern Song Tongbao money instrument method can be described as flourishing, seal, scribe, true, line cursive each attain its wonderful. Includes Tongbao currency as a broad cultural, technological and cultural connotation of the Chronicles of Tongbao currency material exploration and the evolution of the casting process. Short, Tongbao currency culture is nothing less than a treasure trove of traditional culture, we need to carefully clean up the dig, from a historical retrospective Aesthetic Enlightenment and feelings.

Tongbao monetary system since the advent of concerned about the dynasty money line waste and people's livelihood, the rise and fall of the sense of urgency as a starting point, to comment on of Tongbao currency and its policy for the Center successive politicians thinkers left numerous amazing macro theory sagacity formation Tongbao Currency close The Monetary Thought interactive process. Ideological roots of this intellectual heritage is both comprehensive grasp of Tongbao Currency evolution indispensable valuable historical and in-depth interpretation of the pros and cons of causal Tongbao currency in policy-making, but also epitomized the historical height of the Middle Ages to modern economic thought can reach its own understanding insurmountable limitations. In the Tang Dynasty, around Mint rights retractable policy choices the Liu Rank Zushu, "tube", and Jia Yi doctrine, of state monopoly Mint rights principles made inheritance and development. In profiling of money shortage and game theory Yee, Lu Zhi relying on traditional severity of theory, a clearer representation of the the copper coinage under the conditions of the quantity theory of money. To the Song Dynasty, Shen Kuo especially pay attention to the relationship between Tongbao circulation speed and quantity, and the first to propose a theoretical concept of the velocity of money. Song weeks the line has been the elucidation of the 'money with the substance of this heavy-light', 'dwarf is as light and heavy' thinking, traditional severity of theory unprecedented approach to the doctrine of the scientific theory of value. These recognize achievements the currency economic phenomenon in-depth development of the Tang and Song Tong Bao Currency heyday reflect on the subjective understanding, guiding the court about currency play some positive impact on decision-making, to improve the monetary reality.

Since the advent of the banknotes, the Southern Song Yang Wanli, Chen Qiqing use traditional mother and phase of the power theory, creatively put forward the money mulberry mother and theory. The above theoretical considerations banknote (s) of the Song Dynasty parallel flow of reality and understanding of the relationship between Tongbao Banknote reaches a certain depth, on this basis, 'said mentioning the art', that is, the use of Tongbao, the silver silk redemption circulation over more notes to management-control method for stable paper currency, which is the currency of the currency in the history of governance in close interaction with the combination of a typical historical examples. History of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, silver, money, banknote multi-currency system context, sustained the Currency thought 'waste bank money', many Enlightenment thinkers such as Wang Fu-chih, of Huang Zongxi to Modern's Feng Guifen and so can not escape. This currency ideological development of the the hysteresis 'Love Copper Complex', is also the history of social development in China since the Ming and Qing sluggish projection. With Tong Bao Currency maintenance and thrust-to-weight, but because of the variability of the times progress and outdated distinction during the historical cause and effect with right and wrong, no doubt constitute a backtracking currency ancient tradition and Tongbao Monetary Thought to be a reflection of the important proposition.
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