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The introduction of a property tax assessment

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Summary: This paper argues that the property tax levy should clear the tax base assessment responsibility and the main assessment to determine the tax base assessment cycle and appeals arrangements, using mass appraisal methods proposed and actual assessment, real estate information and market information collected as soon as possible work and other suggestions.
Key words: tax basis of property tax assessment
a property tax and real estate assessment
The world of real estate property taxes as a tax based on the market value of the land and property in most countries, the non-market value of the small number of countries and regions, such as Russia used the book value, the United States adopted in California real estate acquisition costs. Current property taxes based on the carrying amount of the original value of the estate as a tax deduction is given by a certain percentage based on possession of the land area of ??urban land use tax by taxpayers taxable, which makes the property tax and urban land use tax to become the most lacking in flexibility taxes. The property tax is reasonable, accurate tax should be based on the market value of the land use rights and property, the market value is derived by evaluating the assessed value is more than the market value of a value type.
To the tax basis of the market value of the land use rights and property assessments as property tax, property tax assessment closely linked.
The provisions of the property tax is not the first to take advantage of the real estate assessment taxes, there need to be evaluated in the current LAT: "Taxpayers have one of the following circumstances, calculated and levied in accordance with the real estate appraisal price: ( a) misrepresentation or omission the price of the real estate transaction; (b) the amount of deductions untrue; (c) the transfer of real estate prices are lower than the prices of real estate appraisal, without any justifiable reason. " current real estate tax is also useful to assess : determine the original value of property, the original value of property is obviously unreasonable, should be re-evaluated. " It is noteworthy that in the assessment of the land value-added tax and real estate tax is based on individual needs, the scope of the property tax assessment is to restore the original value of the purpose of the assessment.
The assessment of the property tax base is massive, covering the assessment of all taxable real estate property tax levy of the tax base assessment for the first time in the tax administration has a key significance.
assessment property tax legislation
(A) real estate market value
The tax basis of the property tax is the market value of the land use rights and property of a certain point in time, In addition to this point, the tax law should also further the market value of a clear definition of its significance on the one hand to facilitate taxpayers to correctly understand and accept; On the other hand to facilitate the evaluators in the assessment of the work of common understanding, to ensure that the assessed value and tax basis of accuracy, and ensure the comparability of different taxed tax basis.
(B) the tax base assessment division of responsibilities and assess the main
Property tax as a local tax, its tax base assessment responsibility fulfillment by which level of government should be clear in the tax law. Usually in different countries real estate tax base assessment responsibilities vested responsible for assessment by the local government or county government in the United States; in some European countries, property taxes (including real estate taxes) levied by local governments, but to assess responsibility The central government, these countries are the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Denmark, the Netherlands is the assessment by the municipal government. Determine which level of government to bear the tax base assessment responsibilities should consider the problem: an assessment agency services much range to comply with the principle of tax efficiency. The goal of the tax base to assess the division of responsibilities should guarantee in line with its market value, the assessed value of the real estate taxes to ensure the accurate collection and reduce administrative costs brought about by the taxpayer for reconsideration. Lesser extent by lower levels of government is responsible for the property tax base assessment on the accuracy of the assessment may have an advantage, but dispersed assessment will also increase in the cost of assessment, and therefore must be weighed against the benefits and costs.
The tax base of the property tax assessment by whom is worthy of discussion. International experience, some countries have set up specialized agencies engaged in the real estate tax base assessment, such as the establishment of appraisers office in Australia, the states, and one of its responsibilities is to provide the tax base value for the tax, the total appraiser by the state legislature appointed ; British governor responsible for the establishment of a three-level assessment of the Central Region and District offices, including the central and district-level assessment office management coordination, assessment of the office of the district-level specific commitment to the tax base within their jurisdictions assessment . The responsibility of the property taxes, the tax base assessment in some countries in the lower-level local government, local government, inclined to entrust the social assessment agencies assess the tax base for cost savings and improve the efficiency of tax administration to consider. Although cost is an important consideration in selecting assessment body, whether it is the creation of specialized tax base assessment agency, or authorize intermediary institutions to assess the main problem is to assess the responsibility of the agency must be clear. The lack of defined responsibility is often greater than the immediate costs of the dominant late-cost or efficiency losses.
(C) the property tax base assessment cycle
The property tax is based on the market value of real estate for taxation basis, so the assessment should be conducted regularly. If the interval between the two assessments is too long, will result in two issues: First, inflation and other market factors, changes in the rising value of the property, is still the original assessment of the value of the tax basis will erode tax; another is due to different rate of rise of the market value of property is still the original assessment of the value of the tax basis will result in relatively unfair to the taxpayers. Taxable property value index, which solve the first problem can be partially linked to rising inflation or estimated market price, but can really solve these two problems is the re-assessment of the property. France's recent property tax tax base from the national point of view of the implementation of property tax assessment in 1970, in some places in the United States every year or every two years, from the 1980s annual indexation adjustment of taxable property value; once property tax re-assessment of the tax base; in Denmark between 1982 and 1998, the year each assessment index adjustment comprehensive re-evaluation is conducted every year since 1998. the decision about two assessment interval factors: First, the property market value changes frequently and the rate of change, the more balanced the different ups and downs of the market value of property, which is the market-related variables; second is the cost of re-assessment . Difficult to predict due to market conditions, the cost factors are often key decided to assess the interval. Assessment of current computer technology, so to carry out large-scale property tax costs of the tax base assessment greatly reduced, which is conducive to a reasonable increase in the assessment density, improve the accuracy of the assessment of property taxes, the tax base and to ensure the fairness of the property tax levied.

our property tax legislation in the tax law clearly stipulates the tax base assessment cycle. Law expressly provides that the lack of assessment cycle, it will appear in the actual operation arbitrariness, both the tax department for the completion of the tax revenue may occur randomly assessment, so that the tax base of the property tax assessment lose credibility; may also The occurrence of the tax department and indolent in the assessment of long-term fear the re-assessment of the workload, resulting in the erosion of tax revenues and undermine a fair question.
(D) Appeal arrangements
Property taxpayers may exist objection, results of assessment of the tax base and the tax laws should make arrangements to ensure that the taxpayer the right to appeal the results of the assessment. First, to ensure that the assessment on the property tax base of the taxpayer's right to know, the tax authorities shall be promptly informed the taxpayers that their real estate assessment of the situation, so that the taxpayers to decide whether the complaint; Secondly, the design is simple and efficient grievance procedures, designated agencies or personnel to handle taxpayer complaints.
Third, the property tax base assessment methods and techniques
(A) Basic Assessment method
The tax base assessment are three basic types of assessment methods can be used, the market comparison approach, income approach and the replacement cost method. Market comparison approach need to find in the real estate market and real estate similar to the actual transaction to be estimated, analysis of the differences of the real estate to be estimated, real estate and the actual transaction, to arrive at the actual transaction price adjusted for these differences to be estimated, the value of the real estate. Assessment only direct evidence of the market value of the actual transaction price, and thus the market comparison approach is better than the other two methods from the theory, but the degree of market comparison approach to the development of the real estate market (more than enough of the seller, buyer enough, enough The number of transactions, etc.) and high demands for information availability, completeness. When the market comparison approach can not be used due to the lack of trading information, using the income approach, the actual or expected from its income (rent or other forms of) capital to be estimated, the real estate acquired in the value of the valuation date. Cost method in the above two methods is restricted and can not be used to take it on re-acquire the land use rights, or the cost of re-construction of the real estate required less substantive devaluation devaluation of the functional and economic depreciation the assessed value of taxable real estate.
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